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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Is this where I post my Puig fanfic?

posted by lilnemo at 07:14 PM on June 05, 2013

Pacers' Roy Hibbert Fined for Gay Joke

I think it takes the mainstream media awhile to figure out a really good defensive center unless they are getting a lot of blocks

True. Add rebounds to that list. Ben Wallace didn't get much pub during his time with the Wizards either (league-wide anyway).

It seems that the league as a whole has had trouble evaluating "true" big-men since 2000. There are obviously a number of factors at work there, but more than a handful of guys would have to rise to the top with such little competition. Or so one would think.

Getting back to Hibbert, David Aldridge has a pretty good Q & A with him at the end of this column. Juicy tidbits: - John Thompson, Jr (former Georgetown coach) told him, "You're going to be the tallest mailman ever." - Draft Night 2008 a lot of teams didn't even have Hibbert on their board.

posted by lilnemo at 07:21 PM on June 03, 2013

Magic Johnson-led group is picked as Dodgers' next owner

Spending money hasn't been a problem for the Dodgers for awhile, spending wisely is a whole other ball of wax.

posted by lilnemo at 07:53 PM on April 02, 2012

Calipari, Rose, and Memphis Athletic Director R.C. Johnson settled.

Apologies for the mangled summary. After reading the AP story and some local coverage. I don't know whether this is brilliant, or a bad precedent to set. I can't begin to imagine what the sports landscape would look like should season ticket-holders be allowed to sue for reasons such as this. The tickets are a means unto themselves. They are admission to a sporting event, nothing more or less. I don't think institutions of higher learning, or businesses involved in professional sports should be held accountable for the perceived value of a ticket as some sort of commodity. Nor for the events or actions that alter the quality of that event (or how it is perceived).

We all pay for tickets to events that fail to meet our expectations. Sometimes the drummer sucks, or the singer is drunk. Sometimes the game is a blowout because the coach is an idiot, or the O-Line stinks. Hell I'm a Clippers fan, so I know what a bad fan experience is. But does that give all sports fans, or any member of the ticket-buying public the right to demand recompense when we don't like the outcome? In amateur athletics especially? Where turnover is a constant? Where even those student-athletes who make it on campus fair and square can still be ineligible for bad grades? Where most colleges and fans KNOW that players are itching to leave as soon as possible to start there pro careers? Where players can be ruled ineligible to play by the schools for honor code violations?

I don't know. I find the whole enterprise disingenuous. But thats just me.

posted by lilnemo at 03:45 PM on October 07, 2011

Knicks finally land Anthony

I think Joey over @ Straight Bangin' has got it right:

More than anything, hurtling toward such an uncertain end is what casts the Anthony trade in the same negative light that has shone on the Knicks for years. After working with discipline and purpose to change Knick culture, cultivate opportunity, and repair horrific salary-cap damage, New York reverted to the bad habits which got it in trouble for so long. Only a little more than half a season into sobriety, in effect, the Knicks fell off the wagon, rather than trusting that staying clean and doing right would deliver even better days. New York has made a splash, and it may have set an initial foot on championship terra firma, no matter how circumscribed. Beyond doubt, though, is that New York has taken a huge risk, sacrificed short-term financial flexibility, discarded a big number of basketball assets, and once again placed celebrity glamor before sporting substance. The Knicks may get lucky and find that the organization's addiction to big names and cheap news coverage is finally met by championship basketball. It also might find itself mired in an uncomfortable, untenable morass of its own making yet again. Only time will tell, of course. Here's hoping that we all get to toast the former sometime soon.

posted by lilnemo at 08:28 PM on February 22, 2011

Larry Brown steps down.

Oh, and his entire staff has apparently been sacked as well. And a successor is in line to take over by tomorrow? Strange, usually there are a few holdovers in situations like these. I'm not too thrown off by the "mutual parting of ways" the team seems pretty tepid at this point. But I don't see how a coaching change improves their standing this season. Or what hiring a new coach mid-season accomplishes for the following season.

posted by lilnemo at 06:08 PM on December 22, 2010

Magic Add Arenas, Turkoglu, Two Others for Lewis, Carter, Gortat and Pietrus

This is baffling. Orlando has just shipped out most of their rotation, and the Suns have just handcuffed their offense.

For the Magic, is this a vote of no confidence for Jameer Nelson? ESPN paints GM Smith as a pretty avid Arenas supporter. My best guess:

  1. Jameer Nelson
  2. Jason Richardson
  3. Hedo Turkoglu
  4. Brandon Bass
  5. Dwight Howard
With Arenas spelling Nelson off the bench as 6th man. Hedo could slide to the 4 and Quentin Richardson could start at the 3. But given Hedo's recent history at the 4 I doubt it.

The Suns have taken another big bite out of their offense in search of a big man. It's how I know it is officially winter. I foresee Gortat's usage rate going up and his production tapering down. Pietrus would fit in nicely if his skill set didn't mirror Childress/Dudley. As if this wasn't depressing enough, Carter's ball-stopping and ISO forays are going to have this squad in the lottery rather than treading water for playoff contention. And thats if Nash isn't the next to go.

