October 25, 2011

Rangers Take 3-2 World Series Lead: Adrian Beltre hit a game-tying home run and Mike Napoli a two-run go-ahead double in a 4-2 Texas Rangers victory in game 5 of the World Series. Albert Pujols called his own hit and run in the seventh but didn't swing at the high fastball, leaving runner Allen Craig to be thrown out by Napoli. The Cards also had communication trouble with the bullpen, causing Lance Lynn to be brought into the game when manager Tony La Russa wanted Jason Motte. The Rangers are one win from the first Series title in franchise history, but the last two games are in St. Louis.

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Tom Verducci on last night's intrigue.

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That game was less fun to watch than the others.

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La Russa is now heading into uncharted territory: a World Series game six.

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He really lost control of the game last night. I don't understand how a manager could not know who's up in the bullpen when the millions watching the game did.

The Cards sure are leaving a lot of men on base. I'm not counting them out, but aside from the blowout they've been disappearing in the clutch.

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In the ninth, trailing 4-2, Craig was on first base with no outs while Rangers closer Neftali Feliz had a full count on Pujols, who represented the tying run. La Russa ordered Craig to run on the pitch.

That is just incredibly stupid.

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La Russa invented the LOOGY (left-handed one out guy). He's now invented the RIWGY (right-handed intentional walk guy).

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Cards have left a lot of men on base and not taken advantage of opportunities, but I can't remember when I've seen as many managerial blunders impacting the outcome ... must be the chemicals in Tony's hair dye blurring the thought process.

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Another questionable La Russa move: In the eighth, after Michael Young hit a double, La Russa ordered Octavio Dotel to walk Nelson Cruz with one out. This meant that unless the swift David Murphy ground into a double play, Mike Napoli would get up to bat. Napoli's the Rangers' hottest hitter in the Series.

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"This must be why old-school sportswriters used to sip whiskey in the press box." -- Bernie Miklasz

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If he gets into the HoF, his plaque should depict a phone up to his ear.

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If When he gets into the HoF, his plaque should depict a phone up to his ear.

---fixed that for you

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Cards have left a lot of men on base

Aaron Boone suggested they need to take advantage of mistakes if they're going to win this in 6. Must be some big mistakes. Also, if this World Series ends up being remembered as the death knell of "Tony LaRussa, Genius", it will be one of my all-time favorites.

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If When...

If players are kept out for doping, can't their managers as well?

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Never thought of Tony LaRussa as a Genius. A solid manager with an attitude would be more accurate. Then again, no way to discount what the Cardinals have done this year.

Conversely, Ron Washington deserves his due. His teams always seem to feed off of his energy ... a true players manager if there ever was one.

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