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Can Pujols Win the Triple Crown?

While history and the odds are against him, Pujols has won a batting title and has a great career BA. He has learned to look for the pitch to drive into the stands, so if it comes down to needing singles at the end to raise his average he could adjust his approach. However, if the Cardinals remain in the race Pujols will do what is needed for the team to win, not what is needed for his TC pursuit.

posted by whitedog65 at 01:49 AM on July 21, 2009

9 year old with a 40 mph fastball, gets the boot.

When I was in third grade I was considered for skipping on to fourth grade, but after everything was weighed it was decided that I might have trouble adjusting. Maturity could possibly be an issue in this case. On the flip side, if the kid stays, does he improve or learn the right lessons? I like to win, but if I'm just whipping the tar out of everyone is it good for me? I'd be more concerned with keeping the kid grounded in reality than in creating a super athlete.

posted by whitedog65 at 08:46 AM on August 26, 2008

Crooked ref claims NBA fixes games

Hopefully all of this attention will force the NBA to raise the level of officiating. And it's good to see that many fans out there realize that poor officiating CAN affect the outcome of games. I always cringe when the naysayers use the defense of "it was only one bad call, get over it". Obviously, one bad call in a crucial situation can matter.

posted by whitedog65 at 10:56 AM on June 13, 2008

You got Rondo'd.

16 assists in game 2. Pretty sure that's what a point guard is supposed to do.

posted by whitedog65 at 11:25 PM on June 08, 2008

It's time to pitch the DH.

Good point, freeze. My Cardinals are in the damn 6 team division, when MLB could have evened things out. Pitchers who can't hit should at least learn to bunt. A decent bunt is more effective than a strikeout most of the time.

posted by whitedog65 at 07:30 AM on May 13, 2008

There is an "I" in "Team"?

Sorry, thought this thread was going to be about Kobe's 4th quarter and OT performance in game 4.

posted by whitedog65 at 11:03 AM on May 12, 2008

Do not run on Rick Ankiel.

The catch and throw on the tagup was beautiful! Nice job of moving forward on the catch and getting the momemtum going. The only bad thing was that the Cardinals lost last night when Izzy blew the save.

posted by whitedog65 at 07:19 AM on May 08, 2008

The Best Homerun Story Ever

Good God, a genuine display of sportsmanship! Anyone who believes that you win at any cost should read this. My competitive sporting days are over, but I like to shoot pool. Many of my fellow competitors can't believe that I don't play every game to win. Well guess what, there are other reasons to play games - whether to practice skills that will benefit me later, or giving a lesser opponent an opportunity to knock off a better player and boost their confidence. Winning isn't the only thing.

posted by whitedog65 at 04:46 PM on April 29, 2008

Clemens reportedly had affair with country star

True, but saying it in public and really meaning it are two different things, it's all about spin and the means to an end.

posted by whitedog65 at 12:34 PM on April 28, 2008

Clemens reportedly had affair with country star

If Clemens thinks that real evidence of this affair is about to surface, all he needs to do is go on TV, bite his lip, shed a few tears, ask God and the American public for mercy, and all will be forgiven.

posted by whitedog65 at 12:06 PM on April 28, 2008

Chiefs trade Jared Allen to Minnesota:

Probably a good trade for both teams. The Vikings were a .500 team last year so if this can help them find two or three more wins they are a playoff team. As a KC fan I hate to see Allen go. However, the Chiefs were terrible last year, and one defensive player wasn't going to drastically improve that record. If you doubt your ability to sign a soon-to-be free agent, trade him before the deadline arrives and your hand is forced. The Chiefs get to draft new talent who should be eager to play hard and prove themselves. Sometimes steps like this are needed to dig out of a deep hole.

posted by whitedog65 at 03:38 PM on April 23, 2008

Jays release Frank Thomas:

It seems as if Thomas believes he should be in the lineup whether he is producing or not. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in a team sport isn't it up to the manager to decide the best lineup to help his team win more games? HOF'er? No doubt about it.

posted by whitedog65 at 01:47 PM on April 21, 2008

Jays release Frank Thomas:

Maybe they are just being realistic? 39 years old + low production + high salary doesn't make good sense for the team.

posted by whitedog65 at 08:08 AM on April 21, 2008

Tejada tells team heís 33, instead of 31.

