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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

I wonder if we're missing the underlying current here? When the 1st spygate came out, there was mention of a memo sent out by the league that said spying on other teams' signals was bad (duh)... Now, with spygate sequels (prequels?) threatening to come out in such numbers that they would rival the Friday the 13th franchise, we get THIS gem from Goodell: "He said that's always been his interpretation since he's been the head coach," the commissioner said. "We are going to agree to disagree on the facts." WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON HERE??? If I send a memo saying don't do X to my employees, and one does it anyway and says, "Sorry boss, I just don't see it that way..." the absolute LAST thing you'd hear from me is, "Well... We're just going to agree to disagree..." And this is coming from the self-described tough guy sheriff- the wannabe Joe Arpaio of the NFL??? Does this wizard think that Belichick's behavior is less damaging to the NFL image than Michael Vick or Pacman Jones?

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Casualties of the NFL:

he would probably be dragged in mid-sentence from the broadcast booth by Security I wonder if Keith Olbermann would have the jewels necessary to reference this on his weekly 'Worst Person in the NFL' spot during halftime of the Sunday Night game... Judging from his previous rants, he seems the only one who would dare stray from parroting the company line and publicize this to a wide television audience... And to think, I was SURE no one in the NFL could disgust me more than Michael Vick... Congrats to Gene Upshaw on that one...

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Vick to still play.

Careful, Mars- your logic sounds a slight hop away from, "pit bulls attack defenseless children and other people all the time"; therefore, it's OK to hang, drown, slam etc them to death... Goodell dropped the ball on this one by being inconsistent, but I can't fathom Blank's wait and see stance on this whole thing. The LAST thing I'd want as an owner going into training camp is the media circus/locker room cancer that having Vick on hand would bring- If it was me, I'd pull a Titans/Steve McNair and tell Mike he was not welcome at the facilities until he gets his sh*t in order... The Falcons would probably win more games this year with Harrington/Culpepper and no distractions to the team anyway...I know it's not fair to lock Vick out for only an indictment, but if you think about it, we're dealing with twilight zone situations in the NFL to begin with- I mean, how fair is a 35 million dollar signing bonus given to a kid who hasn't proven himself, just to play a game?

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Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

Yerfatma, I understand the legal system has different principles; I was speaking generally, not legally... I mean, OJ Simpson is legally innocent, right?

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Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

Bishop, if you want to jump to a man's defense based on the color if his skin (which I can only assume by your 1:38 AM CDT on July 18 rant), you'd do much better sticking to the 'he hasn't been convicted- he's innocent until proven guilty' angle; You lose major credibility with the 'Give me a break, at least he's not Chris Benoit' shtick... While I would tend to agree that 'an indictment only means that the grand jury decided that there is enough evidence to go forward with a trial, that is still quite a long way from a conviction' and anyone is entitled to his day in court, I can't help but think that there is NO way that a grand jury would find enough evidence to indict me of dogfighting charges... Where there's smoke, there's usually fire, etc. etc. (Igottheblues- What's a Nubian... classic!)

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The Hoser's NFL Picks, Postseason Week Two

Reading through the posts on this thread, I'm reminded of why I love the playoffs so much- After all, it's the time that everyone is at their most logical and clear-headed with their predictions, without letting personal feelings cloud their judgement.... You can see this by the record number of 'Go (insert team here)' in the signoff, or the sudden emergence of the team owner (MY Eagles) taking time out of his busy day to post on a sports board...

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Batch in the Saddle Again

It's almost like the Football Gods decided that Ben will not play a complete season this year- if the accident won't keep him out of a regular season game, we'll throw this at him- poor guy.... Howard, as far as Ben being overrated, I disagree- It is entirely possible that Ben would have been a much worse QB had he been drafted by, say, the Cardinals (but then again, the Cards have a tendency to ruin draft picks); However, Ben has shown a great ability to read defenses and make the proper throw, especially for a young QB (young guys usually get confused by NFL defenses disguising their coverages and playing faster than a college defense)... To use your Pats as an example, Ben's QB rating of 98.1 and 98.6 over his first 2 seasons is much better than Tom Brady's 86.5, and 85.7 his first 2 years starting (as a matter of fact, Tom has never been over 92.6, and no one will ever question that he's a good QB)... Also, I have never seen a QB throw so accurately while running as Ben, including Steve Young. I personally believe that Ben's progress and the fact that Willie Parker is more of a speed back than a pounder was convincing Cowher to shift towards an Indianaoplis-style no huddle offense this year (I noticed them doing it a few times in preseason, and then stopping real quick before any opponents could get quality film of it to study, lol)... I guess I have to wait another week or two to see if I'm right...