And the Wiz? Well, they are definitely swingman heavy. They have officially waved the white flag on this season (before X-Mas?), and are having open auditions for John Wall's running mate. I don't think they're done dealing yet.

posted by lilnemo at 08:07 PM on December 18, 2010

Shaq is now a Green man.

I'm not really worried about his offense, more his defense.

A thousand times this. The Celtics have ran there bigs out to show on EVERY pick and roll during the "Big Three" era. This was part of why assistant coach Thibodeau's defensive scheme worked so well. I don't foresee Rivers changing defensive schemes (even with Thibodeau now coaching in Chicago). Which makes me question exactly what they are going to do to hide Shaq on defense. There are very few back-to-the-basket centers left, which only further marginalizes one of Shaq's defensive strengths (the ability to body up and go one-on-one down low). Most big men now either set up on the high post (if they have any kind of offensive game), run screen-rolls, or set pin down screens. Shaq's questionable position in the Celtics defensive schemes mitigates any offensive or rebounding contributions he could make.

I don't understand this signing. This couldn't have been done to counter Dwight Howard, they seem to play him rather well. I'm still drawing straws, any one have a better read on this?

posted by lilnemo at 08:28 PM on August 05, 2010

Timberwolves President: Beasley 'Smoked Too Much Marijuana'

This is the same guy who traded Al Jefferson (for Kosta Koufos and two future first round picks) because he traded for Beasley (giving up a second rounder, and the rights to swap future first round picks) after signing Darko Milicic to a 4 year $20 Million deal? And he's accusing Beasley of smoking too much pot?

Pot meet fucking kettle.

posted by lilnemo at 06:40 PM on July 30, 2010

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Okay so who had 3 games in the Inevitable Grizzlies/Iverson Split-Up predictions?

posted by lilnemo at 10:42 PM on November 16, 2009

The Memphis Grizzlies are looking to sign Jamaal Tinsley

Help them do what, exactly?

You know something? I'm not quite sure. To be quite honest, I'm befuddled by the decision. The Grizzlies have amassed a sizable number of young guards via the draft, trade, or free agency over the last 3-4 years. But they haven't committed to developing (much less to giving PT) to any of them. Mayo may be the exception, though I fully expect the Grizz to foul up his option years in much the same manner they have Rudy Gay's.

posted by lilnemo at 08:47 PM on November 14, 2009

The Memphis Grizzlies are looking to sign Jamaal Tinsley

Tinsley has had off the court problems which led to his being deactivated before the beginning of last season while the Pacers sought a trade. The union filed a grievance on Tinsley's behalf around the All-Star break, but the situation was ultimately resolved when Tinsley was waived after the season concluded in July. The Pacers endured a long season, and some collateral damage.

I'm not so sure its a good idea to sign Tinsley (and his attendant baggage), when the Grizzlies' honeymoon with Iverson lasted one game. Tinsley could possibly turn things around for himself and earn another contract. And I don't think he would have a problem coming off of the bench, if need be. But having sat out an entire season, during the prime years of his career, I wonder if he will get in game shape soon enough to help the Grizzlies. Or if he will help at all.

posted by lilnemo at 03:49 PM on November 14, 2009

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

One less person that believes in my campaign to bring back Mo Vaughn.

We have the technology: Buffalo wings and sliders. Dude! We could rebuild him.

posted by lilnemo at 05:23 PM on November 05, 2009

"I'm really hurt, and I really feel taken advantage of for all these years,''

Among the allegations:

  • Isiah spread rumors questioning Magic's sexuality following his HIV diagnosis.
  • That Isiah was blackballed from the Original Dream Team, but that Michael Jordan wasn't alone in keeping Thomas off the team.
  • That Jordan was frozen out during the 1985 All-Star Game, but that Thomas engineered the plot.
  • And that Magic helped persuade MSG president Steve Mills to Hire Thomas as GM.

posted by lilnemo at 01:31 PM on October 22, 2009

NBA Referee Lock-out

You mean this isn't ColonoscopyFilter?

posted by lilnemo at 01:20 PM on September 22, 2009

NBA Referee Lock-out

Sorry, this is a sports site. You clearly meant to go elsewhere.

Admittedly its been awhile since I posted on SpoFi. But, no. I think it belongs here. But I'll take it under advisement. Christ, what happened to this place? You got people crying about misogyny in one thread and then talking about hurting someone over a LETTER in another.

I'll apologize to Hugh Janus. Your jab was clearly not intended to be taken seriously, but can you blame my Sarcastometer 5000 breaking down considering the comments that came before it?

Besides how often does a guy get to apologize to a Hugh Janus?

posted by lilnemo at 12:40 PM on September 22, 2009

NBA Referee Lock-out

They're also resisting a development plan for young officials...

