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Mike D'Antoni Resigns

Should have taken the Bulls job.

posted by Bag Man at 04:23 PM on March 14, 2012

Cubs great Ron Santo elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

About time.

posted by Bag Man at 08:48 PM on December 05, 2011

Dayton Dragons Sell Out 815th Straight Game

Isn't there a problem when the "entertainment" drowns out the baseball? This is a great story of Rust Belt recovery, but it seems that the baseball is lost in all of the gimmicks.

posted by Bag Man at 03:46 PM on July 03, 2011

NFL labor negotiations break down, union moves to decertify

Ok so there is a lockout, we have baseball, hockey, basketball and March Madness, etc, etc...

posted by Bag Man at 11:25 AM on March 12, 2011

John McCain Wants to Ban Ultimate Fighting

John McCain = angry old man

posted by Bag Man at 12:18 AM on December 26, 2010

Barkley: 'You Can't Send Small Junk'

Eloquant as always.

posted by Bag Man at 02:12 AM on December 21, 2010

Cubs Player, Broadcaster Ron Santo Dies

RIP Ron Santo. I know you have gone to the HOF in the sky!!!

posted by Bag Man at 03:02 PM on December 03, 2010

Derek Anderson Pulls a Dennis Green

It's a fine line. You don't want to take a defeat or a losing season so badly that it's debilitating, but you don't want to be so loose such that it is evidence you no longer care about the result of the game or the season. (As a Cubs fan, I heard many a sportscaster discuss this issue) At best, he didn't have his head in the game when he should have; at very worse, it appears as if he cared so little that about winning the game that he nothing better to do than joke around.

Derek Anderson crossed that, if cared as much about winning as he opined in his post-game rat he be focusing on the game.

The real question is did Derek Andrew know who he thought they were?

posted by Bag Man at 02:07 AM on December 02, 2010

Want to help a charity? Think again.

Why didn't the refs seek permission first? That's all it would take to prevent this from becoming a problem.

posted by Bag Man at 11:11 PM on October 24, 2010

NHL Players: Put Team in Quebec City

I'd vote for Hartford, CT...go Whale!!!

posted by Bag Man at 07:00 PM on October 02, 2010

3-Team Playoff Possible in NL

One word: awesome!!!

posted by Bag Man at 06:58 PM on October 02, 2010

College Football Adds Bowls 34, 35

New Era Pinstripe Bowl

Are they going to play baseball?

posted by Bag Man at 12:46 PM on April 25, 2010

Bradford, Suh Lead NFL Draft's First Round

Wow! Really?!? You have any cites for this?

I don't have any sites. This is a gut feeling. Tebow, McCoy and Claussen all have the intangibles and the leadership skills to be an NFL quarterback, but McCory and Claussen seem to have an edge over Tebow in their mechanics and familiarity with a pro-style offense. So, why would the Broncos spend such a high pick on Tebow and draft him over McCoy and Claussen? Why would the Broncos pick a "project" in Tebow with two players still on draft board that would contribute on the field much, much faster? The main quality that Tebow possesses that McCoy and Claussen don't then must be something other that an ability to play football. It is Tebow's reputation that is bolstered by his conservative political and religious views. NFL fans know were Tebow stands on certain issues. They know this because they have been widely publicized by the media, Tebow literally wore his views on his equipment (although I believe such displays are banned by the NFL) and Tebow publicized these views during his must viewed and controversial Super Bowl and online ad. Of course, I am not arguing that Tebow deserves a better reputation as a team player or is better suited to be a leader because of his views, but that is exactly what the Broncos think their fans will believe.

posted by Bag Man at 04:19 PM on April 24, 2010

Bradford, Suh Lead NFL Draft's First Round

Time will tell (perhaps a lot of time) if the Broncos picking Tebow at # 25 will be a smart or a dumb decision. I can't help but think that Tehow's so called "intangibles" lead to this pick. Look at what the Broncos are doing. They got ride of two players in Cutler and Marshall that clashed with the coaching staff and management creating a possibly toxic environment for the team, and have taken a player in Tebow that has a good reputation for "leadership" and being a "team player." I can see how the Broncos feel this will improve their, but drafting Tebow at # 25 seems too high when he would likely be on the board later in the draft. However, there is also a under current of politics at work here too. Tebow is also well known for his religious and conservative political views. I believe he was picked so high for this reason too. I don't know what the politics of McCoy or Claussen are (although I suspect they are not too far from Tebow's views), but the Broncos have sent a message to players, the league and fans with the selection of such a player who wears his views on his sleeve (and his eye black).

posted by Bag Man at 01:28 PM on April 23, 2010

Palmiero busted?

