November 26, 2015

CFL Playoffs Pick 'Em, Grey Cup Edition: Home field advantage wins again! Edmonton and Ottawa throw their way into the Grey Cup, and are rewarded with a trip to that place where no one has the advantage, ever: Winnipeg in late November. But the forecast is clear and only footballs should rain from the skies. Grab your souvenir umbrella, put on your coveralls, put down your umbrella because it's hard to put on coveralls one-handed, and make your picks inside.

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Some barns got burned this weekend! With perfect weather at both ends of the country, the QBs took advantage and piled up the points. Hamilton plays catch-up to Ottawa the entire game, managing to tie in with under 90 seconds left in the fourth quarter. But a miracle Burris toss on 2nd and 25 leads to a 93-yard touchdown and the game.

Out West, Mike Reilly straight outguns Bo-Levi Mitchell, as Edmonton pumps in five touchdowns to book their ticket to Winnipeg.

ResultOttawa by 7Edmonton by 14MitchellHamilton
Margin of Error5 to 910 to 18

Points are scarce as both bonuses go to the losing teams, but that's why you hedge your bets. argoal adds another point to his lead and is going to be tough to beat.

SpoFiteHAM @ OTTSCGY @ EDMSOWC BonusDWC BonusPointsTotal Points
argoalOttawa8Edmonton 37
ic23bOttawa6 25
tahoemojOttawa Edmonton 25
tommytrumpOttawa 14
rumple Edmonton17 24
jjzucalOttawa Edmonton 24
rcadeOttawa Edmonton 24
owlhouseOttawa Edmonton18 34
jagsnumberoneOttawa Edmonton Hamilton34
Ying Yang Mafia 03
bender 03
DrJohnEvansOttawa MitchellHamilton33
cixelsydOttawa Edmonton 23

Here's one reason (the only reason?) to go to Winnipeg in November:


Ottawa Redblacks (12-6) @ Edmonton Eskimos (14-4) (Sunday, November 30)

This is the matchup that nobody saw coming. Edmonton was a favourite until the fourth quarter of Week One, when QB Mike Reilly blew out his knee. The backups put together a decent enough 6-3 record in his absence, but the division looked lost to Calgary — until Reilly's return. Nine straight wins later, here they are, facing the upstart Redblacks with a wily veteran in Henry Burris. He may be forty years old, but he's proven that he can still find the end zone. Sunday's forecast is a pleasant -3 degrees Celsius with no hint of snow, so let's sit back and enjoy what should be a good ol' fashioned shootout.

Of course, now that I've written that, the final score is sure to be 16-9. Grey Cup Preview »

MVP Bonus

Pick the MVP of the Grey Cup.


The points-scored O/U for the Grey Cup is currently set at 50.5. Will the total points scored be over or under that total?


Pick the total yardage thrown by all quarterbacks in the Grey Cup. This is worth no points and will be used only in case of a tie.

Example pick: Ottawa by 21, Ellingson, Over, 500.

Good luck!

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Ottawa by 4




posted by cixelsyd at 05:32 PM on November 26, 2015

Ottawa by 18

Smilin' Hank



posted by tommybiden at 06:35 PM on November 26, 2015

Edmonton by 12

MVP - Reilly

O/U - Over

Total Yards Thrown - 625

posted by ic23b at 06:39 PM on November 26, 2015

Edmonton by 11

That Reilly chap


555 (What's a yard?)

posted by owlhouse at 08:10 PM on November 26, 2015

Edmonton by 17




posted by rumple at 09:45 PM on November 26, 2015

Ottawa by 3
Ellingson (subject to change)

posted by DrJohnEvans at 03:19 PM on November 27, 2015

Edmonton by 16




posted by jagsnumberone at 05:55 AM on November 29, 2015

edy by 11




posted by argoal at 11:09 AM on November 29, 2015

Edmonton by 14




posted by tahoemoj at 12:35 PM on November 29, 2015

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