And why? For the money they're not asking for? Perhaps its the structure of the development plan, or maybe its because the oversight for current in-season officiating is still lacking. There are many reasons to do this aside from saving ones ass. Did you throw this big a fit when the NBA instituted the rookie scale alongside the veterans' minimum? You know so those tried and true rookies like Bryant Reeves would be forced to take low pay while worthless veterans like Jimmy Jackson could take home that awesome veteran money?

And if you do your job well, you better believe a union boss will come tell you to slow down, you're making everyone look bad and we can't justify (pick one of the following: raises, overtime, extra vacation, bigger percentage of salary in pension) if you're doing a better job than everyone else...

Okay. This is where it gets a little personal. I will make a small admission. I am affiliated with a union. And I have never. I repeat, NEVER been told, much less joked about such a thing. To paint union members of any affiliation, with such a vile broad brush without qualification is crass (to put it kindly).

Unions have FAR outlived their use in American society.

Maybe. I'm not qualified to say. I'm not a rah-rah, union guy. I had to join a union in order to obtain my current job. A job without which I would be still be working at minimum wage, without health insurance, much less "health benefits" and at "part-time hours" (which you can read as just below the legal threshold for full-time status and the benefits that ensures). Does that mean I'm stupid? Does that mean I'm lazy? Maybe. But maybe the fact that companies like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Disney, etc can still get away with screwing with timesheets and forcing employees to work overtime to keep their jobs means that Unions aren't just some antiquated notion from the 19th century. That if the government falls asleep at the wheel and doesn't regulate industry, that workers, regular joes like you and me will get fucked sideways and all at the whims of the "free market". We can panhandle together while big business pockets that extra "rainy day" cash.

Fuck off.

posted by lilnemo at 08:02 PM on September 21, 2009

NBA Referee Lock-out

This situation also makes me wonder whether the new refs will be more likely or less likely to make intentional miscalls to alter the point spread when they officiate games they wager money on.

Right, because no one in the history of the gainfully employed has ever commited a crime that effected their employer.

Sportsfilter why are you making me defend the refs?


posted by lilnemo at 06:44 PM on September 21, 2009

NBA Referee Lock-out

Interesting and spirited discussion. I have a few thoughts to throw out.

Comparing the officiating of a professional sport with any other job, is a false equivalence at best. While there may be tenuous similarities to other professions in regards to travel or pay scale, they just don't add up.

Besides, we all know that refs are most like middle management. They have the least say in the direction of the company, and take the most shit for their mistakes. Seriously, who takes as much abuse, from as large a group of people, as referees? Aside from CEOs and heads of state, who catches as much crap as refs? And over what? A game.

I mean, look at this thread. We have some users here who are ready to assault someone over a letter to a board. Who are belittling a woman for supporting her husband? SERIOUSLY?

Here's a little more info for everyone to chew on. And here's the money quote (literally):

The contract between the NBA and its officials expired Sept. 1 and the sides have been trying to reach a new two-year deal. McMorris said they largely agree on salaries, but the union has balked at the league's attempt to change retirement benefits.

Besides the severance and pension disagreements, the officials are resisting a league development plan for young officials.

So they're not negotiating for a raise, they're trying to keep their pension. Those assholes!

Yeah, refs screw up. Everybody does. They're people like you and me. And while I may disagree with officiating on the field, I see nothing wrong with referees trying to secure their retirement. Besides does no one else remember what NBA games were like the last time this happened?

posted by lilnemo at 06:41 PM on September 21, 2009

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Rick Pitino paid for her abortion.

Don't you know Ted Kennedy hasn't been in the ground for a week and a half now?!

How Dare YOU!!

*squints* *wrings hands*

posted by lilnemo at 07:17 PM on September 05, 2009

Concern for Titans' Young prompts police search

"I was given some information from people that were close to him late afternoon, early evening that was quite honestly very concerning to me. I'm not going to go into specifics, but it was concerning to me," Fisher said.

Concerning enough to call the police and have "negotiators on standby". As far as I know, police negotiators are only for hostage situations and attempted suicides.

Vince's family is saying that he's "hurting inside and out". His friends as well as members of the Titans organization are denying that he was, is, or may be depressed.

Either this is a massive misunderstanding or somebody is doing a whole lot of lying.

posted by lilnemo at 05:17 PM on September 10, 2008

Jason Lezak's Unbelievable Freestyle Relay Swim

...does anyone else think NBC and media are playing up the Phelps angle of this accomplishment too much?

A bit. As time passes it's more likely that the general public will remember Phelps accomplishments in these Olympics more than his teammates, whether he surpasses Spitz or not. However, the fact that the media has chosen to cover the games this way does contribute to that eventuality quite heavily.

The victory matters more than just the prospect of keeping Phelps' eight gold hopes alive.

Agreed. But for the "General Public" which largely ignores amateur athletics outside of the Olympics, "names" like Phelps, LeBron, May & Walsh will draw viewers and hopefully steer them towards "lesser known" athletes.

posted by lilnemo at 08:18 PM on August 11, 2008

The MLB Trade Deadline is Looming.

...if Manny gets anything close to $20 million per year, I'll be shocked Lets take a few disparate datapoints and see where they intersect.