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Will the AZ Cardinals play in Pink Taco Stadium?

Well, you gotta admit, after this year's saviour (Edgerrin James) averaging around 0.1 yards per carry this preseason, the O-line seems to be playing like a bunch of P**sies, so why NOT the Pink Taco stadium?

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Leinart signs a large contract

Ok, I stand corrected... The Cardinals organization has drafted and developed talent wonderfully over the years, as proven by their continued dominance of the NFL since the days of the Chicago Cardinals... a few questions though: O.J. Anderson- wasn't he best known for breaking the Buffalo Bills' hearts as a member of the Giants? David Boston- Are you serious? That's an example of a good pick? Vai Sikahema- good return man, but I don't recall Bill Walsh offering to trade Joe Montana for him... Eric Swann- what was it- 1 decent season before he became the amazing always injured DT? Simeon Rice- Jumped ship for Tampa as soon as he could escape the 'armpit of the NFL' (I mean, if you want to include players who became good/great/better after leavng the Cards, what about Jake Plummer, Garrison Heart, or Thomas Jones?) Aneas Williams- class act, pulled an unsuccessful 'Ray Bourque'- I wonder if he will be elected to the Hall of Fame as a Cardinal, or a Ram? Anquan Boldin/Larry Fitzgerald- too soon to really tell, wouldn't you agree? Ad Nauseum- was that a draft pick from the pre-Arizona days, or what ASU was feeling when the Cardinals sued them over advertising revenue at their own stadium a few years ago?

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Leinart signs a large contract

I think Leinart held out for the best money he could because he instinctively knows he's more suited to partying with Paris Hilton than excelling at the NFL level- in a few years, people will be lumping him in with all the other horrible picks the Cards have made over the past 80 years or so...

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One idiot replaces another

ctal, you asked 'how can people that stupid get (or stay) that rich'... I'm reminded of Kevin Smith (of Silent Bob fame) talking about John Peters, who went from being Barbara Streisand's hairdresser, to producing her boxing movie 'The Main Event', to being the Executive Producer of the movie Wild Wild West.. because, as Kevin Smith says, "In Hollywood, you just kind of fail upwards"... Perhaps the same principle applies to Millen?

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Excited Fitzgerald ready to watch Cards rise from ashes

Wow, Bidwill usually pays for one of these 'Wait for next season- the Cards are gonna turn it around for sure!' pieces much earlier in the offseason, so by the time training camp rolls around the Cards are everyone's sleeper pick- and then the games start, and we get back to reality... As the old saying goes, 'Fool me once, shame on you; fool me 18 times and counting, shame on me'...

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Steelers' Porter to Bush: Uhh, Never Mind

Bdaddy- So we agree that it would be something other than a classy move by Porter to bring anything up during the photo-op; For Dubya to withdraw the invitation on that basis (or do that screening bit like his election cycle 'town hall meetings') would seriously smell like quashing a citizen's right to free speech- if Porter were to have the oh-so-American bad taste to bring negative comments to him, I'd say he'd have to suck it up and keep a calm expression on his face... like he did with Colbert at the correspondents dinner, lol.

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Steelers' Porter to Bush: Uhh, Never Mind

Bdaddy, No one said anything about insulting Dubya's wife; I think the more realistic analogy would be for your friend to inform you that he'll take time at the party to mention that he doesn't like your habit of letting your dog crap on his lawn... perhaps not the best timing, but what's the solution here? Maybe they should pre-screen all the members of the Steelers team and only allow those who sign statements supporting the president to attend? I think too many people have worked too hard for too long to shield W from any negative thoughts entering his private bubble...

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Browns constructed to contend

The only surprise for the Arizona Cardinals will be how they can manage to finish 3-13 in spite of all their recent aquisitions... Edggerin James will wish he was back in Indy playing for the league minimum after averaging 2.1 YPC behind that underachieving line, and Leinhart partying with Paris Hilton tends to remind one more of Brian Bosworth than Joe Montana...

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New rules eliminate scoring opportunity for guards

so, we're eliminating the kids' fun so the officials won't have to wake from their peaceful slumber and pay attention to the game they're calling... Maybe High school football needs instant replay if the refs lack the grey matter to recognize a trick play.. What's next? Outlawing a draw play, or a play-action pass? I'm not sure if the NFL has copyrighted the phrase 'No Fun League', but if so, the NFSHSA may find themselves in a highly actionable position...