I'd still vote for him for the HOF for 3 reasons: 1. There is no way to know when and how long he used the steroids. 2. Even if he used steroids his whole career, there is no way to know how well he would have done without them (i.e. how inflated his stats really are). 3. Even if he used steroids his whole career, he may have used them where they not illegal and/or he used them when they were not banned in MLB.

posted by Bag Man at 01:36 PM on August 02, 2005

500 homeruns

Note: We're going to have this discussion about Fred "worst player with 500 homers ever" McGriff soon, too. Would that be Fred "Major League Superstar" McGriff.

posted by Bag Man at 01:39 PM on July 15, 2005

500 homeruns

Palmeiro is a no-brainer for the HOF. I agree with that statement. The real questions are why are the people who are going to vote for HOF candidates raising these questions? In light of the rumors of steroid use and an across the board increases in offensive numbers, is there a new standard for the HOF? If so, what is it?

posted by Bag Man at 01:16 PM on July 15, 2005

Robert Horry... Fraud?

In my opion Robert Horry should be in the Hall Of Fame one day.Could Shaq win a title by himself? I dont think so... Yes, because Shaq was one Robert Horry away from the scrap heap of the NBA. Come on now, Horry hit some big shots (like the one last night) and should get all the credit for doing so, but he and his role are very interchangeable with so many other players; that's my opinion.

posted by Bag Man at 03:09 PM on June 20, 2005

Episode II: Return of the Zen Master

Jackson and the Lakers are fucked, plain and simple.

posted by Bag Man at 02:08 PM on June 14, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.

The NBA has a soft cap w/ luxury tax that kicks in ~45M. A tax an the salary? Or the total team payroll? You made me laugh though. Chill, I just didn't know. Also what contayjust said. Shaq's great, but nowhere near Jordan's worth.

posted by Bag Man at 04:54 PM on June 09, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.

Even of Miami wanted to show Shaq the money, wouldn't the salary cap prevent it? I thought the NBA had a hard salary cap at around $14-$15M a year.

posted by Bag Man at 02:33 PM on June 09, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.


posted by Bag Man at 05:00 PM on June 08, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.

Opps! That should be "Money."

posted by Bag Man at 04:33 PM on June 08, 2005

A glimpse into the future. Possibly?

I'd really like to believe the stuff about my Bulls. The issue this that the Bulls are at a crossroads. They are good and have a ton of potential, but there is no way that the current team as is can do anything more than they did this year let alone win a NBA title. So what is to be done? Leave the team alone and let the young-ins prove or add a marquee player? If you just tweak the team you risk that they become stagnate and even take a step backwards, but if you add a frontline player then the risk is that you upset the chemistry that helped them arguably play above their talents.

posted by Bag Man at 10:25 AM on May 10, 2005

Agent says odd circumstances let to substandard deal for T.O.

Look, for me it boils down to this -- you signed your fucking name, live up to your word. Why don't you hold NFL teams to this?

posted by Bag Man at 10:23 AM on April 18, 2005

Agent says odd circumstances let to substandard deal for T.O.

Sounds like some NFL players who actually have experience in this system that is so "unfair" need to be called "hypocrites" and "phony moralizers" too. I was not refering to other players. If Hugh Douglas does not what to assert his rights under his contract, that's his choice. What's so fair about a system which forces only one side to honor it's agreements? If there is an any sort of "out" for a player, why shouldn't they take it if they can?

posted by Bag Man at 03:19 PM on April 15, 2005

Agent says odd circumstances let to substandard deal for T.O.

Players in the NFL really get fucked because they sign contracts that are not guaranteed and then they are often forced to renegotiate those contracts for less money. Consequently, the NFL owners agreed to allow players to ask for more money later in their contracts. That's the deal they made, end of story. TO is just asking for a right the Eagles agreed to give him. If he can leverage a better deal then more power to him. Frankly, heís one of the best non-QB players in the NFL and he risked his health and well-being for his team by simply playing in the Super Bowl, not to mention getting the Eagles to the Super Bowl by being a stud in the regular season and being one of the most productive players in Super Bowl. Heís no saint, but he should get at least a chance to sit down and get fair market value or what he thinks is fair market value for his services. This is the bed they made, what's wrong with letting both of them lay in it? As a side note, I find it very ironic that often phony moralizes bemoan pro-athletes for getting paid and ofen paint them as "iberal elites" and "out of touch" with everyday Americans. Then they turn around a molly coddle corrupt CEOs making millions more than pro athletes (often 5 to 10 times more), assert they promote capitalist policies that allow the very pro athletes the bemone to get the salaries they do and then cash-in in sweetheart media deals in radio and publishing. Iíd say the little poor boy from Alabama has worked just hard or harder than most of those folks for what he has. Yet he takes most of the B.S. I think racism is partly to blame, so is political opportunism and so is the phony folksyism of the right-wring elite. All of the pundits' swanking about TO is merely political B.S. TO should be is the archetype capitalist and the perfect "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" story. Iím not staying TO needs to be celebrated, but Iím just a little sick of the hypocrisy and of the phony moralizers catcalls. Am interesting slate article about TO/Brett Favre that is somewhat on subject.