  1. Frank McCourt has a Red Sox fetish
  2. Ned Colletti has a "veteran" fetish
  3. Ned Colletti likes splashy "name" moves
  4. Up until the Manny trade, most of the Dodger fans + media were calling for Colletti to be fired.
  5. Ned Colletti signed a veteran, in decline Andruw Jones to a $36.2 million, two-year deal.
I don't think its too far fetched for Colletti to make another desperation signing, even with the current, crowded state of the Dodger outfield. I wouldn't be surprised to see Colletti sign Manny. However, two things stand in the way of it: McCourt's pocketbook, and the Dodger's history with Boras.

posted by lilnemo at 06:22 PM on August 01, 2008

The MLB Trade Deadline is Looming.

Looking at this, I can only think that Boston was either really hot for Bay or really hot to get rid of Manny. Probably both. Considering that Boston is paying the remainder of Manny's salary this year, on top of giving up 2 prospects for Bay. I'm going to hedge towards really hot to get rid of Manny.

posted by lilnemo at 05:11 PM on July 31, 2008

The MLB Trade Deadline is Looming.

Bryan Morris just came back from TJ surgery. He's been one of the Dodgers top 15 prospects since he was drafted. Mid-90's fastball and curve. Logan White liked him, that's enough for me.

posted by lilnemo at 05:00 PM on July 31, 2008

The MLB Trade Deadline is Looming.

Andy LaRoche is supposed to be the real deal. He was all but guaranteed to be the opening day starter at 3rd, but a freak injury kept him out of the remainder of spring training and on the DL into the beginning of the season. At that point AA prospect Blake DeWitt was called up to start in his place. DeWitt hit well enough, in MAY but quickly faded. Torre continued to pencil DeWitt in even when LaRoche recovered. His tenure with the Dodgers has seemed star-crossed thats for sure. Okay, not star-crossed (thats too purple). Mismanaged. There's the word.

posted by lilnemo at 04:50 PM on July 31, 2008

The MLB Trade Deadline is Looming.

Its over folks. Manny to the Dodgers. Bay to the Red Sox. Andy LaRoche, Bryan Morris, Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen to the Pirates.

posted by lilnemo at 04:27 PM on July 31, 2008

Josh Childress spurns the Hawks & the NBA for the Greek League.

But it sounds like he means he doesn't even bother considering anyone but the NBA. Yup, thats exactly what he's saying. Does Stern care one way or the other whether teams are bidding against other leagues for talent? So long as they work within the confines of the cap, I sincerely doubt it.

posted by lilnemo at 05:09 PM on July 24, 2008

Josh Childress spurns the Hawks & the NBA for the Greek League.

If the US doesn't beat some ass in the Olympics, can we finally put that to rest? Dear God I hope so. Oh, did anyone catch this nugget from Hawks GM Rick Sund?

"We were informed this morning by Josh Childress' representatives that he has signed with Olympiakos in Greece, and we want to wish him the absolute best with his future career in FIBA." [...] The fact is Atlanta's offer was the best Childress could get - in the NBA. Atlanta chose not to compete with the offer from Olympiacos Piraeus. "I can only compete in the league I play in," justified Sund.
And on the heels of Childress jumping into European waters comes news that Rockets forward Carl Landry is contemplating doing the same.

posted by lilnemo at 02:48 PM on July 24, 2008

Josh Childress spurns the Hawks & the NBA for the Greek League.

I thought Henry Abbott over at True Hoop had a very good perspective on this. That he does, but I don't see this becoming a widespread trend among US-born players just yet. International leagues are still stigmatized by mainstream media outlets as inferior in competition, fame & fortune. There are very few players like Sam Clancy, Tyus Edney, Anthony Parker, J.R. Sakuragi, Trajan Langdon, or Josh Childress who can turn down the lure of the NBA and acclimate themselves to another culture.

posted by lilnemo at 12:41 PM on July 24, 2008

Josh Childress spurns the Hawks & the NBA for the Greek League.

It isn't mentioned in the story, but I seem to recall that beyond the higher salary on average, and the strength of the Euro, that there was talk of the Greek taxes being "handled". Childress also has opt out options for the duration of the contract, which would allow him to return to the NBA without much fuss. The only snag to a potential return is that the Hawks still own his rights, and he would remain a restricted free agent, meaning the Hawks only have to make a qualifying offer every year to retain his rights, and that if he signs an offer sheet with another NBA club the Hawks have the right to match. However, with so many big name free agents on the horizon for '09 and '10 it is possible that the Hawks may renounce his rights by not making a qualifying offer, so that they can make a run at another player.

