August 04, 2003

The retro jersey craze continues,: I was never a fan of wearing jerseys unless its a game day (and not the biggest fan of that), and hate when people wear them strictly as fashion item. Case in point, a 16-year old walking around NYC in a George McGuiness Pacers jersey, who no doubt has no idea who McGuiness was and probably had never heard of him prior to seeing the jersey. That may not be the case for some of the athletes paying homage to those who have gone before them, but I think it is for the average kid on the street.

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I'm still waiting on my throwback 1985 Championship Lakers Chuck Nevitt jersey. That baby is going right next to my 2001 Championship Lakers Mark Madsen jersey.

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I don't mind kids wearing the jerseys of players they have no knowledge of. At the very least it fosters discussion, awareness, and acknowledgement of said player or team. Some kids know Connie Hawkins, but not the Pittsburgh Pipers. Some kids know the Pacers, but not Mel Daniels. Just, please don't wear it backwards.

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if it weren't for the NFL licensing fee , I'd be producing jerseys like #14, Chiefs RB, 1970s, Ed Podolak. Wore the classic rhino facemask, one game his rookie or second year put up 340 total yards in a game, then the record I believe. I love the jerseys as an homage to the athletes, but as purely fashion, I wouldn't buy any shirt for $400 even it does say #34 Campbell on it. Ridiculous, but its all in what your priorities are. I wouldn't be trying to impress anybody, I just like Ed Podolak.

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Cliff Floyd: "I like different ones. If somebody tells me that nobody wears a certain one, I'll buy it." Top 10 treasures inside Cliff Floyd's Wardrobe:

  1. Bobby Hurley - Vancouver Grizzlies '98
  2. John Rocker - Tampa Bay Devil Rays '03
  3. Kurt Rambis - Charlotte Hornets '89
  4. Manute Bol - Indianapolis Ice '02
  5. Todd MacCulloch - New Jersey Nets '03
  6. Alexander Daigle - Philadelphia Flyers '98
  7. Brian Bosworth - Seatlle Seahawks '89
  8. AC Green - Dallas Mavericks '99
  9. Dexter Manley - Ottawa Rough Riders '92
  10. JR Reid - New York Knicks '96

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The NHL has caught on now.

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