November 04, 2019

These Browns are more disappointing under Freddie Kitchens than with Hue Jackson's failed run: The team is 2-6 after losing to a depleted Broncos team after preseason forecasts that had them making a playoff run. And then Browns' Whitehead released after 'unacceptable' Twitter rant.

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I can't believe the league allowed those Broncos and Browns uniform choices yesterday. There was not nearly enough visual distinction between the two. If Vinnie Testaverde had been playing for either team, he would have thrown five or six interceptions.

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I'm torn on the Brownies' lack of success. On the one hand, as a Bengals fan, I relish in Mayfield and Co's collective tripping over their dicks as much as I would any inter-division rival. My status as an Ohio State fan, of course, makes Mayfield's collapse even more enjoyable.

But then there is the part of me who wanted to believe that one of the league's perennial punching bags could elevate itself to championship contender. If the Brownies could pull off a turnaround, maybe the Bengals can, too!!


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Browns have tethered themselves to the self proclaimed greatest QB who ever lived. Bad move - the guy can't really play and doesn't have the leadership qualities to be successful at the position.

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As a Jags fan I was psyched about the Browns before the season began. For several years here, the best chance of seeing a competitive game in Jacksonville was when Cleveland came to town because we were equally terrible. Rooting for them this year was going to be like seeing Ralphie pummel Skut Farkus.

Baker Mayfield looked like the real deal last year.

posted by rcade at 06:09 PM on November 04, 2019

It isn't Kitchens' fault that the Browns decided to hire him. But he wasn't ready for the job. He needs to build an OC resume for a bit, then maybe have another go. He also has people skills that might be better suited to the college game.

posted by beaverboard at 09:28 PM on November 04, 2019

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