posted by Bag Man at 02:49 PM on April 15, 2005

Swing and a miss

Sheffield was justified. Reminds me of the time when a fan fell into the penalty box at a Flyers-Leafs games and attacked Tie Domi. Dome kicked is ass and I see the swing Sheffield took as very similar. If someone comes to your place of work and wants to rumble, then hell take him out. Also, hats off to Sheffield for not escalating the situation.

posted by Bag Man at 10:20 AM on April 15, 2005


A few days ago it was suggested on ESPN Radio that Gary Bettman was trying reshape and reduced the size of the NHL by forcing the cancellation of the season. Given that the players assented to a cap and came very close to the ownersí cap number and Bettman stood firm on a very low number anyway, I now believe that it was Bettman's plan all along to shut down the season.

posted by Bag Man at 01:18 PM on February 16, 2005

Reggie White dead at 43

He hadn't been to church in years. He was learning Hebrew so he could read the scriptures directly... he might not have been the most open minded guy, but I will give him credit for trying as hard as he could to make himself better. chicobangs, you're right to attempt to give him credit for trying, but if he truly wanted to change his ways why didn't he just recant what he said? If the shoe were on the other foot people of White's conservative ilk would not do the same. I offer my compassion to White's family, but it's just sad that to people like White compassion is only campaign slogan. Regardless of the man's views, the world and world of sports has lost a great competitor, a true champion and a man who always gave it his all.

posted by Bag Man at 12:19 PM on December 26, 2004

Bryant says Malone's passes are pretty crisp

From what Kobe's wife said it sounded like she was the one who was making the pass, not that it really justified Malone's response. Then again, Kobe should not throw stones in glass houses; I think that's why he blames Malone and not his wife.

posted by Bag Man at 07:08 PM on December 13, 2004

Smoltz back in starting rotation

Yikes! Potential one-year wonder? I agree. I had Kolb on my fantisy team last years and saw that trend. I picked him in the last few rounds and got a bit lucky I will admit. However, I'd hesitate taking him any higher than I did last season. It looks like the Brewers got the better of this deal.

posted by Bag Man at 01:47 PM on December 12, 2004

S.S. Lazio

The Pistons should have suffered the same punishment: that it doesn't seem to have even been considered says a lot about American sporting culture. It says nothing about American sporting culture. The two situations are totally different and justify different punishments. Considering that the fans who incited and participated in the fight at Auburn Hills were readily ascertainable there was no need to ban all fans. Punishing all Pistons fans for the actions of 2 or 3 bad apples seems to be grossly unfair. When a lot of fans or a majority of fans participate in such actions or when it hard to find what fans did what a total bad makes sense. Thus, in the case of Lazio fans a total ban makes sense, and the case of the Pistons it does not. Your insult and broad generalization of Americans and American sports fans was unnecessary and quite ignorant. American venues have never witnessed the hooliganism of British soccer. Iím glad that hooliganism is under control, but I could at this point say something like the "existence of hooliganism at all says a lot about British or European sporting culture." But I wonít say it. Wait, didnít I justÖnever mind, but 15,000 American fans would never and have never shown up to a sports evet with a case of bear each and no tickets simply to invade a small town. Soccer fans donít have the high ground here. I think that the punishment should fit the crime, and perhaps with the exception of the Giants and Eagles snowball incidents no event has every justified a total ban of fan in the American sporting culture. Please...hooliganism has never existed in the American sporting culture.

posted by Bag Man at 01:48 AM on December 12, 2004

S.S. Lazio

Lazio fans have a history of this bullshit, that's well know.

posted by Bag Man at 01:40 AM on December 11, 2004

S.S. Lazio

At the 2000 derby in Rome I was involved in a bit of brawl. It was started by a some Lazio fans who would make ape-like noises whenever a black player touched the ball. A few Roma fans took loud exception to it. The Lazio fans told them to chill. The Roma fans calmed down. After the game, which Roma lost, the Roma fans attacked the Lazio fans, my friends (who happened to friends with the Lazio fan) and me (twice). Shooting or throwing stuff on the field is unacceptable. Yelling racist slogans is unacceptable. Perhaps even honoring racist icons at matches, which some Lazio fans did during 2000, is unacceptable. Banning all fans seems a bit extreme; however, if the offending fans can't be singled out it does not seem totally all that crazy. Eagles, NY Giants and Pistons fans are just lucky the NFL or the NBA has not decided to follow similar tactics. I think sometimes Americans mistakenly believe that European nations are tolerant, pluralistic societies. However, that does not seem to be the case. What do you think would happen if the fans threw bananas at the players during a major league baseball game? Would that be tolerated? I don't think that such fans would leave the stadium alive, and it's not because there is a lot of angery, tolerant people in the stands.

posted by Bag Man at 01:38 AM on December 11, 2004

S.S. Lazio

It was a punishment after Romaís home game against Dynamo Kiev had to be abandoned when the referee was struck by a missile. Well at least Roma's punishment was not for "racist abuse." Disclaimer: I'm a big Roma fan.

posted by Bag Man at 08:44 PM on December 10, 2004

Nomah stays in Chicago (and gets to keep Todd Walker by his side to boot)

I just like saying, "we got Nomah!" At least I can do it for one more year.

posted by Bag Man at 06:06 PM on December 10, 2004

At least they're going to sit down:

The real question is just how many people really care.

posted by Bag Man at 11:24 PM on December 02, 2004

Giambi admits steroid use.