posted by lilnemo at 01:36 PM on July 23, 2008


As opposed to the Clippers' owner, who's willing to spend whatever it takes to win. Point well taken. And yet, in a move that mystifies even the Grinch, Sterling took a wrench to his pocketbook. I don't know what did it. Was it the constant ribbing? The losing? Did someone convince him (finally) that fielding a competitive team could be profitable? Whatever the reason, Sterling has showed a willingness to pay over the last 7 years. Lost in all this is the fact that Sterling loved Brand & Maggette. He's never had this kind of connection with any player on any of his previous teams. There's absolutely no reason at all for Sterling to have allowed this to happen. Which is why I'm inclined to believe the Clippers front office. And believe me that is not a sentence I ever thought I would hear come out of my mouth. But even if the front office was its usual bungling self, we had Baron in the bag and the promise of Brand on the way. Which is vexing, and pretty much the crux of the main link:

Clippers fans, by their nature, can stomach a great deal of indignity. But either circumstance -- cold-blooded betrayal or woeful neglect -- is something not even Clippers fans are truly equipped to deal with.

posted by lilnemo at 02:59 PM on July 11, 2008

2008 NBA Draft.

Maggette hasn't verbally committed to any team yet. Though the Spurs are reportedly in the running.

posted by lilnemo at 07:11 PM on July 02, 2008

2008 NBA Draft.

Well. Maggette is not as good a defender as Posey. Not by half. His jumper is suspect. Corey's value is tied up in his scoring, his ability to draw fouls and his proficiency from the free throw line. The fact that he has drawn as many fouls as he has, on a team that gets precious little respect from the refs (or anyone else for that matter) is a testament to his talent. He is a surprisingly good rebounder when he gives the effort but his track record in this regard is spotty. I think he would be great coming off the bench to spell Allen and Pierce. But at this point in his career I don't see Corey going back to the bench voluntarily. Posey is a good fit, the Celtics should make every effort to retain him. Though it may be largely out of their hands.

posted by lilnemo at 06:18 PM on July 02, 2008

2008 NBA Draft.

Do you think the money that Baron Davis is getting from the Clippers the most he could get? Nope. Baron definitely took a paycut coming to the Clippers. But in doing so, he gets to play with Brand and be closer to his other business ventures. Win-Win. I just don't understand why Gilbert Arenas is worth about double the amount of Davis, according to reports about what he has been offered. I get the impression that Arenas is seen as less of an injury risk. They do seem to be pretty equally matched, talentwise. Gil is a better perimeter shooter, but Baron's a better passer and finisher in the paint. Tough call. The Clips got lucky Baron dropped into their laps, but you get the impression that the Wiz need Gil to stick around to keep basketball relevant in Washington. Just look at the last 15 years of inconsistency that Bullets fans endured before the current renaissance. I think that the combination of Gil's persona and the culture it helped create around the team are primarily why the Wiz are throwing the bank at him. Should I be excited by the Celtics trying to sign Cutino Mobley? Mobley is still under contract with the Clips. I think you may mean Maggette. I don't understand the fascination at the Globe (specifically Chad Finn, whom I like) with keeping Eddie House; his seems like a skillset you could find anywhere. Backup combo guards are a dime a dozen. Here's a short list of current Free Agents to back that claim:

  • Salim Stoudemire
  • Earl Boykins
  • Chris Duhon
  • Tyronn Lue
  • Juan Dixon
  • Lindsey Hunter
  • Darrell Armstrong
And there are plenty more who will probably cost less than an NBA Championship Quality Backup Guard™.

posted by lilnemo at 05:54 PM on July 02, 2008

2008 NBA Draft.

No question, Lowry and Crittenton will be spun off, but based on how the Grizz handled their playing time, I doubt they get much in return.

posted by lilnemo at 01:15 PM on July 02, 2008

2008 NBA Draft.

What were the Wizards thinking? That was a wasted pick. Tough call. Arthur was still on the board, but IF the Wiz are bringing Jamison back (and I think they will), I don't see where he gets any burn. Admittedly, I haven't seen much of McGee, but if he can catch a pass, hell, if he can hold onto the ball he will already be a MARKED improvement over Haywood. I think Minnesota looks okay now, unless Mayo becomes a star. Then, the trade was a big mistake. I'm not so sure of that. Does Mayo's draft position or talent make him the starter in Memphis? How does Grizz management spin it if Conley (last years #4) has to come off the bench? Where does this leave Crittenton (the only tangible asset from the Gasol trade)? What about Lowry for that matter? The Grizz are gambling (admittedly with good odds) that Mayo will be a star for them, but in doing so, they are marginalizing any trade value the rest of their guard corps may have. And the Grizz need those guys to be valuable in trade because it is doubtful that anyone will be willing to sign with them in free agency during the early stages of rebuilding. You were missed during the playoffs, lilnemo. Thanks, I appreciate that. Had a family member pass away. Threads like the one below haven't made it easy to come back either. I've been lurking, but hope to be more active.

posted by lilnemo at 03:17 PM on June 30, 2008

The Day Innocence Died

If you're going to pull a quote from the article, at least pull the entire sentence. Why should I if you didn't in your initial comment? Look I'm not trying to convince you that Lenny Bias was the second coming. He wasn't. I get it. A journo starts writing all purple and the article goes south. Fine. If you don't want to discuss whether Bias had an impact or what that might have been. Fine. I'm not going to get into a semantic pissing match. We just agree to disagree.

posted by lilnemo at 04:01 PM on June 28, 2008

The Day Innocence Died

The author made a pretty big qualifier before making the hyperbolic comparisons which seem to have enlisted such RAGE, from our fellow members.

