October 07, 2003

SpoFi fantasy NFL week 5 • Dusted Off is 5-0 &3149; The Concussions suck &3149; Dante Hall kicks ass.

I spent way too much time on the table inside, so you guys better talk some shit =)

posted by danostuporstar to navel gazing at 04:35 PM - 53 comments

Rank TeamUserRecordAvgPFAvgPARotStreakWksPower
1 Dusted Offdusted5-0-0 (1.000)77.4 (387)61.0.672W50.50758
2 Spacemen?jasonspaceman?4-1-0 (0.800)80.0 (400)63.2.619W40.00533
3 Canton Bulldogskloeprich3-1-0 (0.750)71.3 (285)64.3.388W20.00488
4 vagabondscatfish3-1-1 (0.700)79.2 (396)75.0.672W10.00497
5 Greenbriar Goateesbcb2k23-2-0 (0.600)79.8 (399)73.4.677W11.00799
6 Rockport Rassafrasswfrazerjr2-2-0 (0.500)72.8 (291)76.8.519L10.00409
7 deadskinstrox2-2-0 (0.500)70.8 (283)62.8.451L10.50569
8 37 Push Ups?corpse?2-2-0 (0.500)70.8 (283)77.3.423L10.00403
9 Boom Chakalaka??2-2-0 (0.500)68.3 (273)73.3.333L10.00394
10 dcRedhawksdanostuporstar2-3-0 (0.400)81.2 (406)88.2.583W11.00737
11 Without A Cluegrum@work2-3-0 (0.400)78.4 (392)79.4.462W20.00395
12 the showjbou2-3-0 (0.400)73.4 (367)75.6.468L11.00711
13 The Salad Tossersnath1-4-0 (0.200)82.4 (412)80.2.646L21.00675
14 The Concussionsmbd11-4-0 (0.200)49.0 (245)65.4.092L30.00230
15 Flint Death Squadfluxcore0-4-1 (0.100)67.8 (339)86.8.413L40.00259
  • Rank is yahoo's ranking based on win percentage and points scored. (See note regarding AvgPF.) The top 8 teams make the playoffs.
  • User is my attempt to map sportsfilter user's to their teams. Sorry if I got your team wrong. Please let me know.
  • AvgPF is the team's average points scored. The season total is in parentheses. Note that those teams who have had a bye week show a different total than is shown on yahoo. They seem to be compensating for the lost week somehow. This difference may affect the Rank in column one slightly, but things will even out by season end.
  • AvgPA is the average points scored against the team.
  • Rot is the team's winning percentage if we were playing rotisserie style. Ties are thrown out.
  • Wks is the number of times the team has posted the weekly high score.
  • Power is an attempt at providing a power ranking for the team, the higher the score the better. It is calculated by multiplying the winning and rotisserie percentages by 1000 and the AvgPF by 10, and then dividing the sum of by three.

posted by danostuporstar at 04:36 PM on October 07

Oh God, the humanity. I think it's time I gave myself the dreaded vote of confidence.

posted by mbd1 at 04:45 PM on October 07

That is a nice, subtle table design. Good job.

posted by worldcup2002 at 05:07 PM on October 07

Very nice table, thanks for designing it!

posted by dusted at 06:33 PM on October 07

Well, at least I'm third in "power". I can't believe I'm actually outscoring my opponents and I'm still 1-4. By the way, as I mentioned on the board at the league site, I'm in four leagues and was winning them all after Sunday's games; Monday night's game cost me the win in three of them.

posted by nath at 06:34 PM on October 07

This kind of ridiculously confusing math is why I don't play most fantasy sports. How can nath have such a strong ROT (go nath!) and be at the bottom of the table? Nice table dusted, did I kiss enough ass with that?

posted by billsaysthis at 07:54 PM on October 07

awesome stats and table.

posted by jasonspaceman at 07:59 PM on October 07

thanks...but i think i messed up the power ranking. how i can be above spacemen when they have a better record and rot when i've scored only 6 points more than them. i must have grabbed a wrong field somewhere (prolly my crazy high points against). i'll post new rankings later tonight. they're not confusing billsaysthis. nath is 1-4, it's as simple as that. he's had rotten luck....but hopefully these stats give him reason to believe his team can turn it around. jasonspaceman did i get your team name right? can i remove the ?? marks next time?

posted by danostuporstar at 08:08 PM on October 07

Thanks for the great table.

