December 20, 2016

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

A place to discuss the sports stories that aren't making news, share links that aren't quite front-page material, and diagram plays on your hand. Remember to count to five Mississippi before commenting in anger.

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ouch x2.

Warning : needs sound and features a naughty word

posted by Mr Bismarck at 11:14 AM on December 20

Does it make me a bad person that I'm laughing my ass off while watching that video?

posted by NoMich at 11:31 AM on December 20

If I were in NC at the moment, I'd take every opportunity I could to have a good laugh.

posted by beaverboard at 11:42 AM on December 20

Let me tell you good sons 'n daughters of SportsFilter a tale of woe:

I was at work yesterday afternoon, watching a small tufted titmouse eating spiders (or perhaps, spider prey caught in the webs?) out of the giant web that wraps our building when the VP of Sales should happen upon me with a luxury box ticket for the Red Wings/Hurricanes game for later that very day. I merrily, and quite thankfully, accepted the free ticket with visions of yet another third period meltdown by the beloved home team.

I drove to the stadium, paid my $15 dollar parking fee with two $20 bills and accepted the $5 back from the attendant, thinking I had given him two $10 bills. Still ignorant of my mistake in the cash exchange, I entered the building and found the luxurious suite full up with food, alcoholic beverages, and the scourge of any tech company: Salespeople. I quietly and to myself renamed the suite, "The Mos Eisley Cantina," and if it would have come to it, I would've shot first.

OK, OK, whatever, long story short: the game got ixnayed because of a faulty freon system under the ice. The crew couldn't get the ice temperature down into the teens where it should be for NHL hockey purposes. Oh well, much barbecue and beer was had by all and no one got shot and my Jedi mind trick had to be used only a few times when I needed another beer.

This all happened in our galaxy, and not a long time ago.

posted by NoMich at 11:44 AM on December 20

If I were in NC at the moment, I'd take every opportunity I could to have a good laugh.

True that, brother. But please know, we'll turn this sinking ship around. Eventually.

posted by NoMich at 11:45 AM on December 20

Does it make me a bad person that I'm laughing my ass off while watching that video?

If so, you're in good (bad?) company.

posted by tahoemoj at 12:04 PM on December 20

Emboldened by NoMich, I'll submit a much more modest tale of woe:

Last night, my wife, who is battling bronchitis, lay down on the couch after dinner to rest.

I tiptoed in the room, and turned on the TV to see a small bit of international football on BeInSports. With the sound off for her sake.

I was just in time for condensed match footage of the Catalan clash between Barca and Espanyol.

My wife mumbled in her delirium: "It's OK - you can turn the sound on if you want". Which I did.

At that moment, she suddenly found herself encountering the voice of Ray Hudson for the very first time in her life. Her eyes opened wide. Then looked alarmed. Then the deep coughing began, mixed with what I would call medicinal incredulity.

By the time Ray had finished his assault, I wasn't sure if my wife was on the verge of a miraculous recovery, or whether I would have to hustle her off to Urgent Care. It seemed as though she would either get it all out of her system or go into a steep decline.

As she eventually settled down and began to drift back into a restful state, I heard her murmur:


posted by beaverboard at 01:27 PM on December 20

The I-Kiribati Weightlifter. Trying to change the world from a place you've never heard of.

posted by owlhouse at 07:48 PM on December 20

I'm surprised that Tulsa Coach Montgomery's name doesn't come up more often in the coaching carousel discussions. He has gotten that team turned around and cranking in just two seasons. They blew out the Chips in their bowl game last night.

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posted by rcade at 02:48 PM on December 22

I had little, if any, appreciation for Ray Hudson's inimitable style until beaverboard's comment sent me to do a bit of research. If you are an older fan of the Boston Celtics, you will understand this comparison: Ray Hudson is soccer's Johnny Most.

posted by Howard_T at 06:19 PM on December 22

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