December 18, 2009

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle:

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Thanks, Roy.

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This looks like the year of the dome team in the NFL, with three high flying indoor squads firmly in control of their divisions and Arizona likely to struggle home as the NFC West champ.

Of course, two of the worst teams in the league are also domers, for what that's worth.

The Saints need to get that home field seeding locked up if they want to do well because they have been awful when they've had to travel in the playoffs. Especially outdoors. For some reason, they cannot function at Soldier Field to save their souls (even with a Purdue grad at QB), and at times have allowed Rex Grossman to look like Godzilla.

Not that Soldier Field matters to the Saints (or anyone else) this year.

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Everton have completed the loan deal for Landon Donovan.

The Toffees' injury list this season reads like the opening day of the Somme, so he should either get a lot of playing time or his own hospital bed.

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The Wall Street Journal has the inside story of how the National Enquirer had photos of Tiger Woods and a mistress transgressing in a car two years ago, and it buried the story in exchange for him doing a Men's Fitness cover story.

People who thought the Madden story was sleazy corporate synergy might have to wash off the stink of this one too.

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In last night's Knicks/Bulls game, New York shot 47 three pointers. That's out of 86 FGs attempted. That's nutty even for a D'Antoni team.

Bonus quote:

At one point in the third quarter, Chris Duhon hit a three-pointer, then stared down the Chicago bench with maybe the grimiest, most perverted look I've ever seen on a human being's face, all while leaving David Lee hanging on a high-five. He went 1-5 for the rest of the game. This sequence, to me, sums up Chris Duhon's entire existence.

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Great commentary by Knight.

2 thoughts and 1 fact:

1. Bobby is one of the greatest college coaches of all time. He was essentially banished from the coaching ranks - his crime: demanding too much from his players (funny, I thought that was what a coach was for!). He took an ethical hard working approach to the game and had success doing so.

2. I do wonder how the media will accept the comment. Bobby has added great analysis on some of the bigger broadcasts this year - a nice change from the usual "diaper dandy" type hype but no substance angle offered by others.

Fact : Calipari is slime ... anyone who comes near him ends up soiled.

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Video of the Jags mascot getting stuck for three minutes 100 feet above the field.

The mascot, Jaxson De Ville, has been portrayed for the entire history of the team by Curtis Dvorak. He once freaked out the Steelers in a huddle, prompting a change in NFL mascot rules.

When asked his favorite experience as a mascot, his response: "I married a cheerleader."

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Great Job Snoop Dog. Really a decent story. Any time you can keep kids out of gangs and off the street, you are doing a good job

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Milton Bradley traded for Carlos Silva. So much money in this trade that never should have been invested.

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Doesn't a trade involving Milton Bradley use Monopoly money by definition?

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Tag Heuer has dropped Tiger Woods "in advertising campaigns in the United States for the foreseeable future."

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Following up...

Kentucky coach John Calipari doesn't agree with Bobby Knight...

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