If you were alive then, and you cared at all about sports, or about drugs, you most likely remember it well. It was one of those moments
We can argue what impact Bias death had on sports and society til were blue in the face, but your reaction is just that. Your reaction. Same with mine. But the fact that we are discussing the event 20 years after; that it is apparently still such a touchy subject; and that it touched more lives than the fanbase of the New England area should give credence to the notion that Bias death affected people other than you in a significant way. Surely we can agree on that?

posted by lilnemo at 11:43 AM on June 28, 2008

2008 NBA Draft.

The Bucks are definitely clearing the decks. Mason is redundant with Jefferson coming aboard.

posted by lilnemo at 06:45 PM on June 27, 2008

The Day Innocence Died

I guess the difference is one had the opportunity to make an impact and the other did not. I wouldn't say that. Bias death become THE cautionary tale for athletes with aspirations for living fast and making it big. That's a pretty big impact, and one he only achieved through death. Bias death and the events surrounding it were the harbinger for how the media would report and how society would reflect upon the shortcomings of our athletes.

posted by lilnemo at 06:03 PM on June 27, 2008

2008 NBA Draft.

YYM I think the DET-SEA trade was a win-win. Dumars gets to role the dice on some promising big men and the Sonics get a player to supplement their frontcourt depth. Not bad. I will say that Joe has a real knack for getting quality big men in the lower ends of the draft (Maxiell, Amir Johnson, hell even Acker, 05 was a good year for Joe wasn't it?).

posted by lilnemo at 05:27 PM on June 27, 2008

2008 NBA Draft.

Muffed the Ford link, it was supposed to include this link as well. For those of you (like me) keeping score, here is a list of trades that were completed with this draft, as well as a list of outstanding trades awaiting completion by way of draft. Just a few random observations:

  • The Nets have taken a huge gamble with the moves they made throughout the draft. Its truly LeBron or bust. Tell me, who exactly is going to score for this team until 2010? Hopefully Vince Carter. At least CDR looks to get some burn.
  • Portland and Seattle, to me seemed to have the best drafts. They selected (or traded) for the best talent available and managed to shore up their respective rosters.
  • I'm trying to understand what Memphis GM Chris Wallace's plan was going into this draft. After trading away Gasol, it became plain that the Grizz was going to blow up the team and look to rebuild. Mayo is a nice piece but they took on a lot of swingmen with bad contracts. Before the draft it was difficult to foresee which of the young guards they were going to keep as rotation players. This trade only muddles things further. The T-Wolves, on the other hand, are showing signs of turning things around. The roster has better balance, though the overall talent and depth is still lacking. While their cap is tied up in the short term, the Wolves have created a window after next season where they will have enough cap space to build around Jefferson, Miller, Gomes, Love, Foye, and Brewer.
  • Interesting to note that the first round pick that caused the Hawks "management group" to have a conniption during the Joe Johnson trade, yielded Robin Lopez. A fine talent no doubt, but probably not someone who was going to uproot Horford or Smith from the uptempo rotation. Actually, had the Hawks kept the pick and not traded for Bibby mid-season, it's not totally implausible to think that the Hawks could have found themselves out of the playoffs.
  • Speaking of Sacramento, once the musical chairs of quality PGs got snapped up it appears that the Kings balked. Hawks fan it could have been you.
What did you guys think?

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You got Rondo'd.

Which would laker fans rather see in the game, Rondo or Cassell? Rondo. Although the Celtics are up 2-0 (and I'm pretty sure they'll take the series), Rondo's late-game ball-handling and play-calling have been atrocious. How many lob/balloon passes did he toss up in the waning minutes of, well, all of his playoff games so far? Don't get me wrong. He's a good lead guard. If his career maintains its upward trajectory he'll have a Dennis Johnson-type, solid-but-not-spectacular career.

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Mike Piazza decides to retire after 16 seasons

I would love for Piazza to wear a Dodger cap into the HOF. But its pretty unlikely. I don't have the heart to go into why, but these threads over at Dodger Thoughts cover most of the reasons pretty well.

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WHAT GIVES, GUYS? Nelson says there's no problem, Davis says very little

In the NBA you have to rely on your star players to work through a poor stretch or at least provide some intangibles. This is true for the most part. Most players will look to drive to the basket to get off easier shots (distance-wise), or in the hopes of drawing contact/fouls. Unfortunately, Baron has established a reputation as a player who will fall in love with his jumper, and who will stop penetrating late in games. Why this is, I do not know. I just know that this move (Nellie shenanigans aside) isn't quite as unexpected as some are making out. In fact, given Baron's age, health, and (alleged) coachability issues. Its not too hard to read the writing on the wall. Ellis will be the primary focus of this off-season and of the offense come next year.

