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Fuzzy Zoeller Sues Over Libelous Wikipedia Page

'Scuse me; but, if DHCP the IP addresses are leased. Meaning everytime a computer is rebooted or after a certain amount of time they change. On your PC, go to START, then highlight RUN type in CMD, at the command prompt C: type in C:ipconfig /all -do an- C:ipconfig /release -then an- ipconfig /renew and you'll change your address. So it would be like someone playing putt putt golf and the KGB figuring who shot what with which particular putter handed to then at the check in desk (at least that would be my defense). BTW: Fuzzy doesn't drink Jack Daniels and it's percocets.

posted by burghfan33 at 05:57 PM on February 22, 2007

Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.

My boy started at 9 years old at the local "rec center". It was a way for him to keep his weight down for Pop Warner. I was one of those Dad's that got really involved; but, even when he was in trouble and I wanted to yank a kid that may have been four years older than him, fact was they both weighed the same and they both were in a sport/sportsmanship/learning... Plus, what example does it set to other kids and parents if an adult can't control themself. That guy needs to appologize and write on the chalkboard 100 times "I will not be an asshole". I'm sure there's a law suit floating?

posted by burghfan33 at 09:33 PM on February 18, 2007

Drew the body good

I think the guy musta been hanging out with the "King of Pop" during this off season. What's next a chimp named "Fisk-y"?

posted by burghfan33 at 08:29 PM on February 07, 2007

Buffalo Bills: Africa's Four-Time Super Bowl Champs

What would have been comical is if you ended the posting "He's really bummed out", and in the literal sense.

posted by burghfan33 at 09:09 AM on February 05, 2007

Buffalo Bills: Africa's Four-Time Super Bowl Champs

I'm kinda sceptical about this information as I can't seem to get a graphic of a malnurished etheopian donning an XXL Starter-tee with picture of a buffalo on it. Don't Hindu's worship buffalo's in India? To me that makes more sense to divide the losers gear among nations that could represent. For example, Celtics stuff to Ireland, New England to the Brits, send the stuff from the Little League World Series to pygmies in New Guines, and dump the unwanted stuff on the French.

posted by burghfan33 at 11:56 AM on February 04, 2007