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Titans give McNair the cold shoulder

"Look, Joe Player, You're going to cost us too much money this year- so we'd like you to take one for the team, and re-do your contract so we can pay you less- we promise we'll make up the money you're losing plus some at the tail end of this next contract (cough: unless we decide it's too expensive and we cut you or rework the deal again before then)... Whaddya say?" This is why players are 'selfishly' concerned about the size of their signing bonuses, as it's likely the only money they'll actually see from the standard back-loaded NFL contract... The 2 thoughts about this situation are one: The system is bruised, if not broken completely, and Two: McNair is most likely refusing to re-work his deal (again) because he knows at this point in his career he'd be trading his retirement funds for an empty promise...

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Steve Nash spends endorsement cash on Paraguay hospital

Actually Weedy, It might not read better without the 'know'... following the path of Logic, the women you do enjoy the Steve Nash kind of look, therefore... well, you see where it leads, right?

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America's Favorite Player Released.

I predict Dallas will be the winner of the 'We don't learn from the mistakes of others' sweepstakes, and T.O. will love the idea of rubbing it in the Eagles collective faces twice per year... The entertaining bit will be that one of those times will be in Philly, Where he'd better keep his helmet on while he's on the sideline (wasn't it Philly where the fans would actually throw batteries at opposing players?)

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America's Favorite Player Released.

No Bashing, eh? Hmmm.... How about this: Maybe Vince McMahon should try again... If ever a player was perfectly suited to change leagues and add some legitimacy to the XFL, it's Owens... The only question is if they could fit "Y'all are blessed just to be watching me play" on the back of his jersey...

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What happens when players act as their own agents

Personally, I'm going to reserve judgement on the whole thing until someone comes forward with some insight on the contents of this mysterious email that the Vikings allegedly sent... The real issue isn't Daunte choosing to represent himself, rather it is his choice of trying his case in the press- and that just might be self-promotion, because the email could have led him to believe his days in Mn were numbered anyway, so he figured he'd better do something to get his name out there on the minds of teams who are looking for a QB...

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Tainted Steel

Not to worry, kiddies- Remember all the people having coronaries over Tom Brady, the Raiders, and the 'tuck rule' reversal that we were told would forever taint the Pats' chamionship run of that year? In 5 years, all anyone will remember is that the Steelers won, they beat the Seahawks, and I think they won by like 10... we'll all be too busy bitching about the next batch of horribly called games to remember any of this drama..

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Great One Hoped Wife Would Skate

I think they're making a big deal out of this because they have nothing, so they're trying to build a case in the court of public opinion... Contrary to the 'NO ONE wants to find dirt on either Gretzky' theory, I'm sure the prosecutor would find it to be a feather in his cap to be known as the guy who took down X number of celebrity athletes; That's the kind of television face time that a prosecutor can parley into a governorship very easily... Also, if you want to REALLY believe in conspiracy theories, remember that this is New Jersey, whose Devils hockey team was once referred to as a 'Mickey Mouse organization' by a certain NHL superstar....

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Great One Hoped Wife Would Skate

Mrhockey- From the dictionary- look under 'satire'... it says, 'A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit.' ...Jeez, what are they teaching kids in English classes these days?

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Great One Hoped Wife Would Skate

Like I said, this whole thing sounds really fishy- I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the entire investigation was a set up that would be used to gain American and Canadian support for military action against Iran...

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Great One Hoped Wife Would Skate

I think the important question is whether Dubya got approval from the FISA court to do these wiretaps- if it's found that he didn't, any evidence collected could be suppressed.... Seriously though, panteeze has a good point- if these guys wanted to bet on football or basketball, why not just go to Vegas (or better yet, an online casino like ) instead of funneling bets through the Tocchet crime syndicate? Kind of like someone bootlegging alchohol in the POST prohibition era.. This whole thing smells really weird to me...

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ESPN names new MNF broadcast team.

...Just be thankful it's not the unintelligible one Shannon Sharpe and Tom 'uh-oh-uh-and-and-and' Jackson in the booth, with Tony Siragusa covering PART of the sidelines (hey, lets not wear the big guy out by making him walk too much, ok?)

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Game's Third team Upstaged Steelers, Seahawks

I've also been remembering the little sideline reporter following Holmgren off the field at halftime while he was arguing with the ref about Ben's TD... I can't help but think that if you're so insensed by an upheld replay you disagree with that you blow your time management and fail with a 2 minute drill, you probably don't deserve to win a championship anyway... So amongst all the bitching going both ways I don't think I've heard anyone here say that the officiating in the NFL doesn't need to be addressed- that should be a given for the league in the offseason, and I'll be willing to bet they do NOTHING beyond something cosmetic..

