November 07, 2016

CFL Pick 'Em, Final Standings: Twenty weeks in the books and no surprises here: it's rcade by a kilometre. Congratulations rcade!

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Winnipeg takes advantages of Ottawa's backups and nails down third place with a win. A bunch of players you've never heard of play each other in Hamilton, and Montreal ends up winning. Edmonton finishes strong with 41 points against the Argos, and B.C. scores 41 of their own to take down the Riders.

ResultWinnipeg by 13Montreal by 7Edmonton by 24B.C. by 23
Margin of Error9 to 175 to 917 to 3116 to 30

rcade finishes strong with a five-point week, and a thirteen-point gap between him and second place. He becomes only the second SpoFite to crack 80 points in the Pick 'Em. Congrats, rcade!

At the other end, bender fought off numerous challenges to claim the Costanza with four points to spare. Congrats to bender!

SpoFiteWPG @ TORSHAM @ OTTSCGY @ BCSSSK @ MTLSPointsTotal Points
rcadeWinnipeg2 7Edmonton B.C. 580
ic23b Edmonton B.C.19367
DrJohnEvansWinnipeg Montreal8Edmonton B.C. 566
tahoemojWinnipeg16 Edmonton24 B.C.16766
cixelsydWinnipeg Edmonton24 B.C. 564
argoalWinnipeg Montreal B.C. 361
JPRWinnipeg Edmonton B.C. 360
tommytrumpWinnipeg Montreal6Edmonton B.C.16660
MrFrisbyWinnipeg Edmonton B.C. 358
ReeverWinnipeg Edmonton B.C. 355
Howard_TWinnipeg12 Edmonton18B.C. 355
jagsnumberoneWinnipeg Edmonton B.C.20453
bender Edmonton18B.C. 349

Thanks to everyone for playing along! Stay tuned for the CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, coming soon to a SpoFi post near you!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:20 PM on November 07, 2016

Congrats, rcade!!! I proudly remove my crown from last year and hand it to you (I guess I proved last year was a fluke with my horrible performance/lol)

posted by jagsnumberone at 11:57 PM on November 07, 2016

Congratulation rcade

posted by ic23b at 01:15 AM on November 08, 2016

Thanks! I will use this to establish my credentials to emigrate, should it become necessary.

Go RedBlacks!

posted by rcade at 06:00 AM on November 08, 2016

A Canadian wins the American football pick-em, and an American wins the Canadian football pick-em.

What a truly wondrous international place.

posted by grum@work at 06:24 AM on November 08, 2016

Congrats, Rogers!

posted by tommybiden at 08:15 AM on November 08, 2016

Thanks! I will use this to establish my credentials to emigrate, should it become necessary.

The Alouettes are looking for a new General Manager...

posted by tommybiden at 08:16 AM on November 08, 2016

And I have the dubious distinction of reigning continental football Costanza! I assume I am the first person to hold both "titles" at the same time.

posted by bender at 09:35 AM on November 08, 2016

jags, you and rcade are the only members of the 80-point club. No flukes there.

Of course, we were picking 9 fewer games from 2007-2013 due to a variable number of teams in Ottawa. But still!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:30 AM on November 08, 2016

Congrats to rcade on the positive prognostication! Or was it merely good guesswork? Either way, well done sir.

I feel pretty good about my T3, considering I failed to make picks on two separate occasions.

And thanks, Dr. J, for again kindling my interest in football north of the border!

posted by tahoemoj at 12:24 PM on November 08, 2016

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