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Canseco "juiced" to be back in baseball

A waste. He needs cash. Same reason that "The Who" are going back on tour.

posted by OldSchoolBall at 06:59 AM on June 30, 2006

You Can Call Them Rays, or You Can Call Them Sting Rays, or You Can Call Them Sun Rays, or You Can Call Them ...

"The Tampa Bay Busch Gardeners" Wild animals, Baseball and Beer!

posted by OldSchoolBall at 05:24 AM on April 07, 2006

MLB Cooperstown Collection: Koufax, Clemente, Mr. Cub . . . and Dr. K?

Gooden. Geez! Makes me feel even worse about Pete Rose (as I put on his HOF jersey) Hey where's Strawberry? Heard Steinbrenner needs a draw at the Stadium....

posted by OldSchoolBall at 05:15 AM on April 07, 2006

Tejada Wants Out of Baltimore

Ramirez is not "better" than Tejada. Tejada is a good clubhouse person and a cheerleader in the dugout. He also is always in the game, and not on Pluto like Ramirez. In short, he wants to win and cares about it. Oh, and he has a brain, something that Ramirez lost the last time he crapped.

posted by OldSchoolBall at 11:21 AM on December 09, 2005

Phillies replace Wagner with Gordon

Let's see....Wagner's gone....Hmmm, who can we throw 18K at to stop the bleeding? Hey....Hi Tom Gordon! That was easy wasn't it! Philadopia.

posted by OldSchoolBall at 08:04 AM on December 02, 2005


GIVE STEROIDS A CHANCE. I SAY KEEP STEROID USE. I want to see Barry Bonds crush one 'across' the bay. I want to see Tejada hit a ball so hard out of Camden Yards that he hits Frank Robinson in Washington when he's making a pitching change. I want Sheffield to line to Third so hard that the ball embeds itself into the face of Melvin Mora before he can even react......Now that's entertainment!

posted by OldSchoolBall at 11:20 AM on November 27, 2005


Hey Vertfartma, add a comment instead of trying to be funny. All of baseball should pull their heads out of their collective asses and not sign shitheads like Ryan to stupid contracts so we pay $14.25 for a hot dog at the good ole ball game.Toronto will just burn him out for sure - 98mph, 96mph, 92mph, 89mph, then traded or released, so it goes, except for the $14.25 hotdogs.

posted by OldSchoolBall at 11:11 AM on November 27, 2005


If he really wanted to get to the Series, he would have signed with the Mets, White Sox, or just stayed with the Orioles great young staff under Leo Mazzone. One or two key acquisitions has the Orioles back in it while the Yankees fade.

posted by OldSchoolBall at 08:10 AM on November 27, 2005


Toronto was nowhere without Ryan, they'll go no where with him. Ryan is just another MLB player stuffing cash into his pocket while he can. Doesn't anybody get it? Do you all think talented free agents will now "flock" to Toronto because Ryan signed? Get real.

posted by OldSchoolBall at 08:08 AM on November 27, 2005

Delgado to Mets.

POOR JOE GIRARDI is fucked. Is he "Green Joe" Girardi, the novice manager, or "Rebuilding Old and Wise" Joe Girardi, the astonishing club rebuilder? He's "Green Joe". The Darlin Marlins set him up for failure. Do you think Loria said, "OK, Joe, Were bringing you in. Then were going to stick it up your ass and trade Delgado, Pierre, Lowell, Beckett, Burnett and LoDuca, and maybe a few others." "What Joe?" "Why?" "What do you mean why?" "You figure it out". "You sat next to Torre Won Kenobi!" Suddenly Tampa Bay drifts across Joe's mind......

posted by OldSchoolBall at 04:08 PM on November 23, 2005

Muhammed Ali feels the love of Louisville

The Greatest Boxer of all time? Yes. The greatest athelete? Yes, many feel he is. The greatest black athlete? Yes, but to many it's Jordan, not Muhammad. A legend? 100%. A man of moral character? Absolutely, it's proven. But do Whites hold him in high esteem? Yes. Why? Because of the many, many obstacles he had to hurdle to get the prize. I believe this is why we have so many Blacks as role models because they really do epitomize what one must do to pesevere and move ahead.

posted by OldSchoolBall at 12:32 PM on November 21, 2005

Yankees Make Some Changes

The Orioles and Yankees should be proud of their Italian heritage managerial heirarchy....Torre, Mazilli, Perlozzo, Mazzone.....Waiting for the O's to announce the hiring of Tony Soprano as their Third Base coach, and Luca Brasi as their 'hitting' instructor! Oh, both would obviously get offers they can't refuse.

posted by OldSchoolBall at 08:23 AM on November 03, 2005

Leo Mazzone is heading to the Baltimore Orioles.

Mazzone has some work ahead of him, and that's what he likes. He also has his good friend Perlozzo's backing. Stack up Cabrera, Rodriguez, Bedard, DuBois etc. and talk Ryan into staying, along with a side order of Ray, and they don't look bad. Going to have to sack Sammy, Rafael, Surhoff and some of the old guard, and hope Roberts comes back healthy. Not much more an O's fan can say after suffering since '83.....

posted by OldSchoolBall at 03:19 PM on October 21, 2005