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The retro jersey craze continues,

if it weren't for the NFL licensing fee , I'd be producing jerseys like #14, Chiefs RB, 1970s, Ed Podolak. Wore the classic rhino facemask, one game his rookie or second year put up 340 total yards in a game, then the record I believe. I love the jerseys as an homage to the athletes, but as purely fashion, I wouldn't buy any shirt for $400 even it does say #34 Campbell on it. Ridiculous, but its all in what your priorities are. I wouldn't be trying to impress anybody, I just like Ed Podolak.

posted by crux at 07:45 AM on August 05, 2003

Couch VS. Holcomb II: Electric Boogaloo?

Holcomb, hands down, should be #1 QB in Cleveland. Did you SEE the way he played in Couch's absence? It wasn't that far from the impression Bulger made in StLouis in Warner's absence.

posted by crux at 02:05 PM on August 04, 2003

"I see myself as a scorer," said Walker, who has averaged 6.0 points and 4.9 rebounds in his career.

I'm a Louisville fan and had high hopes for Samaki. He has a cool name(!), good size and had a pretty light touch in college. Then in the pros I think he thinks hes a big time player just b/c he landed with the Lakers. Well he's not. Phil Jackson's mind coaching seemed to have an opposite effect on Walker, he played hyper-actively and honestly SUCKED in the playoffs last year, thats why they didn't go to him much these past playoffs. Making shots is not that hard actually, *I can make shots. But its playing with a cool head etc that makes for a scorer, and Walker needs much work in that area

posted by crux at 12:12 PM on August 04, 2003

Trifecta (or anti-hat-trick, whichever you prefer).

thanks billST. guess you can't believe everything you hear from game commentary eh?

posted by crux at 06:43 AM on July 21, 2003

Trifecta (or anti-hat-trick, whichever you prefer).

My question then is this : Anyone recall 16-yr old Eddie Gaven (1st professional goal a few weeks back for MetroStars vs DC in OT)? Apparently he was drafted as a keeper, but the Stars just acquired Chilean First Division standout Jonny Walker to take Howard's place. Is this b/c of Gaven's inexperience or b/c he is too fast to keep @keeper??

posted by crux at 12:13 PM on July 18, 2003

And then there were four.

Nuggets vs Warriors in West finals, Warriors win 4-3 on a buzzer-beater floater by Earl Boykins. Cavs vs Wizards in East finals, Cavs win 4-3 on a 3-pt barage by DuJuan Wagner. you heard it here first

posted by crux at 07:20 AM on July 11, 2003

JKidd says he won't stay with the Nets ... unless they dump coach Byron Scott.


posted by crux at 07:09 AM on July 11, 2003

JKidd says he won't stay with the Nets ... unless they dump coach Byron Scott.

I have to agree with DUSTED. what a bunch of whining crap. I don't think the Nets would have lost to the Spurs if Kidd had played better. Many times he was SHUT DOWN by Tony Parker, yet another reason why its ludicrous for the Spurs to try and go after him. Parker's upside is so large, I kind of *expect him to have a better career than Kidd already and he's only 21. and btw, have I mentioned that I think Kidd is OVERRATED? 'Very good player' is not the same thing as 'one of the best of all-time players'

posted by crux at 03:01 PM on July 10, 2003

The curse of Duke

haha! I thought the exact same thing about Fizer's comments. Boozer may end up having a great career. Elton Brand is obviously a good one.

posted by crux at 08:19 AM on June 23, 2003

Draft Busts,

"never nervous" PERVIS ELLISON, #1 DRAFT PICK Its still hard for me to come to grips with his lack of productivity in the pros, being a huge U.of Louisville fan. Other UL busts : Can't believe Lancaster Gordon was picked #8 two years before, he had same tweener problem as Moten, etc I guess. Darrell Griffith didn't do as much as expected, (though he was Rookie of the Year in 1981??), but I guess injuries can be blamed. And what were Felton Spencer's career stats as perenial backup for the Knicks/Jazz/probably more? The only UL player representing well I can remember was Rodney McCray for the Rockets and recently Greg Minor put in some decent and unexpected years for the Celtics. Oh and Samaki Walker SUX

posted by crux at 08:04 AM on June 19, 2003