Maybe it's me but I don't care. You still have to hit the damn ball. Barry is still electrifying to watch and good for the sport. I'm not a huge baseball fan so take it for what it is worth. I do care. It's likely that the roid use contributed to his somewhat bizarre streak of recent injuries and likely tweaked his stats when he was playing. He should be punished. I'd say an indefinite suspension until the full extent of his use can be investigated by MLB and then something like a 1/2 season suspension with him on probation for a year or two after than. I honestly don't believe in the asterisk idea; largely for the reasons stated by DrJohnEvans. Of course doing roids, or other types of drugs for that matter, does not automatically make him a evil person so I think he should have another shot to play if a team would sign him or the Yankees would be willing to take him back. I do think that he needs to serve some significant time and be made to sing like a stool pigeon if possible (although I cannot see him ratting his fellow players out).

posted by Bag Man at 11:20 PM on December 02, 2004

Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

he doesn't hold any batting records He did at the time of his frist ballot...Hence my argument that he was robbed last year. The notion that he is among the elite offensive and defensive second basemen is not an outrageous claim even if Jeff Kent recently passed Ryno on the all-time homerun list. he doesn't beat Alomar in GG awards. Ok, I concede this; however Roberto Alomar has not set himself apart from Sandberg that much with 2 more Gold Gloves. I did make a wrong call, and Iím man enough to admit when I am wrong when proven so. but then I listed how Morgan beats Sandberg at most of the single season totals. You list some categories where Morgan beats Sandberg, but the overall big picture favors Sandberg, at least in terms of single season power numbers, and arguably when career context is take into consideration. Sandberg has some better single season totals, but did not best Morgan overall in all categories because Sandberg played seven less seasons for much weaker teams (i.e. Morgan never close to 40 homeruns and reach 100 RBIs only once on much better teams). Taken as whole, Sandberg either bests Morgan or is comparable in key offensive production. Also, taken in context Sandberg did nearly as good or better in several over seven less seasons and on many teams that stunk. Sure, it was easy for Joe Morgan to get slightly more RBIs and a slightly higher average playing for more seasons on the high-powered Big Red Machine. Sandberg did more with much less. Why do fail to give Sandberg such credit? Not playing for a goof team really hurt Sandberg in runs and RIBs. Even so, Sandberg is within 332 runs of Morgan, within 131 hits of Morgan and with 15 points of batting average. If Sandberg had not retied twice and played seven more seasons Iím sure he would have surpassed Morgan in at least hits, RBIs and possibly in runs. Sandberg still does better in some stats despite playing less and for worse teams. Sure, I admit that Sandberg did not amass the same or greater offensive totals in all categories compared to Morgan. However, you are either missing or refusing see the context. The HOF is an individual achievement. Why punish or discount the deeds of one when his team could not help as much as others. If Morgan had been light-years ahead of Sandberg or if Sandberg could not best Morgan in any category your argument would hold more water; however, this just not the case. Sandberg was able to more or similar with less and people need to recognize that. Iíd make the same argument about any player who was in the same position as Sandberg; itís only fair. Seriously, are you reading what I'm writing? I've NEVER said ANYTHING like this. Ever. I've been a proponent of career stats. And single season stats. So where do you get that I say otherwise? You did not state it outright, that's true (you are technically correct on that one), but you strongly implied it when you brought up the Bill Jamesís "win shares" and OBS. Further, part of my comment was directed at yerfatma, sorry for not making that more clear. yerfatma said: Any longevity-independent numbers that actually mean something? This implies, if not outright assets, that longevity should be considered a detriment or somehow longevity alone makes some stats worthless. Nonetheless, as a general tenor, itís a bit two sided to state that Morgan is better for having better stats in some categories amassed over seven more uninterrupted seasons, and then turn around and argue that Sandberg is lessor because he stuck around for 16 seasons (much less the his competition overall for the HOF and his competition for the HOF at second base). That was my point. Some guys have 500 homeruns, 3000 hits or 300 wins because they were able to stay health, decently productive and attractive to teams longer that most players. In most cases, sticking around should be seen as a strength and triumph of conditioning/fitness/avoidance of injury rather than a weakness (perhaps an exception could be The Crime Dog and other who players who stayed well passed their prime). Bag Man, you are such a clown. Thanks for the laughs. Rocketman, I guess you must resort to personal insults and unfounded statement because you lack of any decent argument. I could call you out on being a clown for your flippant remark, but I will not because I donít like to stoop to such low levels of discourse. Please do not post if you don't have anything constructive to say or at least anything else but personal and unfounded insults. I'll give Grum and by yerfatma credit for using some facts and passable arguments along with their occasional snipes. Rocketman, thanks for playing!

