November 19, 2009

CFL Pick 'Em, Division Finals Edition: Big playoff games lead to big playoff points. If you're not named Edmonton or Hamilton, pick yourself up off the mat and make your picks inside.

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Out West, Calgary silences Arkee Whitlock and holds off the Edmonton comeback to make their way back to the division final. Back East, it was vintage Casey Printers who showed up: despite Hamilton's dramatic last-minute comeback to tie, Printers threw the last of his 360 passing yards to seal the deal in overtime.

In kicking news, veteran kicker Paul McCallum leads the pack with 16 points.

ResultB.C. by 7Calgary by 3McCallum
Margin of Error5 to 92 to 4

Reever and dfleming both nail the Calgary spread to jump to the top. Also nobody got the bonus, so I left it off.

SpoFiteBC @ HAMSEDM @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
dfleming Calgary333
Reever Calgary333
argoal Calgary422
JPR Calgary422
Ying Yang MafiaB.C. Calgary 22
Cwok Calgary 11
DrJohnEvans Calgary 11
grum@work Calgary 11
owlhouseB.C. 11
rumpleB.C. 11
Spitztengle Calgary 11
rahilsuleman Calgary 11
tommytrump Calgary 11
apoch 00
Mave 00
MrFrisby 00
Schultzie 00

Division Finals

B.C. @ Montreal (Sunday, November 22)
All the numbers point Montreal's way. They piled up fifteen wins this season (SEVEN more than the Lions), they're dominant at home, they scored the most points in the league while allowing the fewest, and they haven't lost a big game at the Big O since... well, forget that last point. But despite their sheer awesomeness, they know that the Lions always play them tough, and Casey Printers just came off a monster game. Are the Lions a sexy underdog pick this weekend?

Calgary @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, November 22)
Like you thought it would be any different. These two titans have danced around each other for the last three months, and now the last song is startin' up. Both teams put together a 10-7-1 record, with that one tie coming against each other, of course. Both teams scored exactly 514 points. Calagary allowed 41 fewer points, if you're counting, but Taylor Field is the ultimate home-field advantage. I don't envy anyone for having to pick a winner here.

Offensive Bonus
Pick the quarterback that will accrue the highest passing yardage. For your reference: 2009 Passing Leaders

Defensive Bonus
Pick the team that will accrue the most quarterback sacks. For your reference: 2009 Sack Leaders

Good luck!

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Montreal by 27

Calgary by 25

Anthony Calvillo


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A little girl goes into a pet shop and asks to buy a pet bunny rabbit. Montreal by 21. The shop assistant looks at her and smiles, asking her "Would you like a floppy eared bunny or a white bunny?". Saskatchewan by 12. The little girl thinks for a moment before replying. Calvillo. "I don't actually think my python gives a shit." Saskatchewan.

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Montreal by 10 Calgary by 3 Valvillo Calgary

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Montreal by 9 Saskatchewan by 3 Anthony Calvillo Montreal

posted by dfleming at 09:05 AM on November 20, 2009

Owlhouse. Good one! Poor rabbit... & assistant.

Mont by 6

Sask by 4



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BC by 1

Saskatchewan by 11



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PointSpreads for this weekend are:

Montreal -91/2

Saskatchewan -21/2

And eventhough he is surely out of the hunt (if he was ever in it other than for comparison sake anyway), Schultzie has the ALS by 6 and the RIDERS by 5.

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Perry Lefko from Sportsnet, who deems himself as "peerless" among prognosticators is calling for an Alouette-Rider Grey Cup too. Als win but don't cover, and the Riders win but do this week ... or so he says.

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Montreal by 7

The Sasquatchewan Monsters @ home by 4



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Montreal by 12
Saskatchewan by 3

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I think it'll be great if BC makes it interesting on Sunday. I mean why wouldn't they? But in the end, Montreal deserves to be back in the Cup. For things to be right in the world, sometimes the best team does deserve to win ... and does. This will be the case. Sure BC flared up late, but Montreal has been dominant all season long. Trestman will surely be lured back to a HC job in the NFL next season too, so it'd be nice to see him go out on a winning note. Any doubt who I'm picking? Montreal by 7 ... and that might be a late seven too.

Sorry Stamps ... not this year. Y'all just ain't dangerous consistently enough. The Riders on the other hand ... they seem loose. Durant is comin' along nicely. And it isn't like they're comin' out of the drought to get back in the big game ... they've got some experience there not too long ago. Stamps might be defending champs, but repeat champs they are not. Saskatchewan by 18. First half lead and they don't look back.

Most yards passing? Calvillo

Most QB sacks? Saskatchewan

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B.C. by 10

Sassy by 15



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B.C. by 3
Calgary by 12

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Montreal by 21 Saskatchewan by 7 Calvillo Montreal

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Montreal by 18

Saskatchewan by 3

Anthony Calvillo


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Monty by 6

sask by 2



on behalf of c-wok:

Monty by 7

sask by 7



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Any SpoFites besides me gonna be in Cowtown for the Grey Cup festivities?

If so, send me a message ... we can coordinate a convenient watering hole/Spirit Room at which to congregate.

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