May 11, 2018

NHL Playoff Pick 'Em: Third Round: The puck drops on the third round of the NHL Playoffs tonight when Washington faces Tampa Bay. Vegas plays Winnipeg tomorrow night. Pick the winners of both series and the number of games. One bonus point for picking the top goal scorer and top point scorer in each series. In our contest for the Hartford Whalers puck, Ic23b and Cixelsyd remain tied for first at 16.

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The scores are in the previous discussion. Geneparmesan also got an extra first-round point that was overlooked.



The top goal scorers in each series were Mark Schiefele of Winnipeg with 7, Jon Marchessault of Vegas with 4, Patrice Bergeron of Boston with 5 and Jake Guentzel of Pittsburgh with 4. Only Ic23b got a bonus point, choosing Guentzel.

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Cixelsyd: Email to you is bouncing. Could you update your account with a new one?

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Washington in 6; Kuznetsov (goals), Backstrom (points) +1 +1

Winnipeg in 5; Laine (goals), Wheeler (points)

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I have no idea what is going on any more in the NHL.

Lightning in 6: Stamkos (goals), Kucherov (points) +1

Winnipeg in 7: Karlsson (goals), Schiefele (points)

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Washington in 7 +2

Winnipeg in 6

Ovechkin +1




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Washington in 7 +2

Goals: Ovechkin +1

Points: Kucherov

Winnipeg in 7

Goals: Stasny

Points: Wheeler

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Tampa Bay in 6: OVEchkin (goals), Kucherov (points) +1

Winnipeg in 6 : Laine (Goals), Wheeler (points)

e-mail updated

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Washington in 6; Ovechkin (goals), Stamkos (points) +1 +1

Winnipeg in 6; Shiefele (goals), Wheeler (points)

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Washington in 7; Alex Ovechkin (goals), Nicklas Backstrom (points) +2 +1
Vegas in 6; William Karlsson (goals), Reilly Smith (points) +1

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Tampa Bay in 6

Goals: Alex Ovechkin +1

Points: Alex Ovechkin

Las Vegas in 7 +1

Goals: Mark Scheifele

Points: Filip Forsberg

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I have no idea where that second post from me came from!

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Lightning in 7

Ovi +1


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Winnipeg in 5



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I have no idea where that second post from me came from!

Oops. That was me. I was testing something and needed to jump into another account to see a non-admin view. I will fix it.

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I've been Malkoviched! I did feel a tingle in my nethers about that time . . .

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