July 21, 2008

CFL Pick ’Em, Week 5: Another highly entertaining week gives us hope that the CFL's defensive era of 2006-07 was as short-lived as it seems to have been. Heck, even Toronto got in on the offensive action this week, and that's no small feat for them! Make your picks inside.

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What a week! It's like it's the early 2000s all over again! Spectacular catches, tons of lead changes, and last-minute game-winners in Saskatchewan, Toronto, and B.C., while in Calgary... like I said, it's like the early 2000s again, even for Hamilton. I try not to push the product too much, but seriously, if you have a few minutes to spare over your Monday morning coffee, you should watch the highlight reels for last week's games. Really good stuff this week: MTL @ SSK | WPG @ BC | EDM @ TOR OK, back to business.

ResultCalgary by 27B.C. by 9Saskatchewan by 8Toronto by 4
Margin of Error19 to 356 to 126 to 103 to 5
It was a week of favourites, so hitting the margin was more important, because everyone picked the same as you. Reever and BoKnows show us how it's done with five margins between them to jump into a tie for fourth place, but the big three up top are keeping pace.
SpoFiteHAM @ CGYSWPG @ BCSMTL @ SSKSEDM @ TORSPointsTotal Points
apochCalgary B.C. 4315
tommytrumpCalgary19B.C. Toronto 414
HATER 187Calgary B.C.10 Toronto 414
ReeverCalgary B.C. Saskatchewan6Toronto5613
BoKnowsCalgary21B.C.7 Toronto3613
NoMichCalgary B.C. Saskatchewan 312
FolkwaysCalgary B.C. Saskatchewan 312
MrFrisbyCalgary B.C. Saskatchewan 312
owlhouseCalgary B.C.7Saskatchewan9 512
Ying Yang MafiaCalgary Saskatchewan9 311
JPRCalgary B.C. Saskatchewan 311
SpitztengleCalgary B.C. 210
THX-1138Calgary B.C. Saskatchewan 39
The_Black_HandCalgary B.C. Saskatchewan9 49
AnacondaCalgary B.C.12 Toronto559
DrJohnEvansCalgary B.C.7 38
Monica PolandCalgary B.C.12 37
This week is full of "can-they-do-it" storylines. WEEK 5 Calgary @ Winnipeg (Thursday, July 24) Calgary's looked pretty strong this year, but will the defending Eastern Division champions really start the season 0-5? Edmonton @ Hamilton (Friday, July 25) Last year this would've been a toss-up, but no more. If Lumsden plays, Hamilton has a chance to cover. Montreal @ B.C. (Friday, July 25) Montreal had the Western juggernaut dead to rights last week, but blew it in the last two minutes. The runner-up juggernaut has been coming on strong, and is going to be a tough at home. Toronto @ Saskatchewan (Sunday, July 27) Toronto's resurgent receiving corps, Saskatchewan's bid to open the season 4-0—there are a lot of good storylines here. But perhaps nothing bigger than Kerry Joseph's return to Saskatchewan. Good luck!

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Winnipeg by 3 Hamilton by 7 Montreal by 12 Toronto by 12

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OK. Three points. Better than no points, but still. Next method: How many members of the cheer squad (female) apparently have dark hair. Greatest number of raven haired or reasonably dark haired ladies is the projected winner. Nothing against male cheer squad members, but to maintain consistency I kept to ladies only. Hair color choice based on ex wife v. current wife hair stylings. Although, currently, my wife is bald. Calgary by 6 Edmonton by 3 Montreal by 3 Saskatchewan by 7

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THX, I'm going to need to see pictures of your examples used in that method. Please include photos, names and availability with your report. Thanks. Calgary by 14 Hamilton by 21 BC by 3 Saskatchewan by 14

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Australia and Canada have a reciprocal agreement for overseas consular support. Winnipeg by 5. For instance, if an Australian gets into trouble in Africa or Latin America, and there isn't an Australian Embassy, they can go to the nearest Canadian mission and get help. Edmonton by 12. Ditto for any Canadian who might have problems in Southeast Asia or the Pacific islands, where the Australian High Commission will assist. BC by 11. When I was in the Pacific, my High Commissioner always used to complain about this arrangement, and all the extra work it caused. Toronto by 9. Until he lost his passport in the Caribbean.