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Game's Third team Upstaged Steelers, Seahawks

As a fan of the League in general(disclaimer: wife is HUGE Steelers fan; therefore happy not to have to sleep on the couch this week)there are a few things to say about this game: 1) The Steelers defense deserves credit for holding Shaun Alexander to a rather pedestrian 95 yards, getting enough pressure to throw the timing of some routes off, and keeping the Seahawks out of the endzone in the 1st half when Seattle SHOULD have put the game away. 2) Dropped passes, recievers who caught the ball out of bounds, and poor clock management hurt the Seahawks more than all of the questionable calls combined. 3) The offensive pass interference call was nit-picking, but technically correct. 4) The gadget play from Randle El to Ward was extremely well executed, and completely fooled the Seahawks... if Ward catches the pass, he scores a TD, whether the play was run from 30, 50, or 80 yards out- that pretty much negates the horrible call on Hasselback tackling below the waist. 5) If you believe that the Hasselbeck interception was the result of the previous holding call then you're just being a latte-influenced apologist. IF that holding hadn't been called, it MIGHT have resulted in a Seattle TD, or some dropped passes, a missed FG, or a fumble returned by Pittsburgh to the 45... All that being said, The conspiracy theorists who live in my mind and whisper to me while I'm in the bathroom believe that the NFL planned this whole fiasco, so we would be talking about this game up until draft day...

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Steelers Won Super Bowl XL

At least Ben was smart enough not to touch it. ...With a QB rating of like 29.2, maybe he SHOULD have touched it- let some of that Montana Magic rub off on him... Seriously, it's not the Stanley Cup- they make a new trophy each year, so there isn't that stigma/superstition against touching it...

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Steelers Won Super Bowl XL

ok, admittedly the officiating wasn't SUPER, but come on guys- we can't say that the refs GAVE the Steelers the game...How many times did the Steelers Defense force a Punt? Were the Refs responsible for ALL those 3rd down stops? Also, for everyone here that says that 'without the phantom holding call, the Seahawks were about to have 1st and goal at the 3 and take the lead', there is a Steelers fan who maintains that without that call, Joey Porter comes into the Steelers goal line defense and forces a Shawn Alexander fumble that Polamalu scoops up and runs 97 yards for a touchdown... I 'd say the Steelers defense kept the Seahawks off balance enough to keep them from scoring the points they needed to win, end of story...

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There's no excuse for teams to pass on black coaches

Racism will continue to be a problem until race stops being an issue- As in the day when a coach is hired by a team, as opposed to a black coach, and everyone regardless of skin color fills out the 'race' question on their paperwork with the word human.

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A Game by Any Other Name Sells as Sweet

Heck, lets just be original- call it the UNIVERSAL chmpionship and see if any teams from Betelgeuse show up to challenge them...

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NASCAR and Harlequin Books team up for racing-themed romance novels.

"I went the Stilers to win the super bowl this Sunday agest the seahanks." ...Me too, but I ALSO hope to phrase it more eloquently, spell as though I have more than a 3rd grade education, and above all else, place my comment on an appropriate thread!

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NASCAR and Harlequin Books team up for racing-themed romance novels.

yeah, It's tentatively titled, "Brokeback Oval"...

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Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

Jtrluva- would you keep your son from bulking up if he loved the game and his high school coach told him he needed to way at least 295 in order to get a college scholarship? During the cable special, they had Sam Adams and a couple other guys sitting around a table eating a gargantuan meal- they all looked straight at the camera and shrugged, saying "I was told I would have to be heavier to compete at this level"... Meaning that the teams left it up to the players to 'voluntarily' bulk up on their own...

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T.O. visits Denver for face to face with Shanahan -

Official message to anyone considering signing Leon, I mean, T.O: Stop! Put the checkbook down and back away slowly! Life in the NFL isn't so bad, there's NO reason to throw it all away like this... Come back from the edge, we'll get you some help, trust me...

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Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

I don't see the idea of a limit flying in the NFL anytime soon- I think this all began around the time of the 'Hogs' in Washington and what they did to Buffalo in the Super Bowl- The NFL is highly suceptable to fads (see: Cover two or Zone Blitz), so maybe if we see a lighter offensive line being effective against the behemoths of their opponents, it might swing things around a bit... I believe they did a segment on this for one of the cable TV sports shows, and it showed most of the players were well aware of what they were doing to themselves, yet were willing to risk it for the prospects of keeping their jobs...

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Hines Ward taking mother to visit home

Call me crazy, but I've always said I'd take Hines Ward over T.O. on my football team any day- A Wideout who will do whatever it takes to help his team win even if his personal stats suffer, or Budweiser's Leon? That's a no-brainer, and this article does nothing but further illustrate the difference between the two. I only hope that the Steelers win this week and we can begin to redefine what 'Premier NFL Reciever' means...

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