Nice apology - "I never meant to do anything wrong". So the lie wasn't to gain an undeserved advantage?

posted by whitedog65 at 11:45 PM on April 17, 2008

Say it ainít so, George!

Read the original story. According to the Yankees spokeswoman it "never happened". Nice denial there, tootsie. How was this action a really bad thing? Did it affect the structural integrity of the concrete? Is a Boston fan trying to apply a curse, which I'm sure that Yankee personnel would dismiss as a ridiculous idea, a really bad thing? And why dig up an item that was never placed there, and wouldn't curse the team anyway?

posted by whitedog65 at 06:58 PM on April 13, 2008

Critics Go Ape Over LeBron James Magazine Cover

If I were LeBron I would be offended - at other blacks crying foul! My first reaction to the cover was that LeBron was clowning for the camera. Sure the photog probably encouraged it, but so what? I watched a segment on the news and a black woman said it evoked memories of King Kong. How the hell are whites supposed to forget about race when this black chick is comparing LeBron to King Kong? Some whitey makes that remark and he gets crucified. It IS the same old story - blacks looking to make an issue out of every possible situation. The story went on to show other photos that some people felt were "better" and how Vogue could have chosen any of those. How dare the editors of Vogue choose which photo should be the cover shot without consulting the bitter, pissed off people with the chip on the shoulder.

posted by whitedog65 at 12:29 PM on March 27, 2008

Chris Webber retires

You gotta respect his decision. Some athletes just can't let go.

posted by whitedog65 at 06:10 PM on March 26, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

So sorry that you couldn't recognize a point if it put out your eye. Do I need to explain everything as if I'm talking to a five year old?

posted by whitedog65 at 03:36 PM on March 04, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

Way to pick and choose, yerfatma. Ever heard of context? Nice blanket statement about hating everything about some teams...funny how you screwed up and posted the part about me liking Munson even though I don't like the Yankees...whoops! Here's some more for you to pick through later and cut and paste. I don't like the Yankees. I have liked many individual Yanks through the years...Roy White, Don Mattingly, Bernie Williams, just to name a few. I even like a few of the Patriots, such as Seau, Welker, Faulk, etc. Does that meet with your approval? In the Buck thread I mentioned that I don't like Al Hrabosky, so maybe you should go ahead and call me anti-Hungarian.

posted by whitedog65 at 03:02 PM on March 04, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

You're the type that needs the last word, eh? My very first post contained some simple points for discussion, which some posters replied to logically. Randy wasn't always in trouble in Minnesota, the Oakland situation was sucky, Randy set a lot of records last season, etc. Maybe your attitude is preventing you from seeing the whole picture.

posted by whitedog65 at 02:30 PM on March 04, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

Dick? Douche? Aren't all of us (me included) at one time or another? You remain loyal to your Pats, I'll root against them, and the world will go on.

posted by whitedog65 at 02:13 PM on March 04, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

Also have to agree with cardsfan that Hrabosky is a buffoon. His antics on the mound were somewhat entertaining - his commentary in the booth is simply annoying.

posted by whitedog65 at 01:52 PM on March 04, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

No offense, bdaddy, but as I was referencing your valid points I felt obliged to denote where they came from. Venicemenace brought vulgarities into the conversation, so I didn't take the high road and turn the other cheek. To all of you - read my very first post on this thread. I was clearly talking about Randy Moss and his history of bad behavior. Hoping NE gets burned was for rewarding the buffoon. All of you classy, rational posters who posted the thoughtful, unbiased remarks should be proud of yourselves.

posted by whitedog65 at 01:50 PM on March 04, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

Yeah, and calling me a dick says what about you?

posted by whitedog65 at 01:39 PM on March 04, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

Venicemenace, bend over and try to kiss your own ass. Read (and try to understand) the comments from myself and bdaddy. Ass of a coach, arrogant players, dirty players - can you honestly watch game after game where Rodney Harrison comes in 2 seconds after a player is on the ground and throws and elbow and not think he is dirty? Jealous of the Patriots? Far from it. Sorry, but I don't believe in the "win at any cost" attitude. If you don't agree with that, fine, but if winning is the only thing, why even have rules? Why not just throw the teams out there with "anything goes"? I like to compete, but if I needed an unfair advantage to try and win every game, what's the point? If I don't win there is a reason - the opponent played better, I had an off day, I got the worse end of a lucky break, etc. Anyone that calls the Patriots classy (with a straight face!) may not understand the concept of fair play and sportsmanship.

