November 22, 2011

The Kid is back: Understand that it will take a little time. Sidney Crosby hadn't played in a game in nearly 11 months until Monday night, so it's inevitable that he'll need a little time to scrape the rust off his game. In his return, he shook that rust off with a 2 goal/ 4 pt night in 16 min of ice time.

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Amazing game last night by Crosby in his return. I know the NY isn't lighting it up this year, but a 4 point night in his return was amazing. He really looked like he was never gone. He also took a few solid checks and bounced up so that is good to see. Hopefully he can continue what should be an amazing career and not end up like Lindros, Savard, and so many others.

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Great game by Crosby, obviously, but wow the Islanders didn't even show up.

Kudos to Dave Strader and Pierre McGuire for being able to broadcast an entire game with their lips attached to Sid's ass, with brief forays to Jordan Staal's and John Taveras'. I'm even a Pens fan, but it does get a little ridiculous.

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I'm just happy that, with the return of Crosby, ESPN will now show approximately 18 seconds of hockey highlights per episode of SportCenter, at least when the Penguins play (I only watch when on the treadmill at the gym, if you're wondering why I continue to subject myself). Might even treat us to 30-45 seconds when the Crosby plays Ovi (not Penguins and Capitals).

But I digress. Screw the Pens, screw all Pittsburgh teams (sorry Debo-Devils fan bias), but welcome back to one of the elite players in the game. The game has missed him.

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How long has it been since Sidney Crosby played in the NHL?

The last team he scored on before tonight doesn't even exist any more!

As for the Crosby-love by the announcers, to be fair he was pretty damn worthy of the praise. There were at least two other times he set up team mates that could have easily been converted into goals.

I'm more interested to see how Crosby feels this morning, and hope he's ready to go.

With Ovechkin slowly descending into "just good" level of play (2010 Olympics, 2010 playoffs, 2010-11 season, 2011 playoffs, 2011-12 season so's been a steady progression), the league needed Crosby back in action.

Great tweet from NHL'er Paul Bissonnette:

"Had to drop myself in fantasy hockey today. Welcome back Sidney Crosby."

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It's good that he's back, but I agree with those who put a bit less value on a 4-point night because it's against NYI. I don't want to say that the Islanders have started to mail it in, but after having watched their near complete lack of effort against Bruins on Saturday last, I'm afraid it might be true. There's some good, young talent on that Islanders team, but no support has shown up. Anyway, having Sid Crosby around makes the NHL that much more fun.

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I don't agree that the NHL is better having him back, at least not with the current NHL marketing department. While he's been away (and Ovechkin slumping) the NHL has been marketing the best players on other teams (Stamkos, Ryan, Carter, Read). I'd think that if you're trying to grow the brand that you would want potential fans to know that there are more than two teams in the NHL. Heck, this morning the Puck Daddy blog had seven out of ten of it's front page posts about Crosby. Sure, you need to market your best player to draw them in, but unless you market players like Nash, Rinne, or even Backes, why would a person in Kentucky (who wasn't already a diehard hockey fan) spend money on Center Ice or the money to go to a game that didn't feature Sid or Ovie?

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It's absurd to argue that the NHL would be better off without Crosby. Regardless of the hype or marketing decisions, he is one of the best players in the world; of course the league is better with him playing in it.

Not everything is about "growing the brand."

posted by Mookieproof at 04:25 AM on November 23, 2011

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