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Where have you gone Darius Miles?

The article brings up the fact that Miles can sign with another team upon clearing waivers. The article also states that it is uncertain whether Miles has the desire to play. If Miles does end up playing again, whether in the next two years or after, his injury couldn't really be classified as "career-ending". If the Blazers wanted rid of Miles they could have bought him out. They'd take a hit on his cap number, but they'd be rid of him. Or they could have traded him off to another team for picks and parts. But they didn't. Does involving the league and its independent doctor benefit the Blazers? Sure. It gets Miles off of the cap. But the league isn't in the business of letting teams off the hook for luxury tax considerations. The bit of business in the article about Miles joining another team? Yes he absolutely could. Just like Keith Van Horn did. Until Miles files retirement papers, any contract he signs makes him a financial commodity, not an on court asset. He had microfracture, so the odds of him coming back are unknown. Kidd and Amare have come back from it. Houston, and Penny did not. If Miles "had the desire to play" and his injury wasn't career threatening why wouldn't he suit up for the Blazers? Allen loves him, the article makes that plain. Cheeks is gone. Ditto Randolph. The team as a whole, are a pretty likeable bunch. They're up and coming, and have the talent to challenge for the playoffs for the next few years. I just don't see the nefarious machinations of the League Office at work here.

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Where have you gone Darius Miles?

This sounds like a defense team in a trial going to as many "experts" as it takes until they find one who will agree with their side of the case. How exactly? The Blazers had to have the NBA bring in a third party to ensure such a scenario wouldn't happen. Otherwise the Blazers are stuck with Miles and his contract.

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Where have you gone Darius Miles?

The team will pay Miles the remaining $27.5 M left on the contract, which will not count against the cap. The team will collect $6.6 M in insurance, and save over $3.5 M in luxury tax penalties this year. This gives the Trailblazers between $25-$33 M to play with for free agency '10. Though Miles has been waived with a "career-ending" injury he can sign with another team once he clears waivers. *knuckles to forehead* *.*

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"KG tanked it."

when was Bird a head coach in the NBA? Its right here. He coached the Pacers from 1998-2000. They lost the EC Finals in 98 and 99. They advanced to the NBA Finals in 2000 and lost to the Lakers. I would like to know why the Pistons got over the fall-out from the fight, and a few seasons later the Pacers are still in shock. The Pacers had finished the 2004 season with a 61-21 record. They lost the EC Finals 4 games to 2 in a closely contested series to the eventual NBA champion Pistons. The following season they opened up the season with a 6-2 record heading into the palace. This is a team that hadn't missed the playoffs since 97, all while rebuilding on the fly around O'Neal. This was a team that was prepared to make the next step. In the fallout from the brawl Artest was suspended for the remainder of the season (73 games) and postseason (13 games), Stephen Jackson for 30 games, Jermaine for 25 games (later reduced to 25), Anthony Johnson for 5, Reggie for 1. And the Pistons? Ben Wallace 6 games, Billups, Campbell, Coleman 1 game. With the Pacers short 2 of their leading scorers, and forced to rely on green players like James Jones, Fred Jones, Eddie Gill and Tremaine Fowlkes, the quick start they had enjoyed ground to a halt. The Pistons ran away with the Central Division while the Pacers clawed their way into the 6th seed of the playoffs. The teams met in the playoffs, and the Pistons won the series. Much of the personnel from the Pacers 05 squad still bare the stigma of the incident. Most notably Artest and Jackson. The coverage of the incident over the season adversely effected both players value, to the team and on the open market. As such, when the groundswell of bad sentiment rose against the players from the Pacers fans, the team was forced to deal Artest and Jackson for somewhat less than fair value. Which goes a long way to explaining why the Pacers, a small market team, are paying close to the cap maximum and yet possess the 5th worst record in their conference. 2005, the season of the Brawl, was the last time the Pacers finished with a record above .500 06 record 41-41 07 record 35-47 08 record 27-41

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"KG tanked it."

As much as I rag on McHale, he did what he could with the money Taylor afforded him. The one time he was given the green light to spend, the Wolves ended up in the WC Finals. Though the Joe Smith deal pretty much overshadows anything he's done since. Bird took over a playoff team, ousted Isiah, hired Carlisle, and was on the verge of a huge playoff run. And then his club went apeshit in Detroit. I don't really see how you can blame him for that. Until Bird shakes loose the rest of the remnants of that squad (Tinsley, Jermaine O'Neal), and their bad contracts, its going to be hard to judge his work with the club. The question is whether he wants to stick around long enough to rebuild.

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"KG tanked it."

Attn: News Media Re: Trolls Don't feed them. I'm trying to see what Taylor gets out of this. Its not as if he's trying to shield himself from bad publicity over the trade. In most circles, people are glad Taylor allowed Garnett to move on to a team with actual title aspirations. He really hasn't gotten much criticism (to my eye) over the pieces of the trade (not that they were all that bad). Any blame for that has largely fallen on McHale. Maybe this was just an owner lashing out during a losing season (we've seen it before, this season even. Thank you Mr. Sterling). Maybe Taylor was feeling trader's remorse. I don't know. Any way you spin it, this was a stupid statement. In a few years, Garnett is going to retire. He's going to get into the Hall of Fame. Is it a good idea to alienate the defining player of your franchise?