posted by Bag Man at 01:48 PM on December 02, 2004

Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

Most of the people who are reading these posts agree that Sandberg should be in the HoF. Wait a second, so why all the fuss? Because I was arguing that Rynee Sandberg was an elite second baseman? If you think he should be in the HOF, why send all this time flaming me and flaming Sandberg?

posted by Bag Man at 11:38 PM on December 01, 2004

Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

I'm sure the rest of the people reading this thread are tired of me eviscerating your "facts" Not me. But it's gotta be a troll. Y'know how when you make a good prank call but it goes on too long you finally try some really over-the-top shit just to see if you can get away with it/ finally end it? The last few really seem like that Grum and yerfatma, Roger Hornsby had 100+ RBI six times in his career You are wrong! Hornsby did it five times (like clubbing baby seals). I do concede that Horsby did have five seasons with 100+ RBIs and did hit 42 homers in one season as a two-bagger. However Sandberg was much more consistent at hitting more homers otherwise. And you have conceded that Sandberg had better seasons than the Roberto Alomar and Joe Morgan (like clubbing baby seals). So I guess Sandberg did a little better a "one-hit wonder" to use your words. You assert that I use arbitrary stats, yet that's all you do. You can put the word facts in quotes all you want, but won't actually change anything. I basically said my piece based on facts while you continue to get personal with your insults. I have given Jeff Kent, Honsby, Alomar and Morgan their props. Again, I implore to please read my posts before you post. If you did, you would know two things 1) Sandberg lead Jeff Kent in all-time homeruns for a second baseman before last ballot. This is relivant because at the time the post powerfull second baseman of all time was not voted in the HOF. 2) I have acknowledged that Kent passed Sandberg. It is also relivant that at least Kent, Alomar and Morgan played for better teams. Not to mention that Kent can thank a fellow named Bary Bonds for seeing some great pitches. All of this I guess you have conceded. Further, Sandberg quite for 2 years and then came after a hellish devorce. I'm make naking excuses, but stats always need to be taken in context. Sandberg did a lot more with much less. If you want to keep flaming me, insisting that career totals are irrelivant and continue using voodoo stats than go right ahead. I guess there is no convicing you that real stats mean a thing in an age when baseball teams are hiring astrologers to help them. I guess if it were up to you' ll most players should be kicked out of the HOF because those 400+ or 500 home totals, 300 hit totals and 300 wins are totally irrelivant. Career stats, why use those when we make up our own to sell to ESPN and sell books? That will teach'em. Your arguments are also two faced. There are those of you who assert that Bert Blyleven should be in the HOF and was a great pitcher of his day. Why? 3700+ Ks, 287 wins and two WS wins. Very impressive, I think he should be there too. However, compartively Sandberg did better in his own position. So much so that he holds or has held many records. Not to mention his team leadership on some very bad teams. Sandberg was robbed last year and my guess is that he'll get robbed this year. Sandberg deserves to be in the HOF (a point we agree one), but I still believe he is among the elite second baseman of all-time and I still believe that he was the best when he played. Even if your facts and logic are taken at face value those conclusions are still supported.

posted by Bag Man at 11:13 PM on December 01, 2004

Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

Perhaps if you proof-read your own we could see the brilliance. Again with the personal insults. Whatís up with that? Just more evidence that your other points are weak. I mean, if your arguments were so great you would refrain from such things. You are the only one trolling around. I stick to the facts and you stick to your insults. Please answer my question: I really donít know where you get off saying that my fact intensive arguments "supposition and declaration." Rather calling my arguments "supposition and declaration" why don't you just respond with an argument or response to mine? I know because you have none. It seems you must invent stuff or make flippant comments (like the one below), rather than use your facts to argument against mine. Who gives a fuck, especially when you abuse stats the way you do? The logical conclusion to this line of thinking is a one-year wonder could get into the HoF. Whither Tony Conigliaro? Harry Aganis? Hum...No...That's not my argument and you should know that or you do and you just insulting me rather engaging my arguments. I guess it's more evidence you're grasping at straws. Sandberg, Alomar and Morgan all had several years of impressive stats. Sandberg just had more, which is evidence he's a better player. Hitting 25+ over six seasons and getting 100 RBIs twice is very good for a second baseman. How do I know this? Because Sandberg is the only who did it. By your own logic Alomar and Morgan are ďone-year wonder[s].Ē Bullshit. Ted Williams isn't in for home runs or hits. He's in because he was a dominating offensive force, which is best measured in SLG AND OBP Without 3,000 hits and 500 homeruns I think it would a little harder for Williams to be in the HOF. Sandberg was also an offensive force and was the cornerstone of the Cubs attack for most of his career. Sandberg, like Williams, was the rock that his team was build around. (I'm not arguing that Sandberg was a good as Williams, he surely was not) Players like Davis, Dawson, Durham, Grace came and went, but it was Sandberg's grit and leadership that was the force behind Cub's drive to Eastern Division tittle's in 1984 and 1989. Sandberg's MVP in 1984 (his second year and first full season in the bigs) and plat down the stretch in 1984 is evidence of that. It was not until Sosa came to the Cubs in 1994 that the offensive mantle was really passed. It's astounding that you miss that about Sandberg's career.