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Montreal by 14 Toronto by 7 Winnipeg by 9 Hamilton by 11

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Calgary by 9 Edmonton by 16 British Columbia by 5 Toronto by 6

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Bo, inspired by Spitztengle's cheer link in the last CFL thread, I went to each teams website and did thorough research. As for contact info, that has proven to be more problematic. I mean, not that I'm trying.

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As for contact info, that has proven to be more problematic. I mean, not that I'm trying. Right. Me neither.

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The crowded future stings my eyes Calgary by 9 I still find time to exercise Edmonton by 4 In uniform with two white stripes Unlock my section of the sand B.C. by 18 It's fenced off to the water's edge Saskatchewan by 12 I clamp a gasmask on my head

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owlhouse, that's gotta be one of your best ever! MrFrisby, even breaking form, your lyrical picks never cease to impress. THX & Bo ... you guys GOTTA come to Grey Cup this year ... it is in Montreal!!! Gosh, I don't know if CFL Pick 'Em has ever been this much fun. As the CFL goes, so goes the SpoFi locker room! And I'm thinkin' all-time high right about now! oh, yeah ... picks ... they're comin' ... sheesh

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Wow, no one has used "the big three" in conjunctiuon with my name (unless they were talking about my robust physique) Winnie 3 Hamilton 6 Montreal 14 Toronto 7

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Hopefully to prove that last week wasn't a fluke. But it probably was... Stamps by 14 Ti-Cats by 8 Als by 7 Argos by 4 Let's see if Joseph can pull another rabbit out of his hat in Regina...

posted by Reever at 09:19 AM on July 23, 2008

Winnipeg by 8 Edmonton by 12 B.C. by 13 Saskatchewan by 3 Sent from my BananaPhone

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Calgary by 11 Edmonton by 3 Montreal by 2 SASKATCHEWAN BY 9

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I tell ya ... I just don't like the Sport Select point spreads this week at all. Must be the summer heat or something, but I'm sweatin' my picks this week ... Bombers can try whatever they want this week, they just don't have the right chemistry or something ... Stamps are too damn hot. Calgary by 10 to easily cover. The two lowest ranked teams in the pre-season power rankings, but the EE can be a machine if they play four quarters. Hamilton has the ability to play spoiler too. I wanted to pick a tie, 'cause the games are just so exciting as of late when they go undecided 'til the final minutes ... but I'm thinkin' that the Esks are gonna roll on this one. Edmonton by 19. If Joseph wasn't returning to Saskatchewan, I'd call this matchup the game of the week. Should, in my mind be the closest game. BC wins (by 6), but doesn't cover. Holy cow. Joseph got his groove back last week and now he's gonna come struttin' through Mosaic Park (errr, Taylor Field). What a story it'd be if the Riders went 5-0, but The Argo D is gonna key on Cates. Joseph will show Tillman what kinda money he's worth. 100+ on the ground this week again. Probably a late QB sneak to ice it for the boatmen. Argos by 8.

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Probably a late QB sneak to ice it for the boatmen. I think your VCR is stuck on last week!

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Calgary by 7 Edmonton by 6 Montreal by 3 Saskatchewan by 5

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Cal-gary by 14 Hamilton by 3 BC by 5 Saskatchewan by 9 I have a new favorite Canadian band: Warpig

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Winnipeg by 11 Hamilton by 5 B.C. by 12 Toronto by 18

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Dammit, I posted these yesterday, and the freakin' site borked them out of existence. This is really getting annoying, especially considering I didn't write them down anywhere. Hammy by 10 B.C. by 9 Sassy by 12

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Sorry about the delay with this week's standings, I had a big deadline this morning. They'll be up this afternoon.

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