posted by whitedog65 at 01:20 PM on March 04, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

This Cardinals fan won't miss him. He is careful to project this PC image, carefully distancing himself from the Cardinals, then he (and McCarver) can't wait to give all of his love to the Yankees. Note to Joe: unbiased means showing no favoritism to ANY team.

posted by whitedog65 at 12:53 PM on March 04, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

My grapes were turned to sweet wine when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but it's typical of some personality types to completely erase that little episode and continue to tout NE as the second coming. That's okay, stay in your fantasy world.

posted by whitedog65 at 12:41 PM on March 04, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

Who cares if they are out and out favorites? How many points were they favored by the oddsmakers to win the Super Bowl? Yeah, that's what I thought. Sour grapes? As I said, Moss has one trouble-free year and you are ready to declare him a changed man? Very realistic.

posted by whitedog65 at 07:58 AM on March 04, 2008

Randy Moss Re-Signs with the Patriots

Randy Moss has been a jackass his entire career. The way he pouted and sulked and whined in Oakland until they had to give him away to New England was pathetic. Now he has one relatively trouble-free year, puts up gaudy numbers, and gets rewarded handsomely. I sincerely hope that the real Randy Moss resurfaces and NE gets burned.

posted by whitedog65 at 11:39 PM on March 03, 2008

The Epic of Craig Biggio

Biggio is my favorite type of player. Down to earth, not flashy, doesn't need the spotlight, does his job and does it well. Great team player, changed positions when it would benefit the team. I don't like the elbow armor either, but Biggio got plunked b/c it got him on first base, the biggest factor in hitting leadoff. Another thing I've always admired about NL players similar to Biggio is their willingness and ability to hit a routine ground ball when needed to move over a base runner. It gives real meaning to team player.

posted by whitedog65 at 02:03 PM on February 26, 2008

Belichick and Pioli speak out.

Well golly gee whiz! Belichick apologized, so doesn't that show 100% genuine remorse and regret? He would never, ever, resort to trickery to accomplish a goal! He's as honest as the day is long. I sure feel better now about the whole thing, knowing it was a simple misunderstanding and that the Patriots didn't even need the stupid tapes.

posted by whitedog65 at 08:04 AM on February 18, 2008

After almost 30 years, Thurman Munson still has a place in Yankee history.

I can't stand the Yankees, but their traditions concerning former players is most commendable. I always liked Munson in spite of his playing for the evil empire.

posted by whitedog65 at 10:27 AM on February 17, 2008

Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Sure, you can say it's just a game, but is it really? It's a career for several thousand people, from NFL staff to players to marketers to vendors and more. This is not some issue to just blow off. Cheating can easily change the outcome of games, which cost a lot of people a lot of money. If you got cheated out of a job promotion that paid 20% more would you say "just forget about it and move on?".

posted by whitedog65 at 05:37 PM on February 16, 2008

Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

From the NFL's point of view: put out an entertaining product and make millions of dollars, or try to maintain the integrity of the game...I wonder which way they are leaning?

posted by whitedog65 at 05:40 AM on February 15, 2008

Giants Win Superbowl!

Eli received the MVP b/c he's the quarterback and that's just how it is. If the Patriots had won, Brady would have been MVP even though the majority of his passes travel 5 yards and Welker had the game of his life. Several posters and commentators have no idea what "class" means. Humility, biting your tongue instead of lashing out, not feeling the need to brag about how special you are - these are some element of "class".

posted by whitedog65 at 05:54 PM on February 04, 2008

Jim Brown calls out Tiger Woods

Jim Brown and others like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton promote the idea that we should continue to rehash the old history and keep the divide alive. Tiger obviously doesn't share this attitude. Which way seems to have more merit? I say good for Tiger.

posted by whitedog65 at 06:20 PM on January 24, 2008

Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast

Bobby Hill (of King of the Hill) got gout when he was about 12 or so.

posted by whitedog65 at 02:43 PM on January 22, 2008

Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast

Probably part of Belachick's "genius". Maybe the Patriots are really the underdog. Yeah, right.

posted by whitedog65 at 07:55 AM on January 22, 2008

Ice Bowl is one for the ages

I live an hour away from the University of Missouri and am a casual fan of their sports programs. I also casually follow the NHL. I watched the Winter Classic b/c it was too neat to pass up! Make it an annual tradition alternating between the US and Canadian sites, and if it continues to succeed, expand it to twice a year so both countries get an annual game.

posted by whitedog65 at 12:28 PM on January 02, 2008

Leyritz Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI, Manslaughter.

