March 10, 2005

Ask Las Vegas SpoFites (or those that really know their way around): Are there any SpoFites in Las Vegas? [mi]

posted by NoMich to navel gazing at 04:18 AM - 15 comments

I'm drunk, bored, and kinda depressed in Las Vegas right now. Last Saturday, me and my long time lady friend finally tied the knot in beautiful, perfect Asheville, NC, but now I'm stuck in seizure robot Las Vegas for Photoshop World. I frickin' hate gambling and I'm in desperate need of entertainment help. I would love to know where there are any decent rock clubs where I might be able to catch a show. A show as in indie rock, garage rock, punk rock. And the House of Blues doesn't fit the bill if'n you know what I mean. Also, any advice on betting in a sports book? Maybe throwing some money down on the Angels or Giants or Tigers to win it all? Last I knew, the Cubs were a 2 to 1 favorite to win the NL pennant. That's retarded. I was also thinking of throwing some money down on a Superbowl winner. Or the NCAA tourney. Maybe I should just throw the money down the gutter. Would that be simpler? Thanks. Your's truly, sleepy time NoMich

posted by NoMich at 04:26 AM on March 10, 2005

Congrats on the wedding NoMich. I wish you all the happiness in the world. I don't know crap about Vegas, but I hear you can shoot strippers with paintball guns. That could be fun.

posted by 86 at 08:28 AM on March 10, 2005

I know nothing about Vegas but congrats on the wedding!

posted by jasonspaceman at 10:38 AM on March 10, 2005

I would go for the gutter. At least then you have the entertainment of watching it get soggy before it's ripped apart by the deadly current.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:39 AM on March 10, 2005

The mustang ranch? Oh wait, never mind.

posted by justgary at 02:48 PM on March 10, 2005

I'm heading to Las Vegas with my wife on Sunday! Go visit the Coca-Cola museum! Go visit the hidden antique car museum in the parking garage of the Imperial Palace! Visit the Bellagio and watch people throw away thousands of dollars at a time at the high-stakes roulette wheel! Take a bus tour to the Hoover Dam!

posted by grum@work at 03:39 PM on March 10, 2005

Tell one of the cab companies you lost something last night in one, like a briefcase or something not easy to identify over the phone and that you want to come to the lost and found to see if they have it. I'm telling you, the North Las Vegas Cab Co.-affiliated L&F was like a treasure room. Cheap treasure but was amusing to see what people will lose and not claim. Also, there's a great acquarium at the hotel (name starts with an M) on the airport-side of the Luxor that's pretty cool and the hotel has some good restaurants while you're there. Congrats!

posted by billsaysthis at 06:15 PM on March 10, 2005

Two words: Peyote and desert. Let us know how it went.

posted by Samsonov14 at 08:17 PM on March 10, 2005

The only time I was ever in Vegas was for a trade show where us tech weenies were working from 6 pm to 3 am every night...which made Vegas the perfect location because we could get whatever we want at any hour. But I digress. After the show was over, we went to a place called the Alpine House to blow off steam. It was decorated in a style that I think is called Bavarian Kitsch, and this babe in a dirndl was playing these sorta drinking-hall songs on a Hammond organ. After three or four large beers it was funny as hell. I forget how the evening ended, but we can't go back there any more.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 08:49 PM on March 10, 2005

Also, there's a great acquarium at the hotel (name starts with an M) Mandalay Bay. and it is a very nice aquarium. the Sushi King restaurant at the Stardust was excellent. in fact all of the seafood we had that week was great. oh, and there's a bar at the Frontier called Gilley's (like the bar from urban cowboy). they have a mechanical bull there too.

posted by goddam at 10:22 PM on March 10, 2005

Pick up Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, and treat it as an instruction manual-slash-checklist. That should last you a day or two.

posted by chicobangs at 01:31 PM on March 11, 2005

Of course, our laptop crapped out soon after posting my questions so I didn't get to do the peyote/desert thing. We stayed at the Mandalay Bay resort and it was OK. We ate at a restaurant there called Raffles and they have a shaved roast beef sandwich that features a full pound of meat. Yikes! I enjoyed a nice time at Peppermills and a great Cuban meal off of the strip. I think it was called the Cuban Cafe and I recommend it. Hmmm...what else did I enjoy? I didn't enjoy the fact that it took me three whole days to go outside during the daylight hours. What makes that fact even more unbearable is that I didn't even realize it until I saw the sun. The trade show was in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. It was about a half mile walk from my room to the Convention Center. All indoors. There are only two regrets that I have: 1). I didn't go see the Tim Conway/Harvey Korman show. 2). I din't go see Purple Reign, the Prince tribute. I looked and looked for a cool bar to see any local punk/garage/indie rock bands, but I couldn't find any. I'm sure they exist in Vegas, but the weekly alt readers suck ass. Oh yeah, one regret that I DON'T have: I didn't drop acid and go to Fremont Street. That would've been bad, especially with all of the NASCAR people there. Whoah!

posted by NoMich at 07:02 PM on March 13, 2005

The trade show was in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. It was about a half mile walk from my room to the Convention Center. All indoors. Yeah, we stayed in Excalibur (penny wise, pound foolish) in December and found out that you can walk from our hotel to the far end of Mandalay Bay without going outside for one step. And it will take close to two hours, sidestepping drunk gamblers and waitresses all the way. Amusingly, when you mentioned PhotoshopWorld up top I didn't take you to mean a convention but just some snarky remark about "modern" Vegas. Very funny.

posted by billsaysthis at 07:13 PM on March 13, 2005

Yeah, I did the Excalibur to my room walk. It took me forever. I forgot about my favorite part about Vegas: the Star Trek restaurant in the Hilton. My Photon Torpedo was edible and my friend got the Cartesian (sp? I'm not really a Trekkie) Pockets. It was yet another full pound of shaved prime rib, but this time the context is pita bread. Also, apparently, in space a double Makers Mark equals 8 ounces. However, the true joy of the restaurant are the dudes dressed up as a Borg and a Vulcan. They were very funny and I swear that the guy dressed up as the Vulcan was really Will Ferrell.

posted by NoMich at 08:52 AM on March 14, 2005

Shit, it wasn't a Vulcan, it was a Klingon. See, I'm no Trekkie.

posted by NoMich at 09:33 AM on March 14, 2005

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