posted by catfish at 08:25 PM on October 07

Corrected Power Rankings

  1. Dusted Off (815)
  2. Spacemen (740)
  3. vagabonds (721)
  4. Greenbriar Goatees (692)
  5. Canton Bulldogs (617)
  6. dcRedhawks (598)
  7. Rockport Rassafrass (582)
  8. The Salad Tossers (557)
  9. deadskins (553)
  10. Without A Clue (549)
  11. 37 Push Ups (544)
  12. the show (534)
  13. Boom Chakalaka (505)
  14. Flint Death Squad (397)
  15. The Concussions (261)
i was including the Wks colum in the power instead of Rot. oops, sorry. the corrected table is here. it'll prolly get updated from the yahoo scoreboard sunday nite.

posted by danostuporstar at 08:36 PM on October 07

Moving on up!

posted by grum@work at 09:14 PM on October 07

i just stole michael bennett off the free agent list. if he comes back strong it's title time. & yeah i'm kinda drunk.

posted by catfish at 12:10 AM on October 08

possibly, catfish. i'm holding bennett on the bench in another league, but this league devalues yards from scrimmage, remember? and bennett has trouble finding the end zone. i feel i've got the best startting backfield in the league (Lewis/McCallister) and i'm under .500. besides joey porter will be back full-stride by the time we play each other in week 7...so by week 8, you'll be watching my dust in the standings.

posted by danostuporstar at 08:08 AM on October 08

sorry danO you can't match my receivers so look forward to 2-6.

posted by catfish at 11:22 AM on October 08

Bah! You all suck! Goatees pwnz @ll! /trash So far, this has been a decent fantasy season...of course, I learned last year that can change real quick.

posted by bcb2k2 at 11:26 AM on October 08

yr rite, bcb, the goatse.cx do indeed pawn all. you musta pwnzed yr soul to tubgirl to beat me in week one.

posted by danostuporstar at 11:41 AM on October 08

i don't even get the pleasure of smashing your goatees during the season bcb. but i can wait until the playoffs. maybe i'll have a rb by then.

posted by catfish at 01:38 PM on October 08

I'm on a Vegas hot streak, baby, nothing stops me now. I'm renaming the team. '72 Dolphins.

posted by dusted at 02:10 PM on October 08

wfrazerjr, any chance i could convince you to bench the ravens defense this week so i don't have to root against them? i'd really appreciate that, thanks.

posted by danostuporstar at 01:13 PM on October 09

I'd consider it, Dano ... if Minnesota wasn't on a bye week. :) Was the Carr et al for Leftwich et al trade the first made this season?

posted by wfrazerjr at 01:53 PM on October 09

No, I traded Keenan McCardell to trox for Tai Streets a long time ago. It looked brilliant until last week. That was a pretty big trade. Good luck with Leftwich and Gordon, and thanks for Heap. Carr will be insurance keeping my bench warm.

posted by dusted at 02:29 PM on October 09

I must have the worst third place team in the history of fantasy football. If Vick can just come back strong I might actually be able to make the playoffs with more than smoke and mirrors. Excellent table Dano - your hard work is appreciated.

posted by kloeprich at 06:42 PM on October 09

Has someone edited the Yahoo league message board? There were a couple of messages on there yesterday and now they're gone.

posted by dusted at 10:24 AM on October 10

wild...they were there this morning... jbou complaining about wfrazerjr(?) cutting the TE he had just traded for, and you explaining the logic of it, correct?

posted by danostuporstar at 11:08 AM on October 10

Exactly, dano. I assume that jbou deleted them (he's the commissioner), and I've asked him directly in an email. That's not exactly the best way to encourage people to use the board.

posted by dusted at 02:11 PM on October 10

Why the hell would he care who I traded and cut? If it made the deal go through, so what?

posted by wfrazerjr at 05:28 PM on October 10

Welcome to the wild world of jbou as commish! Everything is CRAZY ALL OF THE TIME!

posted by therev at 10:57 AM on October 11


posted by therev at 10:57 AM on October 11

You yanks just gotta be fighting, don't you? I kid because I kid.

posted by squealy at 08:18 PM on October 11

You yanks just gotta be fighting, don't you? Who you calling a yank, eh?

posted by therev at 09:12 PM on October 11

I ain't a yank...I'm from the south, dagnabbit!

