November 14, 2009

The Memphis Grizzlies are looking to sign Jamaal Tinsley: Less than 2 weeks after Iverson left the team for personal reasons, the Memphis Grizzlies are negotiating a contract with Jamaal Tinsley.

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Tinsley has had off the court problems which led to his being deactivated before the beginning of last season while the Pacers sought a trade. The union filed a grievance on Tinsley's behalf around the All-Star break, but the situation was ultimately resolved when Tinsley was waived after the season concluded in July. The Pacers endured a long season, and some collateral damage.

I'm not so sure its a good idea to sign Tinsley (and his attendant baggage), when the Grizzlies' honeymoon with Iverson lasted one game. Tinsley could possibly turn things around for himself and earn another contract. And I don't think he would have a problem coming off of the bench, if need be. But having sat out an entire season, during the prime years of his career, I wonder if he will get in game shape soon enough to help the Grizzlies. Or if he will help at all.

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I thought for years that Tinsley got a bit of a raw deal in Indiana; he was never really trusted with the point guard job, despite performing fairly well. That said, he spent a year and a half essentially in exile, which isn't good for your game, and he's getting older, so I'm not sure what he's got to give the Grizz than a depth guard.

If I was another NBA team, I'd be inquiring as to what it would take to pry Mike Conley from the Griz. I think the answer at this point is not much; in a better situation with a cast of players that didn't revolve constantly, I think he could still be a servicable guard in the NBA.

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I wonder if he will get in game shape soon enough to help the Grizzlies.

Help them do what, exactly? No disrespect to the franchise, but it's not like they're going to be competing for a playoff spot this year. They have a nice small group of younger players, mostly with Gay, Mayo, and Gasol, but this whole stupid idea of signing the likes of Zach Randolph and Iverson and now Tinsley just makes no sense. It's throwing money away for the sake of throwing money away.

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Help them do what, exactly?

You know something? I'm not quite sure. To be quite honest, I'm befuddled by the decision. The Grizzlies have amassed a sizable number of young guards via the draft, trade, or free agency over the last 3-4 years. But they haven't committed to developing (much less to giving PT) to any of them. Mayo may be the exception, though I fully expect the Grizz to foul up his option years in much the same manner they have Rudy Gay's.

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