September 05, 2018

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle:

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I'm not sure Nike will ever be able to recover from a protest video of this caliber. That's some hard hittin stuff there. Really makes you think

posted by NoMich at 07:49 AM on September 05, 2018

Another sport, another cheating scandal. This one's for the birds.

posted by yerfatma at 10:05 AM on September 05, 2018

NoMich that is awesome. What's he doing with a Hamm's beer? That's good upper Midwest regional stuff, I didn't think it was sold down in possum and kudzu country. It's a good choice regardless.

I kind of think of Hamm's as the Genesee Cream Ale of the Great Lakes. And I still do love the good old Genesee when I can find it.

"From the land of sky blue waters...comes the beer refreshing..." - from an old TV ad that's part of the soundtrack of my Illinois childhood. With a log rolling bear and all. They showed it a lot during White Sox games.

Here we go.

posted by beaverboard at 10:12 AM on September 05, 2018

We used to see Hamm's on occasion out here in Nevada back in the early 90's, but it's been quite a few years since it has made an appearance. All I really need to do is turn a few hipsters onto it, a la PBR, and I can probably make a fortune selling it for a 100% markup.

Beaver, when I saw the video last night, the first thing that popped into my head was "From the land of sky blue waters..." and the log rolling bear (my misspent youth in Ohio). Thanks for the link to remind me of the sheer awesomeness of the full spot.

posted by tahoemoj at 01:11 PM on September 05, 2018

another cheating scandal.

As an attorney (and therefore [maybe] a decorated cheater), I have to laugh at those guys' failure to consider the fact that their cheat birds would break all the records. Gotta keep it plausible, fellas!

posted by tahoemoj at 01:16 PM on September 05, 2018

Should have talked to Rosie Ruiz.

posted by yerfatma at 02:08 PM on September 05, 2018

another cheating scandal

Good old mathematics will get you every time.

Genesee Cream Ale

Genesee used to brew one called "12 Horse". We weren't sure whether that referred to something about transportation or the number of horses needed to provide enough fluid for a 6-pack. Actually, I preferred 12 Horse to the cream ale.

posted by Howard_T at 02:28 PM on September 05, 2018

my misspent youth in Ohio

Any period of time that includes washing down Queen City chili and goetta with Hamm's beer can't be considered entirely misspent.

Howard, I think 12 Horse is still somewhat available, I will now embark on a mission to try the stuff. I know a college student who attends Syracuse. I think I'll ask him to throw a case of it on the floor in the back seat of his car and tote it on home. The closer you get to Rochester, the more likely it is to find Genesee being sold like spring water. The minute I get on the west side of the Hudson and start heading north, there it is.

posted by beaverboard at 04:04 PM on September 05, 2018

Does it have to be Hamm's to be considered an emotional support beer?

posted by MrFrisby at 04:54 PM on September 05, 2018

No, any regional pisswater light American-style lager will do.

posted by tahoemoj at 05:36 PM on September 05, 2018

I think 12 Horse is still somewhat available

Cream Ale is available in the grocery stores here in beautiful downtown Nashua, but no 12 Horse. I will have a look at one of the local beer stores that specialize in hard to find microbrews and other things.

posted by Howard_T at 06:10 PM on September 05, 2018

"He's making seven times what I make, twice as much as Al [Villanueva] is making, and we're the guys who do it for him."

On second thought, maybe there's a reason the NFLPA is so useless. "Hey man, he makes $7 to get his brains beat out and I'm only getting $1. Ergo he should reconsider things."

posted by yerfatma at 08:47 PM on September 05, 2018

Trash Pandas voted nickname for new Madison baseball team

posted by tommybiden at 08:53 PM on September 05, 2018

fatty, your link needs a trim ..

Good story though.

Here's a guy on a team with a very legit chance of making it to the Superbowl this year who continues to operate in me me me mode. Reminds me of TO - great talent, just never going to win with him. Probably better to cut him loose and find 2 or 3 1st or 2nd year backs who are committed to winning.

posted by cixelsyd at 11:09 PM on September 05, 2018

regional pisswater

Agreed on Hamms.

I hereby nominate Iron City Light and Pigs Eye Pilsner.

