November 05, 2014

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 20: That's right, it's the twentieth and final week of our little joy ride through the three-down tundra of Kevin Glenn's frozen heart. But nearly nothing's decided in the official standings, and nothing at all has been decided here. It's going to be a photo finish, so strike a pose and make your picks inside.

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Hamilton overcomes a slow start to beat Ottawa and keep their playoff hopes alive. Winnipeg digs deep for a big win against visiting Calgary. Edmonton accepts the challenge and hands B.C. a beatdown to clinch a home playoff date, while Toronto comes up short in Montreal, and find themselves on the outside looking in.

ResultHamilton by 9Winnipeg by 5Edmonton by 34Montreal by 3
Margin of Error6 to 124 to 724 to 442 to 4

Heading into the final week, argoal maintains his lead. But! JPR is within one, and cixelsyd is within three. Can argoal hang on?

SpoFiteHAM @ OTTSWPG @ CGYSBC @ EDMSTOR @ MTLSPointsTotal Points
argoalHamilton11 Edmonton 372
JPRHamilton Edmonton Montreal4471
cixelsydHamilton7Winnipeg Edmonton Montreal 569
Howard_THamilton8 Montreal 366
rcade Edmonton Montreal 265
ReeverHamilton Edmonton Montreal 365
owlhouse 9 Edmonton Montreal 361
goddamHamilton Winnipeg 5 Montreal2661
ic23bHamilton Montreal4358
DrJohnEvansHamilton10 Edmonton Montreal 457
tommytrump 056
benderHamilton10Winnipeg Montreal 450


Final week! Everything is up for grabs. Except of course for the first two spots in the West.

Ottawa @ Toronto (Friday, November 7)
So here's the deal: Toronto needs to win. That, combined with a Hamilton loss, will get them into the playoffs. BUT Ricky Ray is out with a concussion, and the Argos have been anything but consistent. Can they pull it off?

Calgary @ B.C. (Saturday, November 7)
Calgary's got the division title wrapped up and could use some rest. B.C., meanwhile, needs a win to avoid crossing over to the East. Although perhaps that route would be preferable. What would Kevin Glenn do?

Montreal @ Hamilton (Saturday, November 8)
The equation is simple: win and you're in. Lose, and you're not in, unless it's Montreal who loses, in which case both of these teams make the playoffs anyway. BUT if Hamilton wins by more than seven, they claim the division title and a first-round bye. Okay, maybe it's not so simple.

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan (Saturday, November 8)
Saskatchewan's in the same boat as the Lions. Win and stay in the West, lose and cross over to the East. Edmonton, on the other hand, has locked up a home playoff date, and you can be sure they'll be resting their regulars.

Good luck!

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Toronto by 26

Calgary by 2

Hamilton by 16

Saskatchewan by 27

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I'M NOT LAST, I missed the first two weeks but I'M NOT LAST !!!!!!!

Toronto by 18

B.C. by 14

Hamilton by 8

Saskatchewan by 18


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Toronto by 10

Calgary by 7

Hamilton by 10

Edmonton by 7

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Toronto by 12

B.C. by 8

Hamilton by 8

Saskatchewan by 10

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Argos by 2

bc by 3

monti by 2

sask by 4

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Ottawa by 5

BC by 8

Montreal by 11

Saskatchewan by 21

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Toronto by 8
B.C. by 12
Hamilton by 10
Saskatchewan by 18

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Ottawa by 2

Calgary by 3

Hamilton by 5

Edmonton by 6

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4 points last week! Watch out, tommytrump, I'm not going down without a fight!

Toronto by 5
B.C. by 13
Montreal by 2
Saskatchewan by 3

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Ott by 3;

Ham by 4

EDM by 3

Cal by 3.

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Missed the Friday game. Had to do the weekly grocery shopping, then wife and I took our son out to dinner to celebrate his new job. If you are anywhere near Manchester, NH, I strongly recommend "Cotton" for a great meal. The place ain't cheap, but their food and service are excellent. In that spirit, let's look at the rest of the menu for this week. The appetizer is gone since we were late for dinner.

Calgary at BC: The choice here is western beef against Pacific Coast seafood. Both are excellent, but which to choose? Seafood is best when less than 24 hours out of the water, but beef when aged slightly is good too. I'll have my steak medium rare, please. Calgary by 6.

Montreal at Hamilton: We need something to go along with our steak. Perhaps a nice salad with some cheese will be nice, or could it be some mussels from the lake. Salade-aux-chevre-chaud sounds very appetizing, but Mussels in Tomato-Garlic Broth has my mouth watering. We are near the lake for this one, so the Mussels are a better choice here. Hamilton by 11.

Edmonton at Saskatchewan: Cereal grains, wheat, and cattle on the one side and a diversity of crops on the other. Saskatchewan has a good-sized fruit industry with a number of species of berries being grown. We've already had a good Alberta steak for our main course, so we'll forego that option. Perhaps a basket of fresh, warm bread will complement this feast we are building. Even better, let's use some of that flour to make a nice pie crust and bake up some of those Saskatchewan berries. Dessert sounds like the perfect finish here. Saskatchewan by 4.

Can anyone recommend a nice brandy and perhaps a good cigar to end this?

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Sorry - missed this week.

I was in Penang.


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