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The Sad tale of Maurice Stokes.

Welcome to SpoFi deadsteen. I tend to agree with your assessment. With the NBA's stratospheric rise in popularity and revenue under Stern, the game has become more businesslike and less personable. It puts players at the forefront of its ad campaign. But 75% of the players in the league are indiscernible in their differences. To be fair, Magic's fund raiser has been taken over by Paul Pierce and Baron Davis. And the exploits of Gilbert Arenas, and Channing Frye have made following players off the court more fun the last season or two. I'm sure these examples are not exceptions to how most NBA players are in real life, but it'd be nice to see it reported more often.

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What Part Of "Spring Training" Don't You Guys Get?

Thats what I come to SpoFi for, the "nifty spikes-to-crotch" action.

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The Other side of the tracks.

One could always argue that with a larger pool of talent to draw from, that public schools should always be competitive. But with the money private schools are able to put into facilities, equipment, and coaching staffs its hard to see why a kid with the option to go to private school wouldn't. Having said that, I'm against the proposal to have seperate leagues. While better funding may give private schools the edge, I don't see how a School Administrator can look their students in the eye and say they aren't good enough to compete with another school.

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Jason Kidd traded to the Mavs.

West lets LA steal Gasol... Jerry West had nothing to do with it, he is not the Grizzlies GM. Chris Wallace is the Grizzlies GM. The same man who engineered the Tony Delk and Rodney Rogers for Joe Johnson, Randy Brown, Milt Palacio, and 1st round pick (Casey Jacobsen) trade. The same Wallace that signed Travis Knight to a 7 year/$22M contract. The same Wallace that signed Chris Mills to a 6 year/$26.1M contract. The same Wallace that traded Andrew DeClercq and the pick that became Andre Miller for Vitaly Potapenko. Ad infinitum. Why is everyone surprised? Seriously, the Gasol trade looks bad, but isn't so clear cut. Crittenton looks good, though (like Minnesota) with so much competition it might be tough to judge him. The Grizz have cleared the decks and have the cap space to attract free agents. However, there is the possibility that the owners are looking to run things on the cheap for awhile, if not sell/move the team all together. I don't know if the trade was a Front Office mandate or not, but we can't just judge this trade in a void.

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The NY Times real time blog of the Clemens hearings.

For all those wondering about Roger wearing the other pinstripes.

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The NY Times real time blog of the Clemens hearings.

Its the job of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to look into whether Roger Clemens used steriods? Try again. Does no one remember this? The freaking President made it a point of contention. Several politicians jumped on the PED bandwagon and started making veiled noise about MLB's antitrust exemption. So to quell the clamor, good ole Bud got on the horn with Mitchell. For all the righteous indignation, the pleading for the safety of the children, and the gnashing of teeth, its all PR. The members of the House get to show their constituents that they're "tough on drugs", MLB gets to act contrite for the fans, and the accused players defend themselves. All with varying degrees of success.

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Jason Kidd traded to the Mavs.

This is the worst trade in the history of basketball the mav's are idiots to give that much up for Jason Kidd?? Um, did you miss the box insert that reads:

Jason Kidd, despite being a month away from turning 35, is still producing at a high level. Only two others, Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson, have met his averages over the course of a season, and they did so in their early- and mid-20s.
Beyond that, take a look at what the Mavs have "really" given up here:
  • Devin Harris - a tough loss but a necessary one for a HOFer
  • Jerry Stackhouse - Really just taking a 1 month All Star break, no?
  • DeSagana Diop - handy role player, but unnecessary when you're already overpaying Dampier
  • Devean George - bench fodder
  • Maurice Ager - bench fodder
  • $3 Million - is this really an issue
  • 2 First round picks - which likely would have been dealt on draft day as it is
So essentially you're getting Kidd and Allen for Harris, Diop, George, Ager, and a couple of lower First rounders. The only stable production you're giving up is from Harris and Diop. I'm pretty sure Kidd and Allen will do more than bridge the gap.

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Jason Kidd traded to the Mavs.

Could someone clarify the Stackhouse situation for me? It is quite confusing. Stackhouse was included in this trade to make the numbers work. While it is entirely possible that the Nets do like his skill-set, the incumbent cadre of wingmen (Jefferson, Carter, Nachbar, and now George and Ager) make him expendable. Beyond that, its rather obvious that Stack has enjoyed his time with the Mavs and would prefer to try and get back to the Finals with them than languish on the Nets bench. Under the CBA, if the Nets buy Stack out he can only re-sign with the Mavs 1 month after the buyout (the Gary Payton rule), though he could sign on with any other team ASAP for the remainder of the season. I'm not sure of the cap implications, but I believe this effectively takes Stack off of the Net's cap next season (while still counting towards this season). Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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