April 15, 2005

Congratulations are in order: corpse and jennyb are getting married! We'll leave the invitation wording to AskMeFi....how's the satellite package at the pub?

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Yay for good people gettin' together! Congrats, you crazy kids.

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Here's my Locker Room interview with the happy couple, from way back when. Even then, you could see the love. (And until the Pantheon removed the picture, you could see jennyb's big teeth too) Congrats, kids. Excuse me, I think I've got something in my eye. *snif*

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Boy, name him spofi, girl spofili. Congrats.

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Thanks all! We're going to be having a small ceremony, and a reception at the best belgium beer bar in chicago. ps. I've been "sampling" beers today. pps. note to self, stop posting while drunk.

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And what bar would that be? Congrats y'all! Me and my newly minted wife are headed to Costa Rica in a month. If you fellow SpoFites have ever been there, I'm all ears to suggestions. We want to maybe stay at Playa Samara.

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I lived in that fair city for three years and not once did I hang out north of Irving Park. Except when I ate at Dave's in Evanston, and I went to see Public Enemy and the Cramps (different shows, unfortunetaly) at that theater next to the scariest bar on earth, the Saxony. I can't remember the name of the theater though. It's in Uptown. I love Chicago. I can't think of a better big city to get fat, lazy, and drunk in. At any rate, congrats and have fun! Drink one for me please.

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I'd like to congratulate SportsFilter's first couple. Even though you didn't meet over this site, participation here didn't tear your relationship asunder, so we can all take pride in that. However, I'm a bit concerned that jennyb has married six other people while corpse has married two, if I'm searching the wedding registries properly. That will be tough on a marraige, especially outside of Utah.

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Congrats. Many years of happiness, health and success to you both.

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Congratulations and jubilations.

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Congrats you two....well done! Can we perhaps get one of those fancy SpoFi fantasy champion banners temporarily converted to a wedding banner?

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True wuv.

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Congrats, guys! When can we expect our invitations?

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Let me be the first to say - Don't do it!..... Look someone had to.

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Congrats jennyb and corpse. May your love continue to grow like a beautiful flower that has been growing already and will continue to grow for many years and stuff. I'd like to congratulate SportsFilter's first couple. Not to rob jennyb and corpse of an extremely important honor (of which I am certain they are very proud), but aren't the Achesons SportsFilter's first couple?

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I think 86 is correct. They are not just the first couple but the first family. I think their baby, who can not yet type, has already posted on here. What's Acheson Jr's handle again?

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I think we have a winner.

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