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Bobby Cox to step down after 2010.: Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox has decided to leave the dugout after 2010. He is currently fourth in all time wins as a manager and one of only 2 to have six 100 win seasons. Hope the Braves can find someone as dedicated to the team as Bobby but possibly with some new ideas. Any thoughts on prospects?

posted by stalnakerz to baseball at 04:45 PM on September 23, 2009 - 4 comments

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Toney-Couture Fight Pits Boxing vs. MMA

Unless Toney catches him with a lucky punch, I don't see Toney being able to stand up to any MMA fighter without takedown defense.

Boxers are used to a lot of referee involvement as well. MMA refs will let a tie up continue as long as one of the fighters appears to be advancing their position.

posted by stalnakerz at 02:24 PM on July 21, 2010

US rule could keep Iroquois from lacrosse tourney

another thought, if the State Dept. won't play nice, why doesn't the Nation just build their own Airport and make the State Dept. start trying to check passports as people leave the tribal land. If they are their own nation, nothing stopping them from having an international terminal.

posted by stalnakerz at 12:45 PM on July 14, 2010

US rule could keep Iroquois from lacrosse tourney

Anyone notice that the article mentions the passports are low-tech partly handwritten twice.

Could this situation have been avoided by merely upgrading the passports to the new High Tech versions? I didn't see anything stating they wouldn't honor a high-tech version issued by the council.

posted by stalnakerz at 12:42 PM on July 14, 2010

Cardinals Pitcher Upset About Clubhouse Gun Ban

The fact that the clubhouse of a baseball stadium is a restricted-access environment crawling with security guards means nothing.

How many banks "crawling with security" have been robbed and customers threatened/shot? How many attacks have occurred inside of police stations crawling with armed officers?

posted by stalnakerz at 10:55 AM on February 22, 2010

Cardinals Pitcher Upset About Clubhouse Gun Ban

Citations, please?

posted by jmd82

Here's a link to a Harvard study completed in 2009.... Google search for "study shows gun control increases crime rate" for more.

posted by stalnakerz at 10:45 AM on February 22, 2010

Cardinals Pitcher Upset About Clubhouse Gun Ban

I'm with thenewguy821 on this one. How many studies do there have to be showing more restrictive gun regulations increase the crime rate before the liberals get it?

Players may have never been attacked before, but that doesn't mean they won't be tomorrow now that the criminals know they have nice rich targets that can't be armed to/from the clubhouse. Who was it that said your best defense is a good offense? That definitely applies when you're dealing with the underbelly of society.

If you have the proper permits and are locking it up in your locker once you arrive at the workplace, then who cares? Let one nutcase break into the clubhouse and injure/kill someone and they'll be going nuts for even more controls instead of loosening and letting the criminals/nutcases know it won't be tolerated.

posted by stalnakerz at 03:58 PM on February 21, 2010

Favre, Viking defense rough up Romo, Cowboys 34-3

To be honest, I wish the score would have been 80-3 or more. Cowboys aren't exactly the classiest bunch themselves, but always the first to whine and cry when things don't go their way.

Had the score been reversed, Cowboy fans would be saying they were sending a message for the NFC champ game.

If this were college or below ball, then yeah, don't take the guys heart out of the game. But this is the big time and there's bonuses to be made. If the opponent can't handle it, maybe they should go sell some used cars or something.

posted by stalnakerz at 03:04 AM on January 18, 2010

Schumacher returns to seek record 8th F1 title

sorry for duplicate posts, not sure why but IE hung on me and then posted the same comments twice. someone can delete this one if you have the time.

posted by stalnakerz at 10:25 AM on December 24, 2009

Schumacher returns to seek record 8th F1 title

Interestingly, I'm actually with Drood on this one. Schumacher is as much of a sportsman as a mob boss is a businessman. And with Abu Dhabi not only ON the calendar, but CLOSING it! Someone in F1 must be pulling in some major kickback bucks.

Maybe this is the year of just watching Nascar and Indy, except for SPA of course.

posted by stalnakerz at 10:25 AM on December 24, 2009

Mark Ingram Wins Heisman

Congrats to Ingram and Alabama. I think this win clears some of the travesty of Bear Bryant's stream of amazing players never winning the hardware.

posted by stalnakerz at 12:19 PM on December 13, 2009

Is It Time to Retire the Football Helmet?

So they imply it's potentially more dangerous wearing a helmet, but don't give any supporting data of how many injuries the helmet prevents

How would they get such data?

They used the data from Australian Rules for the control as those players do not use helmets and compared the number of head injuries those players experience per game vs. NFL. The NFL players with helmets on experienced 25% more head injuries than the AR players without helmets on. If you've ever watch AR football, you have to respect those guys, no pads or helmet and hitting/getting hit just as hard. If you've never watched one and think American FB is rough as it gets, try to find a game on TV this weekend. I can't figure out the points system, but the gameplay is fantastic.

I think the removal of the helmet would cut down on quarterbacks being blindsided (and hence the associated injuries) a lot since they wouldn't have the helmet blocking their peripheral (sp?) vision.

posted by stalnakerz at 03:35 PM on November 11, 2009

And Another One Down...

Agreed about Abu Dhabi, the emirate bought themselves a race just to say they had something some larger countries didn't. Unfortunately, if Mosley stays at the helm and can't get enough cars to fill the grid, we'll see more of these type tracks so he can at least try to pull a better profit while he's killing the sport.

On the tires, I'm not only surprised at the move, but intrigued as well. Bridgestone put a lot of time and money into developing "the right tire for the right track" and I'm not sure another company could come in and get good results without some good development time and with Bridgestone have an exclusive contract, I'd guess that the other players disbanded their F1 development projects. If that's the case, we'll either see some spectacular crashes, some interesting new records or some boring races the first year or two after they've pulled out, probably a good mix of the 3.

posted by stalnakerz at 02:25 AM on November 05, 2009

And Another One Down...

If they don't sign more teams and alienate the manu's, it may soon be Red Bull, Brawn, and Force India racing alone.

I do have to sort of disagree with Drood on one point though. The manu's aren't there just to whore their wares, they're there to win so they can whore their wares, but aren't at least 2 of the privateers there for the same thing?

posted by stalnakerz at 11:20 PM on November 04, 2009

Limbaugh, Blues Owner Make Bid to Buy St. Louis Rams

I wonder if it would cost an NFL team to be associated with someone who is such a well-known and polarizing figure

Rcade, they'd probably double attendance just to see Rush's team lose a game. Sometimes the most polarizing personalities bring in big money. Just look at Rodman in the NBA. A lot of "conservatives" didn't like his opinions or looks, but they went in droves to watch him play.

posted by stalnakerz at 05:33 PM on October 06, 2009

Limbaugh, Blues Owner Make Bid to Buy St. Louis Rams

First, I don't like investment groups owning teams. Second, I'm guessing the Limbaugh-owned Rams would never have a black quarterback.

posted by bperk at 03:11 PM on October 06

WTF? Why would you guess that? That comment in itself is about as racist as you can get. Who cares what color a player or person is other than the local race baiters? I'd prefer to judge the player and owner on their merits while holding the position. You don't see anyone saying they will or won't hire Vick because he's black, you hear them say they will because he can play or they won't because of what he did. I'm tired of this if a white owner fires a white player, nothing is ever said, if a white owner fires a black player, they're fired because they're black, not because they sucked at their job..... GET OVER IT.

As for Limbaugh, he can't be worse than any of the other owners. They're all either big fat cats or holding companies with big fat cats at the head.

posted by stalnakerz at 05:27 PM on October 06, 2009