October 10, 2011

49ers Crush Buccaneers 48-3, Improve to 4-1: The San Francisco 49ers improved to 4-1 with a 48-3 demolition of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at The Stick Sunday. The game became so lopsided that 49ers tight end Vernon Davis was encouraging the Bucs during the second half. He said he told Bucs corner Ronde Barber, "Get your guys. Get your guys. Y'all got to play harder." In other week 5 games, Buffalo dropped Philadelphia to 1-4 in a game where Michael Vick threw four picks, a Green Bay comeback defeated Atlanta and improved the Pack to 5-0, and Oakland just won baby over Houston in a game honoring late owner Al Davis.

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There's nothing more hopeless in the NFL than the Jaguars offense near the opponent's goal line. Twice yesterday they had first downs inside the Bengals 5. Both times all they got were field goals.

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Have you seen the Dolphins offense near the opponent's goal line? Not only do they settle for field goals, but then Sparano jumps up and down and does fist pumps after settling for three.

Way to send the wrong message, Tony.

*edit : Having had a quick poke about, it's surprisingly difficult to find red zone efficiency stats. The one place I found claiming to have 2011 stats has Miami (1.5 scores per game / 3.8 opportunities per game), 26th and Jacksonville (0.4 /1.2) 28th, with Houston bottom of the charts.

So it looks like it's just counting the number of times teams score in the RZ, rather than splitting out touchdowns from field goals from failed scores.

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One of Davis' more controversial draft picks, Sebastian Janikowski tied an NFL record with three field goals of 50 yards or more Sunday. He was picked 17th overall in 2000.

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Well, be thankful for 3 points. One thing the Eagles have been good at is coming up empty in the red zone, either by turning the ball over or letting final seconds run off the clock.

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There's nothing more hopeless in the NFL than the Jaguars offense near the opponent's goal line.

Is too. Josh Freeman. It's a bad fantasy football season at the QB position.

(but I got Janikowski who almost makes up for it)

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Sparano jumps up and down and does fist pumps after settling for three

When you order the full set of Herman Edwards motivational DVD's, you might as well get your money's worth.

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I wouldn't have been surprised if the Eagles only lost four games all season. A dream team secondary can't make up for a terrible offensive line and atrocious tackling.

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I think it might have more to do with an Offensive Line coach as Defensive Coordinator and asking some of the best cover corners in the league to play tons of zone.

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Or better yet, in the play I just watched at random, asking Asomugha to play strongside linebacker... Result : he reads the play late, takes a poor angle running into his own defensive lineman's legs and ends up making the tackle 40 yards downfield.

Watching the All 22 on the Eagle defence is just baffling. If they don't get a sack, then they seem permanently on the edge of disaster.

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49ers are 4 and 1 ... and win 48-3 ... with Alex Smith as their starting QB ??!!??

It's early, but probably the first time in NFL history 2 brothers are strong candidates for Coach of the Year.

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I'm glad I missed the Bucs game. I'm still trying to figure out what happened.

I wish ESPN and the rest of them would just leave the Eagles alone. They are last in their division. Can we stop hearing about them now? They seem to spend an inordinate amount of times that are losing instead of on teams that are winning.

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Smith is definitely having a better year, but I've become convinced that QB success in the NFL is so dependent on the situation they are placed in, & few guys have had it worse than him throughout his career. I'm not saying he going to become Manning-esqe now, but I think with a good coach & structure in place now he might prove himself to be a good (not great) NFL qb.

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The biggest prob in Philly with the D is the scheme. Why did you go spend all the $$ on the best cover corner in the game then ask him to play zone. He doesnt want to hit and be physical. Put him in position to do what you brought him here to do.

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