August 03, 2003

"I see myself as a scorer," said Walker, who has averaged 6.0 points and 4.9 rebounds in his career.: Has your favorite NBA team made any major moves this summer? Most haven't, but sometimes the smallest signing can turn a franchise around. Could any of these "small" moves make a difference this season, or is someone just "stealing" some of your team's cap space?

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That last link shows the 'quality' (to import a footie term) of the wonderful GM my local gunshow wounds have. And Antwon Jameson is certainly their stealing cap space--how he got a maximum deal is beyond me. Side note: Capspace is my nickname in certain other online forums. Though in my case, the reference is not at all to sports.

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My team (Bucks) gave away all the good players. We now have a point guard who is only a few inches taller than me, and we still have Anthony Mason. Lottery, here we come!

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After watching him in L.A. for two seasons, I find it hard to believe that Samaki Walker really said "I see myself as a scorer." He might get more shot attempts in Miami, but he will never, ever, be a scorer. I'm sad to see Mark Madsen moving to Minnesota, but I'm glad that the Lakers front office is being unsentimental. Madsen always played with tons of energy and heart, but he is a very limited player. Even at 38, Horace Grant will be an upgrade.

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I'm a Louisville fan and had high hopes for Samaki. He has a cool name(!), good size and had a pretty light touch in college. Then in the pros I think he thinks hes a big time player just b/c he landed with the Lakers. Well he's not. Phil Jackson's mind coaching seemed to have an opposite effect on Walker, he played hyper-actively and honestly SUCKED in the playoffs last year, thats why they didn't go to him much these past playoffs. Making shots is not that hard actually, *I can make shots. But its playing with a cool head etc that makes for a scorer, and Walker needs much work in that area

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I think the loss of Madsen outweighs the loss of Walker. At least in the minds of Angelenos it does. Madsen's limitations were skills-based, whereas Walker's had to do with self-esteem and motivation. There was too much talk amongst teammates questioning the validity of Walker's injuries during his tenure. He just didn't seem to have that game where it clicked. You can teach a coachable player skills, but you can't teach them to be more confident. Madsen, though not the most gifted player on the roster was certainly one of the most tenacious, second only to Bryant, and perhaps Fisher. He seemed to actually pick up the offense this year and the refs were a bit more willing to give him a fair shake. He even picked up a bit of a 15 foot jumper. I for one shall miss the Mad Dog. Maybe not his dancing, but definitely his infectious personality and inspired play.

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Shackbar if you were referring to TJ Ford, take heart. If TJ plays in the pros like he did in college, you might actually see Desmond Mason, Michael Redd and Tim Thomas' potential realized. Keep this in mind, neither one of these three have ever played with a "pass-first" point guard. I'm not saying they make the playoffs this season, but they should be at the least, interesting to watch. The rest of the roster however, BLOWS. Brian Skinner, Erick Strickland, Damon Jones? That is a lunch-pail crew. No offense to speak of from this group (save Damon Jones, an underrated guard IMHO), but a real grind it out defensive corps. Where are the Bucks going with this?

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billsaysthis, admittedly Cohan and Saint Jean make Sterling and Baylor look smart sometimes. Actually the Warriors would have been better served taking the Clippers tack on free-agency signing. Let the open market determine the player's market value. Let Antwan get as far as restricted, allow clubs to bid for his services, watch him sign an offer sheet then sign him at the predetermined market value rather than re-up him at the first possible moment! I'm a genius! Say it! Wait, they did do this before with Marc Jackson, then they traded him for Dean Garrett, and a sack of dirty laundry. Eek. Well at least they have 3 final year contracts they can trade away for picks and players. But do you want to give away Sura, Dampier, or whats-his-face?

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Brian Skinner's in Milwaukee now? Thanks for the info. His senior year at Baylor was my Freshman year there and I've been trying to keep an eye on him. He did fairly well as the sixth or seventh man for Philly. With the right team, he could be a good role player. Dallas didn't do dick. Cuban and the Nelson boys are now saying that they didn't want to screw up team chemistry and let these guys have another run. Truth is, they couldn't get anyone worth having at the $4.9 million exception that they have to offer. The need to unload Bradley or LaFrentz and their contracts. Nobody really wants them though. Maybe in the expansion draft next summer. Hopefully.

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lilnemo, that whole Jackson saga sure made for some sorry morning crapper reading, I tell you. Look at their latest error in judgement, letting Boykins go to Denver.

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billysaysthis: what Jackson saga are you referring to?

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DUSTED---Marc Jackson from Temple, now of Philadelphia 76ers. His last year in a Warrior uni he basically held the team hostage, he actively concocted his own trade scenarios. At one point it looked like he was going to Phoenix, however Marc had veto power on the trade. He basically forced the Warriors to trade him to one of his preferred teams in a deal that netted them a has-been and a draft pick. In the second round. Of 2007. Did I mention this trade took place in February of 2000! Can I get fries with that? Here's a link.

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shackbar say hello to the new boss.

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Porter looks scary with that bald head!!!

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