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James Harrison Suspended for McCoy Hit

He's more than a yard from the line of scrimmage when he throws the ball.

Yea, I'm sure Harrison sees that blue line on the field too. When I was watching it real time (and even after without benefit of the blue line), I felt he was passed the line. Not sure how you expect him to know that on the field, realtime. 1 yard away from LOS with ball tucked under your arm is pretty hard to gauge he wasn't attempting to advance the ball on foot down the field.

Look at how tightly hits on a quarterback after the pass are now policed.

and look how often flags are thrown for just this because the players CAN'T make those decisions. Other players "aren't managing" as you put it. There's controversial late hit calls on QBs every week in every game (watch any NE game)

posted by bdaddy at 04:20 PM on December 13, 2011

James Harrison Suspended for McCoy Hit

I happened to notice that those who support a certain football team from Pittsburgh fall on one side of the argument

yea, very ASTUTE of you. Except Peter King, Mike Wilbon, and thousands of others (talking heads and fans alike) who AREN'T Steeler fans argue against it. Listen to some talk radio and you'll find a lot of people who don't think a suspension was warranted.

Linebackers tackle runners. They don't try to knock their heads off like they're receivers crossing over the middle.

Did you watch the game? Because I can't point you to a hit, in that EXACT SAME GAME, where a LB on the Browns leaves his feet, leads with his helmet, and delivers a de-cleating helmet to helmet hit (no wrapup) to a RB (Mendenhall). No flag, no suspension, no fine. Just go review that go-line stand by the Browns in that game and you'll see the one I'm talking about (even hear the announcer say that it's not a penalty because there's no H2H penalty against RBs).

But anyway, I've already admited the "McCoy was a runner" excuse doesn't fly, not because of that (weak) argument, but because it doesn't matter if he WAS a runner..the NFL considers hits to QBs heads illegal, whether the QB is running or not (which opens up a whole lot of scenarios with Tebow, I'd guess).

posted by bdaddy at 04:17 PM on December 13, 2011

James Harrison Suspended for McCoy Hit

Are you f'ing kidding me?!?!?! Harrison not only took the extra step, he had the time to consider: do I make this hit or not? He did, and there's consequences for his actions.

we discussed this to death, but no he did not. To quote Peter King:

"McCoy, by my count, took five strides with the ball tucked under his arm, and when he and Harrison were about one stride apart, McCoy quickly pulled out the ball and tossed it to a receiver for a completion. I agree with what Harrison said postgame -- when he was coiling to hit McCoy, the quarterback appeared to be a runner."

watch this and pause it at 12 seconds. You can see Harrison already in his launch when the ball is leaving Colt's hands (If I could post a picture, I would).

Now King thinks the penalty should have been called because of the H2H, which I had argued against as I thought he was a "runner" and thus was legal to hit H2H, but my thoughts were wrong as those rules apparently don't apply to a QB, even when he's a runner. But I will say, to add to Harrison's case, that Colt ducks his head which contributes to the H2H hit.

Regarding the suspension..ridiculous. You suspended Suh and Haynesworth for a "non-football" play (stomping on a guy). Those plays didn't have anything to do with football. This was a "football" play. Fine the hell out of him, but suspension? Ridiculous.

posted by bdaddy at 02:59 PM on December 13, 2011

Blown Call Helps Lions Defeat Vikings

They once asked James Harrison if he'd like to run full speed at Tim Tebow, and he said no.

posted by bdaddy at 04:25 PM on December 12, 2011

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

I'd feel the same if it was a Raven or Cowboy.

If you watch it in slowmotion, he's released the ball. Watch it in realtime. In fact, pause it while the ball is still in colt's hand and you see harrison already in his launch stance. It wasn't late..the penalty wasn't a "late hit". It was unnecessary roughness for the H2H (which I'm arguing would be legal since he's a runner in that instance, as he's in the process of the hit when he gets rid of the ball.).

He doesn't take 2 steps after the ball's out of his hand (the old measure for late hit in the pocket). He takes 1. He's in the process of the hit when the runner (already past the line of scrimmage, by the way)' flings the ball out.

posted by bdaddy at 10:54 AM on December 10, 2011

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

funny I was trying to find that Gocal hit to link to and found this article which says "Linebacker Chris Gocong set the tone with a wicked helmet-to-helmet hit on running back Rashard Mendenhall, a maneuver that's legal when applied to ball carriers. "

posted by bdaddy at 11:59 PM on December 09, 2011

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

If your child lowers his head to hit people, unless he's playing with much smaller kids, he shouldn't hit them in the head when they are standing up.

Well we have different impressions of what "lower your head" means. I'm not talking about looking face down at the ground or bending over at the waist. If I'm standing straight up and duck my head like I'm about to hit somebody (what I call duck my head anyways) it only shrinks my height about 4-5 inches. My eyes stay up, my waist barely bends..only thing that happens is my shoulders haunch and my head lowers. Basically EXACTLY what Harrison did there.

Heck, look at that picture rcade posted about "safe technique"..that form right there would catch most running backs right in the chinstrap (and helmet to helmet if they happened to duck, which is what they instinctively do too)

posted by bdaddy at 11:51 PM on December 09, 2011

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

I watched it live and watched it dozens of times since...he hits him just after he lets go of the ball. There was nothing LATE about it and if he hadn't have hit him H2H then there wouldn't have been a flag. And I can't imagine he "target his helmet" least not consciously. It amazes me that people think that these guys have time to process all that stuff in fractions of seconds. So in that time frame you think his mind reasons "oh, he got rid of the ball..but who cares I'm hitting him anyways..and let me aim for his head to really lay into him". Did you guys play the game? That's not how I remember it working...for me it was "ball, load, hit"...all instinctive. I've delivered my share of de-cleating hits in my time and I never, ever remember consciously thinking about aiming for a helmet or thinking about how I'm going to deliberately hurt this guy, etc..there is just no time for any of that. It's "ball, load,hit". The fact that his "load,hit" ends up on the guys helmet is from years of instinctive playing..not from "yea, let me hurt this guy". I can't imagine if someone even had that mentality (to intentionally injure) how in the game they would have time to process those thoughts on plays like that.