posted by Bag Man at 06:53 PM on December 01, 2004

Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

I think Weedy was referring to my stats-heavy posting I do when I attempt to prove a point. Your post above was more supposition and declaration instead of proof. Grum, You can have your own opinion, but not your own facts. Sandberg bests Alomar and Morgan in career homeruns, single season homeruns, career fielding percentage, single season and number of career gold gloves (just to name a few categories). Sandberg also, until recently, bested Alomar for the single season and two season streak of errorless games. Those are all facts and not "supposition and declaration." I really donít know where got off saying that. I guess if you actually read my posts you would know that. When comes to career average and career RBI Sandbergís numbers are comparable. If you think Single season and career HR, RBI and Average totals are not important I don't know what game you watch or what HOF you know. Guys like Hank Aaron, Ted Williams Eddie Murry, Orlando Cepeda, Tony Perez and Joe Morgan got into the HOF and are considered great based on their aggregate stats compared with other players of their position, their time and all-time. The thing is all those players I named amassed numbers considered great for their position over a much longer career...Aaron (23 seasons), Perez (23 seasons), Morgan (23 seasons), Cepeda (17 seasons) Williams (19 seasons) and Murry (21 seasons). Sandberg only play 16 seasons (including a two year retirement involving a physically and mentally draining devoice). If Sandberg can put up better stats or similar stats to that of Morgan in seven less seasons it bears out that Sandberg's non-aggregate stats must be at least as good or better. So lets look at some single season stats. If you look at single season totals Sandberg does way better than Alomar and Morgan even at their career peaks. For example, Neither Alomar or Morgan ever hit 40 HRs (Alomar never hit more than 24 playing for one of the better teams of 90s during a period of inflated offensive stats and Morgan never hit more than 27 homeruns and got 100 ore more RBIs only once playing for the offensive juggernaut that was the Big Red Machine). Sandberg on the other hand hit 40 HRs once, 30 HRs once, and 25 or 25+ four times. No other second baseman has ever done that. Rogers Hornsby does come close to those power numbers, but many of his numbers where generate at power positions such as first base. The facts bare out my arguments once again. When you take in consideration that Morgan and Alomar played on much better teams than Sandberg it makes Sandberg look all than much better. Thatís a big intangible chit in Sandbergís till. Also you need to consider that Alomorís career has taken a nose drive, while Sandberg reamied productive through his second retirement. Thatís just another intangible chit in Sandbergís till. Being the best of oneís era is important to the HOF. Often it is referred to "dominance" in an era. And yes, Sandberg did dominate at second base in his era of the mid-80s to the mid-90s. Again, itís another intangible that favors my arguments. I do like Sandberg a lot, but I not relying my love (or my so called hero-worship as people have suggested). Why? I don't rely on "supposition and declaration." Do you even read my posts? I rely cold hard stats, facts and records Sandberg held and holds now. I have relied on these facts over and over again in post after post. If you don't think HRs, RBIs or average, is important than your logic would used to purge most of the offensive players from the HOF. I base my opinion and conclusions on those facts and not any sort of East Coast bias. I'm not saying that Morgan, Alomor, Horsnby, etc. are garbage. I just that think that gives all Sandberg did he should have voted in on a the first ballot and should conserved an elite all-time second baseman.

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Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

I know who Bill James is (your personal insults show your lack of a decent argument) and I respect most of his work. He's the reason the A's remain so completive despite having so little money and just might have pushed the Red Sox over the top. However, that's beside the point. Anyone can manipulate stats to make them say what they want. By your logic, people who amassed large stat totals who played for a while should not be in the HOF. So are you all ready to toss out players like Hank Aaron? I don't think you are, so why the hate on Ryne Sandberg? Sandbeg was the best second basemen of generation and holds some impressive records for fielding and batting. Some are even all-time records, hence my arguement for him being one of the best or the best. You love Alomar and Morgan, yet Sandberg bests then in several offensive and defense categories. Why you people cannot see that is way beyond me. For ever other player that is in the HOF and for every player YOU PEOPLE think should be in the HOF (such as Bet Blyleven [win totals and strike outs] and Wade Boggs [hits and avg.]) aggregate numbers, both offensive and defensive, and accolades are used to justify playerís entry into the HOF. You seem to be refuting your own HOF picks with your arguments. Anyway, because Sandberg played Second base his offensive and defense stats are relevant. We must look his Homeruns, slugging percentage, RBIs, fielding percentage and his records. He has better comparative numbers to plays of his time and all time than Blyleven. And, compared to Boggs: Sandberg holds all time record for offense and defense, while Boggs does not. I am not saying that Sandberg is better than Boggs (Boggs was a better hitter for sure and his 3,000+ hits is evidence of that), I'm just saying that if Boggs can enter with impressive stats in only a few categories why cannot Sandberg get in the HOF with all-time records? Why cannot Sandberg be considered the best when he and he alone holds so many astonishments at his position? So why does Blyleven, Boggs, Joe Morgan get a pass? What gives? Why the different standards? This is a question no one has answer. So I will assume you have no answered so, I take that point by concession. Is there no convincing me otherwise? Well, just as Aaronís 755 homeruns (the most of all time) has convinced me he should me in HOF, Sandbergís many records in the field and at the plate have convinced that he should be in the HOF. Since none of you pointed out a better second basemen during Sandberg's time, the true test of the HOF, I will take that as a compete concession. For that reason a lot Sandberg should be in the HOF, and with his other stats he should have been a first ballot HOFer. See? Don't fuck with the Bag Man he whacks back until you'll see the error of your way.