One sad aspect is that his refusal to submit to a blood alcohol content test is an acceptable defense these days. For God's sake, if you screw up do every thing that you can to hide it, deny it, weasel out of any responsibility. Of course if he does get nailed by the legal system he can always try the politician's ploy - look all teary-eyed and give a "sincere" apology. I make a prediction right now that if he's a first time offender he gets off with no jail time.

posted by whitedog65 at 01:12 AM on December 29, 2007

Woods closes out the year with a seven-shot win

Looks like Sabbatini's peers weren't real proud of his withdrawing from the tournament. Maybe until he can consistently compete with Woods he should keep his mouth shut.

posted by whitedog65 at 08:16 AM on December 17, 2007

Bonds will boycott HOF

You Bonds apologists are pathetic. I'm familiar with the "innocent until proven guilty" defense, however...Bonds has consistently said "I've never knowingly used steroids". He doesn't say that he hasn't used steroids. Get a clue! Defendants use legalspeak to produce a technicality when they can't claim 100% innocence. A real world equivalent would be like me saying I never knowingly got drunk, but if my friend slipped alcohol into my glass of soda it wouldn't be my fault if I consumed it. Sounds stupid, doesn't it? I stagger, slur my speech, lose coordination, but I won't admit to knowingly getting drunk, so I must be innocent. Bonds has a growth spurt and power surge in his late 30's, but he must apparently be a 1 in 30 billion freak of nature, because he never KNOWINGLY used steroids.

posted by whitedog65 at 04:59 PM on November 02, 2007

Michael Vick Admits to Dogfighting, Will Plead Guilty

Vick's NFL career over? Keep dreaming. Famous athletes have done worse and still received a second (or more) chance. Vick will apologize, pay a fine, and be picked up by some desperate team willing to take a chance. Unfortunately, many people will cry "forgiveness", but it's really a lack of accountability. As long as you say you're sorry it's okay to screw up.

posted by whitedog65 at 05:24 PM on August 21, 2007

He's back.

Who was the pitcher from the 1930's who hurt his arm and came back as a good hitting outfielder? Lefty Gomez? Can't remember and am too lazy to research it, but surely one of you posters know the answer!

posted by whitedog65 at 09:45 AM on August 13, 2007


Hey, I heard what Woody said, and I agree! I like Tiger, but he does get way too much over the top idolization from the commentators. The man is the best golfer in the world, but if he blows up on the course at least hold him accountable for his actions. What's fair for the superstar should be fair for the journeyman.

posted by whitedog65 at 09:40 AM on August 13, 2007


He just keeps cranking out the wins. And I have to laugh when the media tries to hype a so-called rivalry with Tiger and Phil, Vijay, Sergio, etc. Excuse me, but when any other golfer can consistently be in the running for almost every major tourney, then we can talk rivalry. These guys don't hold a candle to Tiger, and that's backed up by the stats.

posted by whitedog65 at 07:32 AM on August 13, 2007

60 Years Ago Today

Actually, Larry Doby's individual stats aren't too far behind Robinson's. It's too bad that most kids today have never heard of him.

posted by whitedog65 at 08:23 PM on July 05, 2007

68 years later, Gehrig's speech still resonates

Can athletes be true heroes? I believe so. From everything I've ever read about the man, Gehrig went about his business with a quiet dignity. Gave it all every day, never missing a game until he had to find the courage to say that he wasn't the best player to be out there on the diamond. Then there was "the speech". No whining, no "why me". Just thankful that he had the opportunity to play the game he loved. I've probably seen the video clip 100 times, yet it still chokes me up every time.

posted by whitedog65 at 10:26 PM on July 04, 2007

The legend of Bo.

