February 05, 2018

SportsFilter 2016-17 NFL Playoff Pick 'Em Champion: tron7: This just in: The champion of last year's SportsFilter Playoff Pick 'Em was tron7 with 129 points, one point more than rumple. Third place was claimed by beaverboard. NFL Gift Shop cards for $25 are headed to tron7 and rumple.

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Final Standings

PlayerTotalPicksPropsThis Week PicksThis Week Props
Ufez Jones876720-105

New England by 6 (4 < 6 < 8)


FIRST FG: Stephen Gostkowski (NE)

FIRST TD: Devonta Freeman (Atl)

PASSING: Tom Brady (NE), 466 yards

RUSHING: Devonta Freeman (Atl), 75 yards

RECEIVING: James White (NE), 110 yards

SACKS: Trey Flowers (NE), Alan Branch (NE), Jabaal Sheard (NE), Rob Ninkovich (NE), Kyle Van Noy (NE), Grady Jarrett (Atl), Brooks Reed (Atl), Deji Olatoye (Atl), Dwight Freeney (Atl), Courtney Upshaw (Atl),

INTERCEPTIONS: Robert Alford (Atl)

OOPS: LaGarrett Blount (NE)

MVP: Tom Brady


TIEBREAKER: 62 points

You can check your score in the previous post.

posted by rcade at 09:04 PM on February 05

Congrats, tron7!

The reason there are two prizes being awarded is because both tron7 and rumple picked themselves to win, getting either 5 or 0 more points as a result and thus either winning or losing.

I am sorry this was not posted last year. I had a good reason for being late -- I sadly lost my dad over Super Bowl weekend -- but never getting back to the contest was absurd.

The prize was supposed to be an NFL End Zone Rush T-shirt, but those are no longer being sold. A gift card is being substituted.

posted by rcade at 09:08 PM on February 05

Congratulations to the user name that always throws me for a loop (my brother's name is Tron and his number back in his sports playing days was always 7)!

posted by hootch at 10:58 PM on February 05

Thanks rcade ... moral victory for tron7 on raw points.....

Renewed condolences over your dad.

posted by rumple at 11:37 PM on February 05

Good job you all. I never went back and did the math but I figured the winner had to be tron or rumple.

Too bad there were no props for the game going to overtime, which I predicted. That might have gotten me close enough to carry tron and rumple's luggage.

Thank you rcade for wrapping this up.

Now it's on to Pyeongchang. My wife and daughters rule the television and are Olympics freaks. The loser of the programming battle is not me, it's the Gilmore Girls.

posted by beaverboard at 09:34 AM on February 06

129 points last year, 29 points this year.

posted by tron7 at 11:00 AM on February 06

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