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Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

He was good at both. He was sooooo good at both that he holds all-time records for his deeds in my categories. I mean, what do you want? Must the guy set records on Mars? I think your standards are a bit high if you donít think Sandberg is among the best. Fielding % means nothing. So not committing errors means nothing? What fact[s]? Any longevity-independent numbers that actually mean something? This is bad argument for two reasons. 1) You are factually wrong: Sandberg played for awhile, but not as long as say, HOFer Joe Morgan and still put better or similar stats. In fact, Sandberg had some very impressive single season offensive totals. Totals few second baseman have ever matched until Jeff Kent did so in the area of inflated offense. 2) Your assumption is also wrong: No one should be penalized for longevity. You seem to give Joe Morgan a pass on longevity, so why put the hate on Ryno who played fewer seasons and did better or similar? Joe Morgan, Eddie Collins and Rogers Hornsby...Jackie Robinson, Craig Biggio and Nap Lajoie Sandberg has more HRs and a better fielding percentage than anyone you named or anyone who played at that position for their whole career (not to mention all the records and gold gloves he has). I don't think Biggio ever won a gold glove at second base, but he did he does not have eight. Besides, some of the players you mentioned, such as Biggio, did not play second base at their whole career and such stat comparisons are not a fair. Bill James has Ryne as the seventh-best of all time. How he calculate that? If he was using stats or whether they where the best of their time he is wrong or bias. I still defy anyone to name a better second basemen when sandberg played. I know this, no cannot name a second baseman who hit more HRs or a two-bagger who played better in the field when Sandberg played. I also cannot name a guy who put better single season stats when Sandberg played. So I guess pilling up more stats and being more productive and doing that in a shorter period than the guy Bill James names as the best second baseman ever makes Sandberg chop liver. Did you even read what you wrote? P.S. It's pretty low to insult my grammar mistakes...I guess that you think that since facts don't support your argument you must make fun of me to get the best of this debate.

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Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

The same can be said for Morgan vs Sandberg in terms of offence. It's not even close (when you factor in the eras they played in). So to declare Ryno the best offensive AND defensive two-bagger in baseball is to completely undermine your own argument with hyperbole You are comparing apples to oranges. Sandberg needs to be judged by all second basemen. When he was first on the ballot Sandberg held the record for most homeruns by any second basemen, ever. In this era of more offense he's still #2 (recently passed by Jeff Kent). Not to mention production in other areas, such his more than 1,000 RBIs. While he has less RBIs than Joe Morgan, it's still an impressive total for a second baseman. He has a 40er year, 4 silver sluggers and an MVP. No second basemen of his time (or most other times, excpet now) can match those accomplishments. In fact, few second basemen can mach his career totals. The numbers alone support my argument. Then add his defense. His numbers on defense also speak for themselves too. Sandberg owns the best fielding percentage of any second baseman ever (.990). He owns several other defensive records, and until recently he has the record for the most consecutive errorless games over two seasons (he's still #2). Then there are his eight Gold Gloves. However, Sandberg pass the true HOFer test. He was the best second baseman of his generation. When he was playing nobody was better. Joe Morgan was in the twilight of his career in the mid-80s , and Roberto Alomar was still in yearly years in the early to mid-90s. When Sandberg was playing neither one of those great second basemen was that great. His all-star selections show that. He was a bridge between Morgan and Alomar and hit big before the area of inflated offense in the late-90s. I defy anyone to name another second baseman that as great has Sandberg when he play. The fact and numbers bear out my argument.

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Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

Retire and wait five years. Don't worry, Alomar's a shoe in. Mazeroski's already in the Hall. Sandberg's Stats, both at the plate and the in field are better or as good as both of those players. Besides with Alomar recent struggles I'm sure he's a HOFer. Just look at Sanberg's numbers, they are among the best or the best, and then look at his leadership and grit; it's a no brainer. He should be in the HOF for the reasons I stated. And why hate on Fisk? I was not hating on Fisk, just making a point about an East Coast bias or at least an percieved East Coast bias. Or at very least, a bias towards player who won more than the Cubs, went to the WS or won the WS.

