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I like sports. I'm from Louisiana, so the New Orleans Saints are my team. Which is fine, because football is my favorite sport anyway.

I moved to Houston for college, and since (when I got here) they had MLB and NBA teams, but no NFL team, none of my allegiances conflicted. Even the Texans are in the other conference.

And my school won the College World Series! WOOOOO!!!

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A great moment in sideline reporting history:: Suzy Kolber interviews Joe Namath during the Patriots-Jets game, and the result is something that probably won't make the NFL Films 2003 Jets highlight package. (audio and video links)

posted by nath to football at 12:40 AM on December 22, 2003 - 24 comments

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Fantasy NFL 2004

Whatever works for people rosterwise is fine. I kind of like the idea of standard rosters because it really makes you do your research on those last spots. Then again, the WR pool is usually deeper so if we go that route that's okay with me too. And I'm glad I found a league with people who appreciate the team name.

posted by nath at 05:43 PM on August 11, 2004

Fantasy NFL 2004

Thanks for noticing, dusted. I stand by my statement that that is the most awesome scoring system ever devised. I think the Thursday night draft is fine-- my biggest concern was an early morning weekend for those of us who might be out late the night before.

posted by nath at 02:22 PM on August 05, 2004

The Best Sport City = Boston.

My hometown is #216. The place I live now is #4.

posted by nath at 04:27 PM on August 04, 2004

Fantasy NFL 2004

I'm My Pet Goat. (may change since I'm already using that name for another league). I'd like to see 3 WRs starting instead of two. And the draft is currently scheduled for a Saturday at 9:30 AM. That seems like a bad idea. :)

posted by nath at 04:22 PM on August 04, 2004

Are you ready for some football!

I like Ufez's suggestion of a survival league. Particularly since you don't have to limit the number of people who can participate.

posted by nath at 04:19 PM on August 04, 2004

Are you ready for some football!

still need players? i've been in the last two years and i'll give it another go even though i haven't been around spofi in a while.

posted by nath at 05:23 PM on August 03, 2004

If this is true, the 49ers really screwed TO

Coaching is more than in-game decisions. It's planning, preparation, scheme, strategy, teaching, developing talent, etc. All I'm saying is that they put up with TO just fine as long as they were winning, but a losing season is a convenient excuse to get rid of him. Personally, I think the 49ers have been getting worse via a combination of personnel mistakes and Erickson's coaching inability. The last two 49ers drafts have been lackluster at best (after great drafts in 2000 and 2001), and some of the young players seemed to regress this year. To me this speaks more of problems in the front office and coaching than in the players.

posted by nath at 05:19 PM on March 07, 2004

If this is true, the 49ers really screwed TO

Regardless of the contract situation I think TO is largely made to be a scapegoat. The only major change from the 2002 to 2003 49ers was replacing Steve Mariucci with Dennis Erickson. Sure, Garcia was hurt at times, but Rattay proved a more than capable backup, so much so that they released Garcia this week. J.J. Stokes was no great loss, so Mariucci to Erickson is the major move this team made, and they went from division champions to 7-9. And it's TO's fault. I don't care if he's a jackass or not, and I leave that to others to debate. But I definitely see him being used as a scapegoat by the front office, who doesn't want to admit it screwed up badly last year in the entire handling of the coaching situation.

posted by nath at 12:18 AM on March 07, 2004

Carolina Panthers are going to the Super Bowl!

I think the game will be close, because these teams play close games. I think the Patriots will win, and it'll be a pretty defensive game. Something along the lines of 20-16. Maybe not even that high.

posted by nath at 01:58 AM on January 20, 2004

Top 10 Sports Scandals, Controversies, and Oddities of 2003.

The list be damned. My top oddity of the sports year is still Joe Namath's sideline interview.

posted by nath at 04:36 PM on January 09, 2004

Is JerseyGirl running the Knicks?

last, belated note: I checked it out and Marbury's never played more than 2 1/2 years anywhere in his professional career. And there's always a reason he wants to move on (or at least, reasons given why he'll be better at his new location): In Minnesota, he wanted to go back home (or at least to Jersey) and wanted to run his own team. In New Jersey he wanted a better supporting cast (and get away from the pressures of performing at home). I don't know what he wanted to get out of Phoenix, but I think they're just the latest team to figure out they can lose just as easily without Marbury as with him.

posted by nath at 04:32 PM on January 09, 2004

Is JerseyGirl running the Knicks?

Cool. Those sound like good reasons to me (but basketball is a distant third in terms of sports I profess knowledge of). I just wouldn't expect much. The playoffs aren't out this season (if only because a team could probably make it in the East by winning 35 games), but I wouldn't expect much more than a few years' worth of first-round exits. Then Marbury becomes unhappy again. I think his biggest problem is that he's way too selfish to be a real point, and prefers to toss up shots like a 2 (and maybe he should be one; that's what they did to Iverson and that worked pretty well, after all). I can't imagine him distributing the ball enough to keep Houston or anyone else happy.

posted by nath at 06:23 PM on January 06, 2004

Is JerseyGirl running the Knicks?

I think it's better for the Knicks, sure, because now they don't have a glut of 6'7" - 6'10" players, and actually have capable guards. However, I don't think they're going to actually play much better, and in a few years Marbury will be tired of it and be ready to go somewhere else, because there's too much pressure being at home or he doesn't like his supporting cast or something. Marbury's a fine player, but there's a reason he keeps finding himself on bad teams.

posted by nath at 03:43 PM on January 06, 2004

Is JerseyGirl running the Knicks?

This is Marbury's fourth team. He wanted out of Minnesota because he didn't want to be in KG's shadow. Then he wanted out of New Jersey because he wanted a better supporting cast. Minnesota didn't improve, per se, but they haven't been hurting without him (and this year's squad might be the best yet). New Jersey improved immediately after getting rid of Marbury and replacing him with Kidd. Phoenix has become the worst team in the West. And now he goes to New York to try to turn a sub-.500 team into a playoff contender? What makes anyone think he is capable of doing this?

posted by nath at 05:54 AM on January 06, 2004

The wheels on the coaching bus go round and round!

Boy, did he ever. Were we disagreeing about something? I can't even tell now! Well, I think we definitely established Bill Parcells is a good coach and Gregg Williams is not. :)

posted by nath at 02:15 AM on December 31, 2003