December 23, 2009

Schumacher returns to seek record 8th F1 title: Michael Schumacher targeted an unprecedented eighth Formula One title after Mercedes announced he was coming out of retirement to race for them at the age of 41. "This is a team that has just won both championships this year, they have Mercedes now as a strong partner so our aim can only be to fight for the championship," the 7 time champion told reporters in a conference call. "Having played around with motorbikes, I feel ready for some serious stuff."

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You could see this coming from a mile away. The way he reacted after deciding he couldn't make a go of it after Massa's injury due to his own medical issues, you just knew he wanted back in. As much as I loathe the guy, I think it will be good for F1 overall. How old was Mansell when he won his title, 39? And he raced beyond that. I have no doubt that with a couple races under his belt, he'll be right back at it, cheating his way to the podium (sorry, old habits die hard). I'm still in mourning over what my Brawn team has become. I'm going to root for Ferrari next year.

posted by eccsport78 at 01:38 PM on December 23, 2009

This will be an interesting season... between Schumacher in the Brawn, Alonso in the Ferrari, Hamilton in a developed Mercedes and about three others, there should be an interesting title fight.

posted by dusted at 02:38 PM on December 23, 2009

ecc: Sadly in F1 at least Mansell was a joke after he won the title. Couldn't get his fat ass in the McLaren.

I am disgusted that the cheating German sack of shit is back. The worst scumbag to ever sit in an F1 car, and they venerate him like he's Jesus.

My interest in bothering with F1 anymore just took a very large hit. (And after 23 years of following the sport my interest was already on the wane with shithole circuits like Abu Dhabi on the calendar.)

posted by Drood at 04:50 PM on December 23, 2009

Drood, how do you really feel ?

posted by tommybiden at 07:44 PM on December 23, 2009

Maybe a bit over the top, but I too am fed up with circuits like Abu Dhabi - soulless Tilke-designed tracks plunked down where there is no interest in motorsport.

posted by dusted at 08:25 PM on December 23, 2009

Interestingly, I'm actually with Drood on this one. Schumacher is as much of a sportsman as a mob boss is a businessman. And with Abu Dhabi not only ON the calendar, but CLOSING it! Someone in F1 must be pulling in some major kickback bucks.

Maybe this is the year of just watching Nascar and Indy, except for SPA of course.

posted by stalnakerz at 10:25 AM on December 24, 2009

sorry for duplicate posts, not sure why but IE hung on me and then posted the same comments twice. someone can delete this one if you have the time.

posted by stalnakerz at 10:25 AM on December 24, 2009

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