October 29, 2012

Giants Sweep Tigers to Win World Series: Marco Scutaro knocked in the winning run with two outs in the 10th giving the Giants a 4-3 win and their second championship in three years. Pablo Sandoval was voted World Series MVP.

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Copied from the huddle:

It's about now that Dr John Evans usually informs us of how many days until pitchers and catchers report.

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It's a bit more difficult to estimate this year; reporting dates will be earlier for some due to the 2013 WBC. But I did ballpark it on Twitter last night before this thread was posted.

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Wish the end had a bit more drama (and a Tigers win, just for sentimental reasons), but what a crazy postseason that was. The infield fly call in the Atlanta-Cards WC game, all 4 LDS series going to 5 games (including that Cardinals comeback from 6 runs down in Game 5 against the Nats), all of the Yankee drama, San Francisco winning 3 straight elimination games in 2 straight series (and then sweeping the next), the Tigers sweeping a series and then being swept -- it was just crazy.

Congrats to the Giants and some great performances from surprising sources such as Vogelsong and Zito.

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Every time I saw the name "Vogelsong" on the screen, I thought it was that terrible pitcher from the Pirates from the mid-2000s. He had a ~6.00 ERA and absolutely useless on the mound. I remembered he got cut by the Pirates (a sure sign your career is over) and disappeared.

Imagine my surprise when I looked it up and it was that terrible pitcher from the Pirates!

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Congratulations to the Giants. While I honestly believe that the Giants are watching baseball on television after the first round if Johnny Cueto didn't get hurt, the fact is that he did get hurt. Instead of Cueto-Arroyo-Latos-Bailey-Cueto, the Giants got to face Latos-Arroyo-Bailey-Leake-Latos. Not quite the same. No crying or excuses, though, and injuries are a part of the game. The Giants showed a hell of a lot of character in every one of their series and deserved to win it all.

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Leyland let the season get away from him by using a lefty specialist to face righthanded batters with the season on the line and good righthanded pitchers available to him, with nothing to be gained by doing so. It was the first egregious managerial mistake of the World Series, and when Scutaro delivered the RBI single that gave the Giants a 4-3 lead they preserved in the bottom of the 10th, it was the last.

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Buster Olney: The early 2013 @BovadaLV World Series odds: Detroit 6-1, Yankees 7-1, Giants 10-1, Nats 12-1,TEX 12-1,Angels 12-1, PHI/STL/CIN/ATL all 14-1.

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Musings in search of Oliver Stone from amidst the path of Hurricane Sandy:

NY Giants win Super Bowl in 2008

Yomiuri Giants win Japan League Championship in 2009

SF Giants win World Series in 2010

NY Giants win Super Bowl in 2012

Jacksonville Giants win ABA Championship in 2012

SF Giants win World Series in 2012

In those days were the giants on the earth, and also afterwards, when the sons of God had come in to the daughters of men, and they had borne children to them; these were the heroes, who of old were men of renown... Genesis 6:4

For behold, I will bring a flood of waters upon the earth... Genesis 6:17

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The Yomiuri Giants are leading the Japanese championship series.

So it could be Giants (NY)/Giants (SF)/Giants (Y) as simultaneous champions.

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What do they call the Japanese championship series since World Series is already taken?

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#1 Happy Beisuboru Fun Winning Show?

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Congratulations to San Francisco's players, coaches, staff and most importantly (for SpoFi) fans.

Hated to see the Tigers lose it, but the Giants absolutely deserved the win.

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Short Video Recap of Series

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What do they call the Japanese championship series

It used to be simply the "Japan Series". I don't think it has changed, and since the Japanese are a very pragmatic people, there's little likelihood they would change it. I actually got to a Japan Series game in 1975, when the Hiroshima Toyo Carp won the title.

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