February 09, 2016

Texans Owner Robert McNair: Cherokees Can't Hold Their Whiskey: An NFL owner who defended Washington's use of the offensive mascot "Redskins" then told an interviewer that he grew up among Cherokee Indians and they had drinking problems. "Everybody respected their courage," said Houston Texans owner Robert McNair. "They might not have respected the way they held their whiskey, but ..." McNair laughed and added, "We respected their courage. They’re very brave people."

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"Old, Rich, White Guy Says Something Insensitive" is the new "Dog Bites Man" headline.

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If anything, you'd think that the owners would vote for the name change just so they could remove this ticking time bomb from their midst. As long as that offensive name is around for people to ask them questions, there remains a distinct chance that any one of them will say something stupid about it face the (appropriate) heat for their remarks.

Once the team becomes "Washington Warriors" or "Washington Americans" or "Washington Whatevers", then they'll never have to talk about "those people" again.

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Seriously, do none of these people employ PR professionals who can tell them "You will gain zero by saying anything on this issue. Just smile and nod and change the subject."?

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Congrats to McNair, who is capable of being an asshole while stone sober. Love what prompted the response from him: "[H]e was distraught over how much swearing there was [on Hard Knocks] and joked that Coach Bill O'Brien should introduce a cuss jar. I asked McNair if he was as sensitive to other offensive language, specifically the N.F.L. team in the nation's capital's being named the Redskins."

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I feel like Bill Burr's take on these incidents is a relevant one (and hilarious).

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