I will have a look at one of the local beer stores that specialize in hard to find microbrews
Not going to happen ..

and other things
Yes, it would need to be an other thing store.

posted by cixelsyd at 11:24 PM on September 05, 2018

Not going to happen

You are correct, sir. Too hot to cook last night, so wife and I ate at one of our standby spots that happens to be in the same strip mall as a beer store. The clerk hit his laptop, and we found out that Genesee had discontinued the brew some years ago. Alas. I did come away with a couple of pints of an English pale ale that the clerk recommended as similar to what 12 Horse was, while my wife came away with a sour cherry ale by Smuttynose. We are well prepared for the weekend of football watching.

posted by Howard_T at 12:11 PM on September 06, 2018

Here's a guy on a team with a very legit chance of making it to the Superbowl this year who continues to operate in me me me mode.

Alternatively, here's a guy who is employed in a way that risks his body and he feels like he wants more compensation for that and is willing to sit out to get what he wants.

posted by yerfatma at 12:28 PM on September 06, 2018

During my career as an engineer I changed employers 3 times, all at my own choice. Since I was always employed "at free will" I could do whatever I wanted, with no restriction other than the market for systems engineers. There was one time when I found myself in a position where I told my employer either to give me another assignment or to look for someone to replace me. At the time I had a son who was entering his teens, and who needed a full-time father who was not 2,800 miles away. Understand that because of my security clearances and the fact that the program I was on was very important, replacing me would not be easy. I took a chance that my employer would deem me to be valuable enough to keep. All turned out well, but I easily could have found myself looking for a job at the age of 59.

In my case it was not money, but I can fully understand Bell's situation. Still, I have little sympathy for him. He already has made himself a lot of money, and even if he holds out, his prospects of future employment are much better than were mine. Does Pittsburgh management value him high enough to accede to his demand? Are they willing to let him go with no return on their investment in him? If Bell feels that he is risking his health, then demanding more money is not his best choice. If you really want to preserve your health, Mr. Bell, retire and find another job. You are far younger than I was when I faced my choice; you have a lot more resources to fall back upon than I had. If you find your situation intolerable, quit. If you're not going to quit, stop fooling around and get your ass back to work.

posted by Howard_T at 01:51 PM on September 06, 2018

Don't it seem as though LeVeon approaches the regular season the way he approaches the line of scrimmage? Fools rush in where wise men hesitate.

The O line is likely pissed in part because by now they must have learned to block the Bell run plays a little differently than they block a run play for an ordinary Straight Ahead Sam. The bigs worked on their altered skills and then the main man doesn't show up.

After Brady took the first four games off due to air suspension and the Pats went on to win the title, I thought more premium guys would look into shortening their season a little bit. Play 10 or 12 games, not all 16. Provided the squad is good enough to get into the post season without them and another stud doesn't come along and take their job.

The Pats present slot and wideout catch corps is not gonna displace Edelman. They're going with three brooms and a mop until he gets back from medicinal leave.

posted by beaverboard at 05:25 PM on September 06, 2018

He already has made himself a lot of money . . . his prospects of future employment are much better than were mine

But how is that relevant? I don't understand how someone making millions at something they had to work hard at is somehow stripped of their right to decide what's fair compensation. Given sports teams work hard to underreport their income, is it wrong for Bell to look at this chart that he is partially responsible for and decide he wants a bigger piece of the pie?

posted by yerfatma at 12:18 PM on September 07, 2018

stripped of their right to decide what's fair compensation.

He has the same right that anyone else who is bound by an NFL contract has. He can fulfill the terms of the contract, he can ask for renegotiation, or he can refuse to report. My opinion is that if his employer will not renegotiate, he is left with 3 choices, play, hold out, or retire. I was worried enough about my marriage and my son's well being that it was worth it to go looking for another job. If Bell is that concerned with his health, he should stop playing. More money won't make the symptoms of CTE any more bearable. All this appears to be nothing more than a negotiating ploy, and it is one that damages the player more than the team. If one were thinking of hiring someone from another employer, one would certainly consider his or her performance in the previous job. Having gone on a personal strike is not a good thing to have on the resume.

posted by Howard_T at 06:05 PM on September 07, 2018

I have no problem with what Bell is doing and would feel the same way were I a Steelers fan. The shelf life of NFL players is quite short, and running backs are on the low end of average career length. If NFL contracts were fully guaranteed, I might feel differently about the concept of "honoring your contract."

On the flip side, stoked to be learning some great tips about how to get backlinks. Although if rcade was still alive, this would never be happening.

posted by holden at 08:14 AM on September 09, 2018

I think once a team uses a franchise tag on a player, anything that player does in the future to get paid is fair.

Running backs have an incredibly short opportunity to get the big contract. Maurice Jones-Drew never did and he was practically the entire Jaguars franchise for several years.

Bell deserves a giant deal.

posted by rcade at 06:02 PM on September 09, 2018

Thanks for posting

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