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Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

What people at think. Vote here. Close but no cigar: Sandberg What does the greatest defensive and arguably the greatest offensive second baseman need to do get into the Hall? Was having the highest fielding percentage all time at his position not enough? Was all those Gold Gloves not enough? Was being an MVP not enough? Was hitting 40ers when second baseman did not do that not enough? Was holding the record for the most career homeruns for a second baseman at the time of his first ballot not enough? Is being second on the most career homeruns for second basemen not enough? Are 1,061 RBI at second base not enough? Was leading the Cubs to the NL East title in 1984 and 1989 not enough? I mean this guy is the best at his position in the field and at the plate (as good as or arguably better than HOFer Joe Morgan) and he can't get elected. What gives? He should have been in on his first ballot. Itís East Coast bias, just ask Ron Santo if sports writers have a sympathy for great players that happened to play west of the Allegany Mountains on sub-par teams. If very good, but not great, outfielders, such as Tony Perez, who just happened to play with the Red Sox during a good time to play for the Red Sox, can get in shouldnít one of greatest at his position, if not the greatest, get in. It seems that just Because Sandberg was not around for Fiskís homerun or never wore pinstripes, it means he should left out or has pay his dues with other lesser players.

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The NFC doesn't deserve their Super Bowl slot

And we all know how the NBA Champ did against that weak ass Eastern Conference team...

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FoxSportsWorld Fox Soccer Channel

Maybe they can get some Italian soccer for once. If they did, I'd for forgive them for getting rid of Aussie Rules football and rugby. I don't know about you all, but several local pubs play Aussie Rules, The Rugby World Cup, Six Nations, the Sevens Tournament and all the South African and New Zealand rugby you can shake a stick at. Maybe I'm just spoiled.

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Baseball Hall of Fame nominations

It was a crime that Rino did not get voted in last year. If I had a vote I'd vote for him for sure. As for the others, I'd vote for sure for Boggs and Smith.

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Win one for the Gipper

Washington Gridlocks !! That's PERFECT I also like Washington BustaCaps Just go old school (in another way) and call them the Washington Bullets. I'm sure the NRA would be all too pleased.

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Win one for the Gipper

Win one for the Gipper "Let me be the first to suggest that the name of the relocated team should be the Washington Reagans." -- David Broder Let me be the first one to suggest that the name of the relocated team should be the Washington Contras. All troll aside, I think the team should go back to the old school Washington Senators.

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Football Fans For Truth

All I know is that Kerry does actually play sports, some of them even "extreme." That's impressive to me. What does the other fella play? I heard the other fella fell off his bike a few times and was throw off a horse when he was governor of some southern state. I guess if doing coke and drinking was a sport the other fella would win. I wonít want to face that other fella in beer pong, but I think I might be able to take Kerry. The again, New Englanders know how to drink. Maybe Kerry even has the edge there. When it comes right down to it, it really doesn't matter who plays what or who knows what about sports. For example, Ford, who played some college football was a bad president, and Jack Kemp, who was a QB in the NFL, was right-wing nut who lost to a Fatso from Arkansas and a stiff board from Tennessee. I what a president who will be a great leader; I could give a rat's ass about if he knows anything about sports or plays sports well or even plays at all.

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"I feel robbed."

Umpires are human, which is why I wonder tennis (and other sports) don't use more automation. Aren't the people who create the automation flawed? Thus, if you have an imperfect system, won't the output also be flawed? For example, instant replay in football has not erased flaws in that sport's refereeing. In fact, it's only caused more controversy...and need I bring up the controversy surrounding the BCS? Besides, the human experience is central to sports and if that is phased out something will be lost from the game itself. I can't you imagine MacEnroe yelling at a CPU.

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Lakers trade Gary Payton and Rick Fox for Chucky Atkins, Chris Mihm and Marcus Banks

It's a sad, sad, sad sight. He was the greatest to ever wear the Sonic jersey. Now he's going out like a sucka. Your point is well taken, but don't every forget the X-Man. I would also add that the Glove is an excellent trash talker, perhaps one of the best ever. However, it seemed, even before he signed with the Lakers, his skills diminished and he became bitter and resentful. This loss of his skills and bitterness seems to have culminated during his time with the Lakers. I think the Glove was a sucka long before this trade.

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Lakers trade Gary Payton and Rick Fox for Chucky Atkins, Chris Mihm and Marcus Banks

I'm glad The Glove is pissed. I think it serves him right.

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Mariners DH Edgar Martinez is retiring.

What charlatan said.

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Mariners DH Edgar Martinez is retiring.

Martinez ranks 12th in career OBA vs. the league average (7500+ PA, since 1900)...He's 12th on the AL career RCAA list So what?

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