Even if McCoy was considered a runner, that doesn't make it a clean shot for Harrison to target his head with his helmet.

Then you still haven't really answered my question. Why is it a clean shot for the H2H de-cleater of Mendenhall at the goal line? Gocong LAUNCHED himself, leading with his helmet, directly at Mendenhall's helmet. Nobody's saying that was a "premeditated, deliberate attempt to injure". If Colt truly was a "runner", how is Harrison's tackle any different than Gocongs?

posted by bdaddy at 11:46 PM on December 09, 2011

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Yes it was a serious my post. He's a RUNNER in that situation. And your perception about seeing the ball gone and targeting the head on a bang-bang play seems misguided. Football happens much faster than that. Not to mention your taught from age 5 to lower your head and it's all rather instinctive. My 7 year old lowers his head to hit.

But back to my question, if him leading with the crown of his helmet on a RUNNER is a penalty, where's all the uproar on the mendenhall hit where he got lit up by a LB with an identical head first launch. Was the browns LB deliberately trying to hurt Mendenhall?

posted by bdaddy at 10:06 PM on December 09, 2011

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Can someone explain to me how that was a cheap shot? I thought a qb out of the pocket was considered a running back (especially that particular play as i still believe he was across the LOS when he threw it). So if he WAS a runner at that point, there is no helmet to helmet penalty against a runner(as the announcer pointed out in an earlier helmet to helmet hit against mendenhall), and it certainly wasn't late.

And if that is the case, how was his hit any more an "deliberate attempt to injure" then the hit mendenhall got at the goalline?

posted by bdaddy at 05:24 PM on December 09, 2011

Green Bay Packers Climb to 12-0

The latest QB to comment on Tebow's Christianity? Aaron Rodgers. Love his take on things.

Wow, what a way for the author to misconstrue what Rodgers said.

Rodgers: "I firmly believe, just personally, what works for me, and what I enjoy doing is..."

And turns it into "So put Rodgers in the camp...that says Tebow should probably tone down all the God talk"

He emphasized, basically 4 times in the same sentence, that these were HIS beliefs, but somehow the author thinks he's trying to say everyone should express their faith in the same way? And calling out Tebow as part of that? I don't know about you, but that is NOT the impression I got when I read the Rodgers quote.

posted by bdaddy at 10:04 PM on December 05, 2011

Green Bay Packers Climb to 12-0

Actually, a great QB has a lot of influence on the defense.

a *decent* QB has a lot of influence on the defense. Amazing what the field position/turnover battle does for a defense. Defensively you go from some 20 pts/game (which isn't exactly shitty) under Orton to 15 pts/game (pretty amazing) under Tebow. And while you might not be ready to write off that difference to "inspired by their QB" or "hand of God", certainly not turning the ball over and playing the game of field position has some positive effect. Neil O'Donnell and Trent Dilfer can attest to that.

Before last week, Tebow's limited sample data projected to 19 TDs, 3 INTs , 2,061 yards passing, 1,112 yards rushing, 5 rushing TDs. All together that's not exactly horrid..that 19-3 will get you a nice W/L record. May not get you deep in the playoffs, but for a team not even on the map to get to the playoffs before, I can't imagine they would complain.

posted by bdaddy at 07:48 PM on December 05, 2011

Green Bay Packers Climb to 12-0

you know, the Broncos are actually really fun to watch right now

yes, I find myself watching them now too, even though I'm not a Bronco's fan. I just love to picture Merrill Hodge and Chris Carter hemorrhaging each week as Tebow wins again. The venom that Hodge has for Tebow would be funny if it wasn't sad. He said on Sunday that he didn't think Tebow was getting any better. Seriously? No better? He's gone from "he can't win" to (after he won) "he can't win consistently" to (after he's gone 6-1) "he'll never win a superbowl". Yes, his argument now is that we shouldn't be judging him by his W/L's, but whether he can win a Super Bowl. Anybody else catch that on the pregame?

posted by bdaddy at 05:10 PM on December 05, 2011

Suh Ejected for Stomping on Opponent

Not a lions fan and sort of an OT rant, but this is bad for them as Goodell and his crack staff of dumb-asses already had a bulls-eye on them BEFORE this incident. They'll be getting flags and fines the rest of the year for perfect form tackles that aren't wrapped in pillows.

For example, can anyone explain to me why, early in the game, Detroit got a roughing the passer penalty on a play where he hit Rodgers right as he let go of the ball (wasn't late, didn't go to the head, didn't lead with his helmet, didn't drive him into the ground) and the series before the same penalty wasn't called against the Packers who did the EXACT SAME THING to Stafford? I mean it was funny how the replay on Stafford, Aikman was like "yea, it looked like they were going to get a penalty here but you can see he was just completing the motion and it was a good non-call", then the very next series the same thing happens but because it's Rogers he gets a flag. It's the inconsistency and blatant favoritism that is infuriating. Protect the Roethlisbergers and Staffords the way you do every other team's QB they are playing.

posted by bdaddy at 10:33 AM on November 25, 2011

Astros OK Move to American League

Bad week for Houston sports fans. Schaub out for the season and now this.

I'm no Astros fan, but sucks that I won't get to see my Braves come to town now. My son's a huge Ranger fan, but the Rangers already played the Astros each year anyways

posted by bdaddy at 06:42 PM on November 16, 2011