August 24, 2017

Jaguars Demote Blake Bortles in Preseason: The Jacksonville Jaguars will start Chad Henne in tonight's preseason game. Blake Bortles has been awful this preseason after the team picked up the 2018 option on his contract. In three seasons as a starter, Bortles has as many pick-6 interceptions as wins. An AP writer calls Bortles "an inconsistent passer who struggles with mechanics, accuracy and decisions." Otherwise he's good.

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Chad Henne and Matt Moore are now the NFL's designated Florida team QB's and mediocrity assurance officers.

Bortles still has a job because when Shahid Khan watches his Jags play, the QB evokes fond memories of something that is dear to Khan's heart. A rear bumper.

It's not too late to put Will Ferrell in uniform as a stunt double.

God forbid they would consider bringing in Kaepernick.

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Kaepernick seems like a pretty good fit for a Jaguars team that talks about a run-heavy, pass-reluctantly offense. He can pass well enough to keep defenses honest and is a running threat.

I'd love to see him come in. But I'm also invested in seeing him anywhere, because his blacklisting by the NFL over a political stance is egregious.

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I'm watching this game. A Bortles interception was run back 30-plus yards towards the goal line. Allen Hurns chased the runner for 30 yards to attempt a touchdown-saving tackle. Bortles made no attempt to run the last 15 feet required to make a tackle, even though it would have stopped him from another pick-6. The runner reached the end zone (though he was ruled by replay out at the 4).

This guy doesn't want to be an NFL quarterback. He's just playing out his contract.

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Here are two GIFs of the play, in a SB Nation post claiming he made a good business decision.

I disagree with that. He needed to avoid the embarrassment of throwing yet another pick-6.

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Desperate Jaguars head coach names starting QB

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Well, in all fairness to Blake Bortleses, *everyone* looks pretty shitty compared to Christian McFootball. Sorry not sorry, that's just the way it iz

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It would have been better if one or both of those garbage cans was on fire, but guess that would be difficult in a hurricane/torrential downpour.

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