Sorry, I wrote my comment before reading the article. Guess my recollection must have been pretty close!

posted by whitedog65 at 10:13 AM on May 30, 2007

The legend of Bo.

Bo was one of the finest athletes ever. Here's a Bo memory that not too many people know about: the speedy Harold Reynolds is on first, takes off on a hit-and-run, the batter crushes the ball down the left field line, where it one hops the wall. Bo barehands the ball, Reynolds is all ready halfway to third. Bo throws, flatfooted, the most fantastic laser that I've ever seen to home. When Reynolds sees the ball beat him to the plate the look of surprise on his face was priceless!

posted by whitedog65 at 07:48 AM on May 30, 2007

St. Louis Cardinals Reliever, Josh Hancock, Dies in Car Crash.

I believe that I speak for all Cardinals fans when I say that we appreciate your kind comments.

posted by whitedog65 at 08:46 AM on April 30, 2007

Tony Stewart Likens NASCAR to Pro Wrestling

I've never liked Stewart, mostly b/c of the way he races and then how he whines when the tables are turned. However, I do see his point. I too have noticed that many late race cautions for "debris" seem to coincidentally benefit the star drivers. The announcers even make note of it - "That caution was fortunate for (insert name), otherwise he never would have had a chance to win". Some of NASCAR's decisions seem a little too biased, and that's what Stewart is complaining about.

posted by whitedog65 at 11:44 PM on April 25, 2007

Gordon Takes Phoenix for the First Time, Ties "The Intimidator" for Career Victories.

Gordon will have more wins, period. I haven't checked the stats, but I'll wager that Gordon has won a higher % of races than Earnhardt.

posted by whitedog65 at 03:35 PM on April 23, 2007

What advice would Jim Rice give a minor league player today?

The numbers from his prime are reminiscent of the 1920's and 30's. So what if he's not PC?

posted by whitedog65 at 01:01 AM on April 08, 2007

2007 is the 50th anniversary of the Golden Glove award.

Actually, Freddie Patek was the starting SS for the AL in an All-Star game, maybe 1977 or 1978. Having Jeter on the list is pathetic. My sister, who is now 39 and about 30 pounds overweight, still has better range than Jeter. Are you one of these fans who discount every SABR stat by saying that you have to see Jeter play to realize his greatness?

posted by whitedog65 at 07:59 AM on March 07, 2007

Chief Illiniwek hits the bench

Can't we please get rid of the animal mascots too? It's got to be demeaning for Tigers, Lions, and for God's sake, the Terrapins, to see their images exploited for sports. How about a list of PC mascots to choose from?

posted by whitedog65 at 05:13 PM on February 17, 2007

Bolts zap Schottenheimer.

BornIcon, did you even read my post? It states that he has had steady success. However, he has not gotten his team over the hump. If making the playoffs is acceptable, by all means hire Marty. Marty has never won a Superbowl, this is a fact, this is his history.

posted by whitedog65 at 08:41 AM on February 13, 2007

Bolts zap Schottenheimer.

What does your team want? My team is the Chiefs, and Marty had some great regular seasons for them, usually making the playoffs. However, the Chiefs usually bombed in the playoffs. If you want steady success, year after year, go with Marty. If you want to want to win the big one, go after someone else. That's just the facts, and Marty has a long history to back this up.

posted by whitedog65 at 08:13 AM on February 13, 2007

Giants hopes fans and team will Bonds together.

Ya gotta love spin! I can't wait for Barry to get out of the game "to spend more time with my family".

posted by whitedog65 at 05:36 PM on February 03, 2007

ACC admits to 'timing error' in final seconds in Duke win over Clemson.

Unfortunately, my source must remain confidential, lest his/her life be put in danger from a Mafia hit. However, if you want to spend the time looking at Duke's games from the last several years you might being to notice a pattern of favorable calls going their way. Deny it all you want, keep your Duke goggles on, but many intelligent sports fans wonder how a ref, when calling a Duke game, can miss a travel right in front of him, how a Duke player can run over a player that was set for 2 seconds yet still not be called for a charge, and per this thread, how Duke can magically get extra time for a chance to win the game?

posted by whitedog65 at 12:18 PM on January 28, 2007