December 30, 2002

The NFL playoff matchups are set.: So who will be fighting it out in San Diego for the Super Bowl title? I think that the Titans will stun the Raiders in the AFC championship game and meet the Eagles in the Big Game. My prediction for the Super Bowl: Eagles 31, Titans 24.

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Jets vs Giants in the Super Bowl. I only say this because during the last few years no one could have predicted the SB match-up at this point in the season and this tandem seems as unlikely as any.

posted by 86 at 12:22 PM on December 30, 2002

49ers over the Titans

posted by corpse at 02:51 PM on December 30, 2002

I have to go with the 'safe' bet- eagles/titans, especially if mcnabb is healthy. That said, once the game gets here... tossup. I had a brief conversation with a friend last year about whether brady or bledsoe should start in the superbowl. He asked the question and I answered (roughly)- 'it doesn't matter, they'll lose by 30 either way.' I was not allowed to live that one down.

posted by tieguy at 03:13 PM on December 30, 2002

Watching the Jets do what they did to a Green Bay team that seemed so solid against the Bills just a week beforesuggests to me that the Pea Greens might be for real this time. It would be interesting to have back to back years of new AFC East QB's go to the Big Hype.... Eagles didn't show me much this weekend. Will they be healthy? Can't see the 49ers beating them, though.... Oakland has the easy path, and last year's experience to build on. I like Tennessee, though-- they've looked good every time I've seen them this year. The Giants are proof that it is better to be lucky than good-- they won't be around long.

posted by outside counsel at 03:43 PM on December 30, 2002

Packers 24-21 over the Raiders. The Pack will win on a two-minute drill run to perfection by Favre, who will announce his retirement after the game.

posted by vito90 at 03:45 PM on December 30, 2002

Someone in the NFC will have to beat the Eagles in Philadelphia to go to the Super Bowl. The Eagles, Packers, and 49ers all lost their last game (the Packers and Eagles were both playing for home field and neither team looked sharp). Buccaneers 15, Raiders 14.

posted by kirkaracha at 01:31 AM on December 31, 2002

Raiders are going to take care of business for once. I think/hope. I'm a Giants fan but doubt they'll even get out of SF alive. I think the best game would be Raiders-Packers, but I don't know what's up with GB... every time I think they're a great team they have a showing like they did against the Jets (this could also say "every time I bet on them, they have a showing like that against the Jets"). So maybe the Eagles are a better team, even though I refuse to believe that, since they did lose to the Giants, after all, and I don't think McNabb will be at 100%.

posted by Bernreuther at 02:18 AM on December 31, 2002

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