April 01, 2015

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle:

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The current name of the Brickyard 400 is the "Crown Royal presents the Your Hero's Name Here 400 powered by Big Machine Records."

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Yeah, Miller's injury reminds me of another one I remember quite vividly as a kid.

Borje Salming as "Scarface"

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I would suggest unbelievably fortunate. A few inches lower and they are trying to reattach his head. Unlucky to the extent that the contact was below the visor. Very lucky that the rear of the skate blade did not poke directly into the eye.

My wife had foot surgery a week ago and had the bandages removed yesterday. The stitches on her right foot look a lot like those on Miller's face. Come to think of it, it looks a bit like one of Gerry Cheevers' old masks.

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On another subject, there have been one or two April 1 items on Facebook and in various news articles. After posting about a pickup basketball game with Michael Jordan and a few others, Brady posted a Photoshop version of his face superimposed upon someone in a full body cast. The photo sported a supposed Michael Jordan autograph. Another is a report of the Boston Red Sox trading Shane Victorino and most of their prospects to Detroit for David Price. Boston Celtics' forward Kelly Olynyk fooled everyone in tonight's game vs Indiana. Despite running into a Shavlik Randolph elbow while doing some one-on-one before the game, and having an eye that looked like he had gone a round or two with the UFC Heavyweight champion, Olynyk went out and scored a team high 19 points. The eye took 4 stitches to put back together, but I guess that Olynyk, being Canadian, has something of a hockey player mentality.

The biggest April Fool story of the day is that despite a misspent youth, and a highly questionable adult life, yours truly made it to his 74th birthday on April 1 without spending any significant time being incarcerated. We haven't quite reached the doddering stage yet. I'm signed on to help out umpiring sub-varsity high school and middle school baseball this spring. We'll see if the season will ever start, since many of the fields still have snow on them. Some of the more fortunate schools are able to use indoor facilities, but most, especially the smaller ones up north, will not be on the field for quite a while yet. Perhaps I'm fooling myself by thinking that I can keep up with the kids, but I'm feeling good, so why not?

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Happy (belated) birthday, Howard_T. Waiting for you to reach the doddering stage so you can post state secrets on SpoFi from your time in the Navy, including what happened to the nuclear sub you went joyriding in with then-Senator Joe Biden and his merry band of revelers in the summer of '73.

And good luck with the umpiring -- probably less about keeping up with the kids and more about keeping up with (or on top of) the obnoxious parents. At least in today's era we will have cellphone video of any fracas you are involved in.

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That hockey player mentality led him to let slip what happened to Dougie Hamilton:

"I remember two days ago, I was texting Dougie Hamilton and he told me he broke his ribs and he's trying to come back before the playoffs," Olynyk said. "I was like, 'Man, I can't sit out, he's gonna rip me.' All those hockey guys would have killed me, so I had to do it."
I hate the fascination in sports with not revealing injuries to prevent teams from "getting an edge". It's stupid. Whether opponents know Hamilton broke ribs or not, they're still going to target him on return.

Happy Birthday, Howard, here's your gift:

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If yer still umping Howard, here's to ya. But when you need to put a new ball in play, let the catcher throw it out to the mound.

At my age, I don't covet Tom Brady's wife. I covet his rotator cuffs.

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