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January 31, 2002

The Biggest Sports Event of the Weekend.: Psyche! The NHL All Star Game is this Saturday (Young Stars game, Skills Competition as well), in the middle of a grueling 82 game season with the Olympics a few weeks later. Does anyone in the world but myself care? Hockey is a great sport, and though common perceptions linger, it is not a bunch of lugheads fighting every night (ok, some nights...) Why does no one, relatively speaking, watch the Coolest Game on Ice?

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Point-Counterpoint: Is New Orleans Naughty or Nice? Aside from the Patriots' decision of starting quarterback, there really isn't much to talk about in New Orleans this week, except for the city itself. So that's what Bill Simmons, a.k.a. The Sports Guy, did in his Page 2 Postcard from New Orleans on Tuesday, disparaging the disgusting, filthy, crime ridden streets of downtown and the French Quarter. (It was hella-funny, tho) Members of the New Orleans media are chasing him now, vilifying him as an evil outsider. Simmons retorts today that he's just a dumb tourist.

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The reserves were announced: last Tuesday for the NBA All-star game. Of course sports writers talk more about who was snubbed, rather than who was selected. The fans vote for who they want to see, and the coaches try and fill in the holes, but some deserving players are going to be left out. Is this the process all-star games should use?

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NFL's 'Night Train' Dead at 73: "An undrafted free agent who would become one of the greatest defensive backs in NFL history during his 14-year career, Lane died Tuesday night after a heart attack at the assisted living facility where he lived. He was 73. A member of the NFL's All-Time Team for its first 75 years, Lane was an aggressive tackler whose signature hit -- a clothesline-type move dubbed the "Night Train Necktie" -- was banned by the league because it was too dangerous."

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January 30, 2002

Marc It Down: AT&T Pebble Beach 2002 Preview

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"I will be leaving Sporting News Radio effective Friday, February 1st," longtime overnight host Bob Kemp announced today on the network's web site.

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Memora-Bowl.: Even though XX was incredible and sweet. I will always remember XV and XVIII, when the Silver and Gray finally had their day, and I sprinted around the house in childhood ecstasy, taunting my older brother who loved the Steelers and had made my life miserable in the decade of the Steel Curtain.

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January 29, 2002

Have Imagination. Coach at Georgia Tech.: Defensive coordinator Rick Smith claimed that he played baseball and football for Florida State University. In reality, he was cut from the baseball team and never played football. (By the way, Georgia Tech is looking to hire some coaches, so if you vaguely remember playing sports in college and receiving a Master's degree, be sure to apply.)

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The Six Nations tournament starts soon.: Who will claim The Wooden Spoon?

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"How long have you been a black quarterback?": That's what they asked Doug Williams when he appeared in Superbowl 22. The '99 draft was called ground breaking because three black QBs were picked in the first round (Culpepper, McNabb and Akili Smith) but has the league been unnecessarily impressed with the "scrambling black quarterback" versus a QB who could sit in the pocket and just happens to be black? The only one who fits the "scrambling" mold and made it all the way seems to have been McNair. The guy who's arguably the best QB in the league is pretty immobile, actually.

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Bledsoe or Brady?: Go with experience or the one who brought you this far? Someone's going to be looking on from the sidelines. Belichick says he'll wait until wednesday to make the decision, but some think the decision has already been made.

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January 28, 2002

Larry Ellison attempting to buy America's Cup.: Would you spend $85 million to win a trophy once created for just 100 guineas? Ellison is doing just that. How is it different from NY Yankees owner George Steinbrenner 'buying' a World Series by outspending everyone else? Well, by competing in the action himself. In addition to signing the checks, Ellison plans to helm the Oracle Racing yacht to victory. Is it ego or competitive drive?

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The Greatest Game In The History Of Sports!: (this year.) So somehow, the Patriots have charmed their way into the Superbowl. I should know better, since I keep picking against them - but how the heck can they beat the Rams on turf? I just hope Mike Martz doesn't start bawlin' like Vermeil.

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Jake Swerski's NFL Insider: NFL know-it-all Jake Swerski has the scoop (parody)

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January 27, 2002

nobody said he couldn't coach.: texas tech (15-3) rips the number six rated oklahoma sooners at home, 92-79, avenging a blowout loss in norman two weeks ago. bobby knight has turned the red raiders into winners. can he keep it together and make lubbock, texas a perennial college hoops powerhouse?

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Sports Illustrated feeling heat from ESPN?: It seems SI is finally feeling the effects of being a little too "old school". ESPN has done a pretty good job of translating their "in your face" style to print. To me, the most distinct area is that ESPN seems to be about "what's going to happen next week" while SI is "what happened last week".

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January 26, 2002

we have clearance, clarence.: kareem abdul-jabbar lands head-coaching postition for the oklahoma storm. flyover country gets a rare opportunity to see a living legend.

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The Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson fight has the blessing of the World Boxing Council: , but still awaits the ruling of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Should they allow the fight to happen? Or has Tyson simply crossed the line? Do you want to see the fight?

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A Selected History of the Underdog.: "God overcomes all odds. Creates world in seven days. Later moves on to fast food industry." My favorite among the bunch is the Washington Generals win over the Globetrotters. Who would have thunk it? I didn't think there was any way to stop the ol' hide-the-ball-inside-the-jersey-while-a-teammate-chases-someone-with-a-bucket-full-of-confetti offense. (BTW, I think both the Eagles and Pats have a chance at the upset.)

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January 25, 2002

Pat Summerall's retiring. : This breaks up my favorite NFL broadcasting team. (Although Pat's gotten increasingly loopy over the last couple of seasons.) Who should replace him? Or is it time for Madden to retire, too?

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Tony Dungy promises to rebuild Indianapolis' defense,: and with his defensive resume, who could doubt him? But will the rise of the colts defense coincide with the fall of their offense? Can Dungy adjust his play calling to take advantage of the Colt's offensive superstars, or will this be Tampa all over again, great defense, no offense?

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American Sports Wire, a provider of sports stats, betting lines, and syndicated newspaper features, is putting itself up for auction. Own your own dynamic content sports site for a mere $75,000.

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January 24, 2002

Yet Another Baseball Movie?: Granted, it's not as annoying as Keanu teaching the sweet science to inner city kids, but is it Hollywood's refusal to acknowledge the declining popularity of baseball why basketball and football movies are few and far between?

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