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Bob Costas - Patrick Arnold Interview

With all the pundits who think Costas would a good commissioner, I'd pick my battles a little more carefully if I were Barry.......

posted by wolfdad at 11:18 AM on July 28, 2007

First Base Coach Killed by Line Drive

Someone remind me...are aluminum bats used at this level? I've played slow pitch softball, and seen pitchers drilled by balls they "never saw". Saw Mike play in St Louis...not a standout, but, hey, the bigs are the bigs. An unimpressibe appearance will now stay in my mind. Peace, Michael........

posted by wolfdad at 09:29 PM on July 23, 2007

Women want Cow-Runs for equality in Spain's San Fermin bull festival

Ladies, MOOOOOOOOOVE on...

posted by wolfdad at 10:22 PM on July 10, 2007

Russia to Host 2014 Winter Olympics

Seems like a nice, safe place to hold an international event...I'll be looking for the Dolph Lundgren look-alikes in their snappy politzi unis.

posted by wolfdad at 03:35 PM on July 05, 2007

"Slugout in the Dugout" Sinks Cubs To New Low

Forget Lou! You GOTTA see Braves minor league manager Phil(?) Wellman disassemble last night! The "grenade toss" is HOF stuff...

posted by wolfdad at 05:32 PM on June 02, 2007

"Slugout in the Dugout" Sinks Cubs To New Low

"Zambo" thinks he's the original Bad Bob. He's played this bad ass role before, and nobody bought it them, either. The old man used to say, "Son, there a lot of bad MFs in Boot Hill". I agree with funeralguy, on the Lou. I just hope it's something original, and a spur of the moment thing. That "throw the hat, dirt on the plate, toss the base" crap is so 1950's. Lou, you've had PLENTY of time to think this out...make us ALL proud!!! A-Rod? What does BARREEEEEEE think of this stuff, stealing HIS fire? Oh, that's right, he's not talking...

posted by wolfdad at 09:36 AM on June 02, 2007

What happens in clubhouse, stays there

Canned for not sucking up to the corporate snots, and for hanging with the "hired folk"...hmmm.

posted by wolfdad at 03:33 PM on May 06, 2007

St. Louis Cardinals Reliever, Josh Hancock, Dies in Car Crash.

Believe this...Cardinal nation is crying. Don't know what really happened, I only know that a decent young man has been cheated out of a future. Peace, Josh Hancock.....peace.

posted by wolfdad at 08:04 PM on April 29, 2007

Maradona back in hospital

A sad reminder of the the plight of Georgie Best. Play, party, die...as lil_brown_bat says, it ain't always the way to go. There are no time outs, penalty kicks or substitutions for the dead.

posted by wolfdad at 09:41 AM on April 14, 2007

Ichiro, it's time to step up

Guys like Ichiro, who play literally flawless outfield, hit a constant .300 and add luster to a money green-tinted game screw things up for the Chris Duncans of the world...the ones who field wall caroms better than grounders or line drives. Leave, Ichiro, while there's still time... Jesus!

posted by wolfdad at 08:11 PM on April 12, 2007

Why don't I subscribe to Extra Innings?

Just another slap in the face of "common man"...Can't afford expensive power, can't afford expensive gasoline, can't afford two-hundred dollar ball games... guess I'll stay home and watch the...oh... You know what "they" say, "Rich men buy, poor men cry..." Stephen Stills said it,"the rich keep getting richer, while the rest of us just keep growing old".

posted by wolfdad at 08:46 PM on March 29, 2007

No Palace For These Cinderellas

C'mon, it's just the picks of the game. Honestly, most of these guys will never see this luxury again. Was there once, now Super 8 is cool, as long as there's a bar in the area. Let the kids have their time...they'll find the "real world" soon enough!

posted by wolfdad at 09:00 PM on March 22, 2007

Former Phillies coach John Vukovich dies

Sometimes I look at Schilling, and I think, "Just shut up...". Tremendous talent, but sometimes... After looking in on the blog, maybe I'll be a little more tolerant toward CS as a man, not a "talent". Sad more players haven't checked in, but you know how it is...

posted by wolfdad at 05:48 PM on March 09, 2007

Former Phillies coach John Vukovich dies

Sad... I always worry when I read that cancerous tissue is removed. It's always been my belief that cancer is like a "puff ball" dandelion...once you disturb it, POOF, the cells spread throughout. Peace, Vuke...

posted by wolfdad at 07:41 PM on March 08, 2007

Tkachuk to the Thrashers as NHL Moving Day approaches

MindyK, Fraze is dead on...Davidson, Andy and the new management team are trying to turn this thing around, starting with the Brewer and Legace signings, but be patient. Losing "Tuk-chuk" (a local joke) may sting now, but who knows which draft choice could be the next Crosby? We were crap two months ago, and now we're talking, "how many points are we out?"... Bleed blue, too...

posted by wolfdad at 09:36 PM on February 26, 2007