posted by bcb2k2 at 09:32 PM on October 12

Revised standings and power rankings (tentative) Monday Night Football would seems to throw only the deadskins at Flint Death Squad game in doubt, so i went ahead and put the other games in the database. i'll post a new table (in this thread i guess) tomorrow when everything becomes official. the big winner this week is Without A Clue who jump 4 spots in the power ranking to nukber 6. (i changed power scoring system slightly from those posted above, but the +/- shown in the link are elative to the new system.) the league's wack scoring system really screwed me this week. my running backs had 261 yards from scrimage versus 152 for my opponent's. in a traditional scoring system my team would have had enjoyed a 25-11 point advantage iin the RB dept. Unfortunately for me, his backs had 10 catches and received a 18-13 point advantage in the wack system. /whine.

posted by danostuporstar at 07:16 AM on October 13

damn...i really can't type fer shit on this laptop.

posted by danostuporstar at 07:17 AM on October 13

Dude, you rock. I still can't believe I won this week ... thank God for the Raven defense.

posted by wfrazerjr at 10:42 AM on October 13

28 points. My team sucks.

posted by corpse at 10:48 AM on October 13

Week 6 Table

Rank TeamPlayerRecordAvgPFAvgPARotStreakWksPower
1 Dusted Offdusted6-0-0 (1.000)79.8 (479)55.7.714W60.50748
2 Spacemenjasonspaceman5-1-0 (0.833)81.7 (490)63.8.658W50.00700
3 Canton Bulldogskloeprich4-1-0 (0.800)72.6 (415)66.4.435W30.00594
4 vagabondscatfish3-1-1 (0.700)79.2 (460)75.0.672W10.00656
5 Boom Chakalaka??3-2-0 (0.600)70.0 (411)66.0.377W10.00522
6 Rockport Rassafrasswfrazerjr3-2-0 (0.600)72.2 (402)74.8.484W10.00552
7 Greenbriar Goateesbcb2k23-3-0 (0.500)79.0 (474)74.2.641L11.00601
8 Without A Cluegrum@work3-3-0 (0.500)78.7 (472)80.2.513W30.00568
9 deadskinstrox2-3-0 (0.400)70.6 (448)69.8.429L20.50496
10 37 Push Upscorpse2-3-0 (0.400)62.4 (420)80.0.338L20.00446
11 dcRedhawksdanostuporstar2-4-0 (0.333)78.7 (472)85.2.514L11.00527
12 the showjbou2-4-0 (0.333)75.2 (451)77.3.507L21.00511
13 Flint Death Squadfluxcore1-4-1 (0.250)72.8 (437)84.0.513W11.00482
14 The Salad Tossersnath1-5-0 (0.167)79.8 (479)80.8.571L31.00504
15 The Concussionsmbd11-5-0 (0.167)47.0 (282)67.3.090L40.00252
  • Rank is yahoo's ranking based on win percentage and points scored, including a team's bye week. The top 8 teams make the playoffs.
  • Player is my attempt to map sportsfilter user's to their teams. Sorry if I got your team wrong. Please let me know.
  • AvgPF is the team's average points scored in games played. The season total, including bye weeks, is in parentheses.
  • AvgPA is the average points scored against the team.
  • Rot is the team's winning percentage if we were playing rotisserie style. Ties are thrown out.
  • Wks is the number of times the team has posted the weekly high score.
  • Power is an attempt at providing a power ranking for the team, the higher the score the better. It is calculated by multiplying the winning and rotisserie percentages by 1000 and the AvgPF by 10, and then calculating the average of those three plus overall points scored.
  • Bye weeks do not count for any stat, except the points scored in parentheses. For example, 37 Push Ups scored a league high 108 points during its bye week (week 2), but that is not reflected in the scoring averages, Wks column or rotisserie percentage.
I'll post the power ranking this evening, but you can preview them (along with your scoring and rotisserie rank) .... here.

posted by danostuporstar at 08:10 AM on October 14

danostuporstar, you rock! It's like stats based on stats! It's meta-stats!

posted by grum@work at 10:15 PM on October 14

Thanks again, danostuporstar. I'm getting a mental picture of you as one of the number-crunchers in Moneyball. I think we should all add and then waive McGahee. Instead of Where's Waldo?, we'd call it Where's Willis?

