February 19, 2003

Okay, so this was inevitable. Where's Martha Burk when you need her?

posted by kloeprich to general at 06:56 PM - 12 comments

Idiot. Plain and simple, this man is an idiot. "PGA Tour rookie Chris Anderson, a friend of Kontak's, told the Golf Channel: 'I think he wants the publicity'." That's all well and good if he's looking for the kind of publicity that makes him out to be the biggest dickhead in the world.

posted by 86 at 12:53 AM on February 20, 2003

If he does get in I think he should be made to wear a dress.

posted by squealy at 06:49 AM on February 20, 2003

Well. My pride and ego wouldn't allow me to do it, but he certainly as much right to try to do it is as Sorenstam does in the opposite case. Doesn't he? If not, why not? Besides, looks like he's already done it: Kontak has five career Canadian Tour victories and has played in events on the Hooters Tour.

posted by vito90 at 07:56 AM on February 20, 2003

Personally, I think it's pretty funny. It reminds me of Andy Kaufman, world champion of the Intergender Wrestling League.

posted by rcade at 09:06 AM on February 20, 2003

Actually, after giving it more thought, I think he should be allowed to do it but only under El Paso Rules.

posted by vito90 at 09:25 AM on February 20, 2003

This is hilarious. It's the lamest example of "trailblazing" I've ever heard of.

posted by Samsonov14 at 10:21 AM on February 20, 2003

Okay, I give ... I was bitching about Annika, but there's at least some merit in her trying out her skills at a higher level. This guy's just a dumbass. Maybe I can sign up for Little League this summer (you guys are ageists!), and finally find a league where I can play shortstop at a decent level.

posted by wfrazerjr at 10:41 AM on February 20, 2003

wfrazierjr, your little league idea is genius. I'm going to be in a dog show!

posted by Samsonov14 at 11:59 AM on February 20, 2003

As dopey as this is - and you figure Kontak's got to have a great sense of humor and will probably make a small fortune off of this, especially if when the LPGA fights it - what would have happened if the PGA had a rule that specifically limited participation to men?

posted by kloeprich at 12:56 PM on February 20, 2003

It would be really funny if he lost very badly.

posted by worldcup2002 at 03:24 PM on February 20, 2003

What an idiot. The PGA specifically is not called the MPGA because people of all sexes, if they can qualify, can compete.

posted by gyc at 04:28 PM on February 20, 2003

But then, why do the ladies need an LPGA? Why aren't they out there plugging away on the Guatemalan Mini-Tour or the Petco.com tour or some such? Is it because the vast majority would get absolutely smoked on the mens circuit? Hasn't Kontak shown that he too can get absolutely smoked by men? This sounds like the perfect marriage.

posted by kloeprich at 06:41 PM on February 20, 2003

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