June 24, 2014

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

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Mike and Mike just announced that LeBron is exercising his option for early termination of his contract with the Heat.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 09:33 AM on June 24, 2014

Well, nice try MLB/NFL/World Cup...your chance of being on the front page for any time this summer is now gone.

"The Decision II: Electric Boogaloo" is going to be top story from here on out.

posted by grum@work at 10:01 AM on June 24, 2014

BTW, I want Mexico to score many goals for the rest of the tournament if it gets these kind of celebration gifs:

posted by grum@work at 10:02 AM on June 24, 2014

I will give this to soccer: the low scoring means that these reactions are so much more justified than a ridiculous end zone celebration at the tail end of a 49-21 drubbing.

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posted by mkn at 10:20 AM on June 24, 2014

Me gusto entrenador de futbol el Mexico. Muchas gracias San Zusi.

posted by rcade at 10:27 AM on June 24, 2014

Have really been enjoying El Tri in this tournament. Not sure if it's just a matter of loving Miguel Herrera and his haircut and emotions, a younger generation of Mexican footballers without much of a history of bad blood with the U.S., the fact that they really have seemed to try to win games where the team (Brazil) or circumstances (Croatia) would suggest sitting back and being defensive as a viable strategy, or the general sense that we should get behind CONCACAF teams, but hard for me personally to gin up much bile for this Mexico squad.

posted by holden at 11:42 AM on June 24, 2014

Same here. I know they're supposed to be the US' arch-rival, but I don't see anything to dislike (other than Herrera not speaking out against the Mexican fans' choice of cheer on corner kicks).

posted by yerfatma at 12:53 PM on June 24, 2014

I've kind of become a Mexico fan by osmosis - I'm 15 minutes from the border so a lot of friends and co-workers have Mexican roots and it's nice to see them happy. I feel like the USMNT rivalry with Mexico is sort of a friendly one - we take games against them very seriously, but there's no antagonism.

They were playing the Univision reaction to one of the goals on the radio when I drove in this morning, and it was pretty great too.

posted by LionIndex at 01:01 PM on June 24, 2014

I know they're supposed to be the US' arch-rival, but I don't see anything to dislike

Two words. Rafa. Marquez.

posted by goddam at 02:12 PM on June 24, 2014

Good point. Also didn't love the trash-talk at the end of the Croatia game. The ref never got that game under control-- Ale Moreno said at half-time the ref needed to match the intensity of the game and it never happened so the end was really chippy.

posted by yerfatma at 03:03 PM on June 24, 2014

Feels like Nigeria's plan of letting Messi take free kicks until he exhausted himself backfired.

posted by yerfatma at 01:35 PM on June 25, 2014

It's not the Argentine defense's fault that Nigeria didn't equalize late.

posted by beaverboard at 03:19 PM on June 25, 2014

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