posted by dusted at 12:46 AM on October 15

thanks guys, i'm not really a numbers person. (anybody got suggestions on the right way to do the power rankings? i just realized i've got a fundamental error which won't really become apparent until another few weeks.) i just get a little obsessed with FFL and missed the stat categories i used to get from commissioner.com leagues. i like the where's willis? idea, dusted, but we lowly cellar dwellers prolly don't have the roster space to spare that you rich n powerful teams do. does anybody play in an ESPN League Manager league?...boy they seriously f-ed up this week eh? they still haven't credited people for the randy mcmichael fumble recovery TD or the ravens blocked punt TD. i don't get what could possibly be taking so long, they acknowledged the problems yesterday afternoon...it seems like all they should have to do is update a database and everything would just propagate down the league level. there seriously needs to be an open source FFL manager put out there. looks like there were at least 3 projects started on sourceforge but only 1 made it even close to beta and development of it halted summer 2002. i'm considering trying to find to the time to write a mining script for the nfl.com stats pages. i think the output should be stable enough that it could be parsed. seems like once a stats source was available, a league manger wouldn't be too hard to create. think there is interest out there in such a project?

posted by danostuporstar at 09:28 AM on October 15

An open source FFL manager would generate a lot of interest. The prices for a full-featured manager are very high, usually between $120-150. The problem would likely be reliable access to the stats. Most of the sites partner with a company like Stats, Incorporated. I saw a link on the Stats, Inc. site to become a reporter. If these companies rely on individual reporters, that same model might work even better on a volunteer, open source project. I'm interested!

posted by dusted at 11:15 AM on October 15

Here's an open source FFL manager project. danostuporstar, maybe you can check it out to see if you can help them, or use some of their work in designing your own.

posted by dusted at 01:01 PM on October 16

Damn. I just noticed that the last activity on the project was almost a year ago.

posted by dusted at 01:03 PM on October 16

yeah, that's the one i was referring to re summer 2002. from what i could tell in the message boards, they hadn't even begun to tackle the stats issue...which is where i'm starting. by sunday oct. 26 (if not this sunday), i plan to have a little "check yr players' stats live" at least somewhat functional. i've had good luck so far mining nfl.com for roster info and it seems like the live stats html is pretty similar.

posted by danostuporstar at 03:21 PM on October 16

i updated the table. i counted all games as complete except Rockport Rassafrass vs.Dusted Off and Boom Chakalaka vs. Greenbriar Goatees, though the scoring thus far in those games is included. i haven't the heart this week to post the table here or in a new thread. if anybody wants to feel free to cut and paste the html (or say it's wanted here).

posted by danostuporstar at 08:59 AM on October 20

Boom Chakalaka is my team, btw.

posted by therev at 12:52 PM on October 20

I think I'm looking at my first loss. There's no way Charlie Garner and Jerry Rice combine for less than 10 points on Monday Night Football. I feel like a traitor this week, rooting for Brad Johnson (vs the Niners) and against Garner and Rice.

posted by dusted at 01:24 PM on October 20

Boom Chakalaka is my team, btw. yay, we are whole again!

posted by danostuporstar at 02:12 PM on October 20

That's exactly what did it, Dusted. Well, that and pulling for the freaking Bucs.

posted by wfrazerjr at 09:36 AM on October 21

Didn't someone say they were going to stay out of Fantasy Football this year because it messed with their loyalties? This is my first year trying it, and I've definitely had some moral dilemmas. Go Niners! Go Raiders! I traded for a 49er player earlier in the season (Tai Streets), just to have someone I could cheer wholeheartedly. Now I've got the 49er defense, too. Didn't jerseygirl have a ton of Red Sox on her fantasy baseball team? Maybe I'll go that route - trade for the entire Niner roster.

posted by dusted at 11:24 AM on October 21

messed with their loyalties. just wait until you start playing in multiple leagues and have to root for a player in one league and against them in another. generally i can keep my sanity by just keeping away from nfc east players who don't wear the burgundy and gold. (proud to say i've never had a damn cowboy on my team.) last year i was in a league with bcb2k1 and one his friends who is a big colts fan. about halfway thru the season colts-fan and i were both near the bottom of the standings, so he starts making sweetheart trades to get all the colts. i was lucky enuff to have Edge on my team. i ended up in the playoffs in large part because of that trade.

posted by danostuporstar at 11:41 AM on October 21

OK, so it was rcade that said it. Look at what I wrote about five comments below his. Oops! You were right, rcade.

posted by dusted at 12:25 PM on October 21

Maybe I'll go that route - trade for the entire Niner roster. hey garcia si start packing

posted by catfish at 12:43 PM on October 21

hey garcia...start packing Make me an offer. We're going head to head this week, so that makes a trade really interesting.

posted by dusted at 01:06 PM on October 21

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