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July 28, 2005

Fantasy Football?: Who wants to be commish? and Who wants to play?

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November 29, 2004

Baseball Hall of Fame nominations: Who should be in? And are there any first ballot locks?

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August 02, 2004

Are you ready for some football!: Some fantasy football that is. Are we going to have a spofi fantasy football league this year? And have I earned enough respect to be a comish again?

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July 02, 2004

What? no Yankee Red Sox thread?: The Sox and Yanks played another classic game tonight. The Yanks won in an extra inning struggle that left the Sox deflated. Is the Sportsguy right, is there something wrong with the Red Sox? Oh yeah, Jeter made a sick play diving into the stands.

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December 04, 2003

Yankees trade for Vazquez: The MSG Network is reporting that the Yankees and Expos have agreed to a deal that will send starting pitcher Javier Vazquez to the Yankees for 1B Nick Johnson and OF Juan Rivera. The Yankees and Vazquez now have 72 hours to agree to a contract extension or the trade will not go through.

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November 04, 2003

Donnie baseball is back: Don Mattingly is going to be the Yankees new hitting coach. In other Yankee news, Willie Randolph is taking Zim's place as bench coach.

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October 15, 2003

I was wrong.: The sox got some clutch hitting and the Yanks bullpen blew it, oh well, on to game 7, and it looks like it'll be a great game.

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October 02, 2003

A Squeeze Bunt In Extra Innings With The Bases Loaded and Two Outs!!!: This was one of the gutiest calls I've ever seen in sports. The A's beat the Red Sox in extra innings after the Sox bullpen blew another lead. Discuss.

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May 08, 2003

Jordan Fired By Wizards!: MJ was shown the door yesterday by the Wizards. Are they some ungrateful bastards? Or did Jordan do more harm then good, and deserve to be fired?

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November 24, 2002

College B-Ball Report: The preseason NIT rolls along, and now it's time for the Maui invitational, and guess what folks the big news this year is the arena they play the games in is finally air conditioned. Oh yeah they're playing a few games too. This one is short, and sweet folks, here's the top 25 results from the past week, and after looking over the final four in the NIT, and looking over the Maui field who do you thinks coming out on top?

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November 17, 2002

Will The North Carolina Mens B-Ball Team Get Better?: UNC kicks off their season Monday night when Penn State comes to town for a first round game in the preseason NIT. Matt Doherty has his hands full after a tough off season, there were rumors of layers leaving, and there was Dean Smith's revelation that he wanted Rick Majerous to replace him when he retired. BTW Matt did a fine job recruiting, and they're still UNC. The preseason NIT looks like it's going to be fun, so let the predictions fly, who do you think is winning this thing?

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November 14, 2002

College Basketball Tips Off Tonight: The Jimmy V Coaches for Cancer Classic tips off the college basketball season tonight, but before the games start who do you think is the best team, Oklahoma, Arizona, Pitt, or Kansas? Or do you know something the experts don't. Who's the best player? Luke Walton(his father annoys me), Hollis Price, or David West? Let's not forget the women, and low, and behold UConn is not number one, "Geno where have you failed", sorry I grew up in CT, and we didn't have much in the way of sports(f##king Whalers), but back to the ladies, who do you love? Please nobody say Natalie Portman, focus gentlemen, who is the best lady in the land? One last question, with some of the best talent jumping straight to the pros is college b-ball in trouble, or does it make it a better, more fun game to watch? A couple of things, I went with ESPN for most of the links because they are the best at covering college b-ball, and I'm no Lupica so be gentle.

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June 24, 2002

Vladimer Guerrero?: This article from ESPN magazine helps the sports fan get to know one of the best players in the game nobody knows. I've been to a few Expos games, and Guerrero is as much fun to watch as Ichiro, but he's stuck in Canada so nobody gets to see him. Rumor has it that Yankee GM Brian Cashman calls the Expos once a week to find out if he's available, and when Guerrero becomes a free agent Steinbrenner is going to do anything he has to do to sign him.

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April 09, 2002

Iverson a role model?: You 've come a long way baby. Dan Patrick talks about Vince Carter, and how the Raptors might be a better team without him, and also tells Carter he needs to watch Iverson in the playoffs to learn what heart is.

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March 31, 2002

The UConn Women Are Perfect: Are they the greatest of all time? IMO yes they are, but I am biased.

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March 10, 2002

March Madness is upon us.: Who is your favorite to win the whole thing? Any first round potential upsets stick out? Is your alma mater in the tourny? Of course I will be routing for mine, go Uconn.

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March 07, 2002

What if You Could Put The 2000 Lakers vs The 83 Lakers: Well with this site you can do that. Answer all those what if questions in a matter of minutes. Could Pedro strikeout the Babe? you can get play by play too.

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March 04, 2002

Elvis Has Left The Building, I Mean Field.: Elvis Grbac is retiring instead of moving his family again. Is Elvis just wimping out, or is he the new poster child for family values?

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Look Out For Uconn.: Uconn has been dissed all year by the pollsters, but after they win the Big East Tourney, and get a number two ranking in the tourney, no one will be ignoring them. Uconns RPI ranking is 11, and they were not ranked for most of the season. If you are looking for a bandwagon to jump on folks there is plenty of room on the Uconn express.

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