November 11, 2015

Pace Mannion NBA Pick 'Em Contest: Week 3: There's a light four-game schedule this week beginning tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern. DeAndre Jordan visits Dallas and LaMarcus Aldridge visits Portland to bring out a great susurration of boo birds. We pick winners and the spread every week in national TV games and new players are welcome. First prize is the greatest basketball in known history.

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ResultCLE by 8GS by 4CHI by 6POR by 19IND by 3HOU by 6
Margin6 to 103 to 54 to 813 to 254 to 64 to 8

Ufez Jones stays in front and I climb into second. Four slam dunks win (++) and two lose (--). Our new player Goyoucolts is fast out of the gate.

Ufez JonesCLEGS++   POR  HOU3089
rcadeCLE++GS3CHI  HOU43685
Howard_TCLE++GS5CHI7POR   3671
tron7CLEGS3  MEM--  HOU1366
GoyoucoltsCLE++     POR IND4HOU 3333

This Week's Games

Wed.Nov. 118 p.m. ETL.A. Clippers at DallasESPN
Wed.Nov. 1110:30 p.m. ETSan Antonio at PortlandESPN
Thu.Nov. 128 p.m. ETGolden State at MinnesotaTNT
Thu.Nov. 1210:30 p.m. ETL.A. Clippers at PhoenixTNT

A light week, highlighted by DeAndre Jordan's first visit to Dallas since he committed the worst act of treachery against the Mavericks franchise since Kiki "Stepback Satan" Vandeweghe in 1980 (Vandeweghe, the team's first draft pick ever, refused to play for the team and was traded to Denver). LaMarcus Aldridge returns to Portland for the first time since signing a four-year, $80 million free agency deal with San Antonio. The last undefeated team, Golden State, play an improved Minnesota, while the Clippers get a second national game this week against Phoenix.

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Goodness gracious, William F. rcade Buckley - a sussuration? Whew.

I remember the last time I encountered that word. It was at a field sobriety checkpoint on the interstate over Labor Day weekend.

They held up the flash card, I couldn't say the word without sounding like Johnny Depp on awards night, and off to the pokey I went. I hadn't had a drink in weeks.

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November 11:
LAC by 10
SAN by 8

November 12:
GSW by 12
LAC by 10

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You had to say susurration? That's the second hardest field sobriety test ever.

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November 11:
LAC by 12
SAS by 7

November 12:
GSW by 25 - Dunk Test
LAC by 12

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Going completely against my head this week and following my heart.

Nov 11:
Dallas by 4
Spurs by 9

Nov 12:
GS by 19 (Dunk)
LAC by 9

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Oh yeah, LAC over PHX is my New York Knick guy slam dunking over teammates and foes alike in Toronto.

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Whoops, better get going on the picks. Would have been going to Celtics vs Pacers tonight, but in honor of Veterans' Day, the Cs encourage season ticket holders to donate them to military member. So I did, and will watch on the telly, saying a sincere thanks to those who served and especially those who gave all.

11 Nov

LA Clippers by 10
San Antonio by 15

12 Nov

Golden State by 18 Serve a SLAMBONI sandwich with this one.
Phoenix by 6 (second game of a back-to-back might work against the Clippers)

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Nov. 11
Dallas by 6
San Antonio by 5

Nov. 12
Golden State by 14
L.A. Clippers by 12 <-- slam dunk

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Nov. 11
Clippers by 14
San Antonio by 6 (Phi Slama Jama)

Nov. 12
Golden State by 18
Clippers by 8

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I second that emotion.

The Clippers sure like to belly-ache to the refs. They have an opinion on every play.

posted by rcade at 12:09 PM on November 12, 2015

I have class Wednesday evenings so I didn't get to tune in until the 4th, but man, that was a fun quarter. If you told any past-me (including from this Summer) that I'd be getting pumped up over Zaza Pachulia's play in 2015 I'd've thought you were completely nuts.

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