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NHL and Google sittin in a tree. A W E S O M E

I feel like it's going to be christmas every day until June. And, I didn't fork over the bucks for Center Ice for the first time in 5 years. I love my company :)

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The Islanders have officially gone batshit.


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I got your fan appreciation RIGHT HERE!

I'm not disproving because he's a poor role model, I'm disproving because he's an asshole.

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I got your fan appreciation RIGHT HERE!

I always, always, always hated AI, mostly stemming from the time that I lived in Philly, which was at the time of the whole throw your wife out of the house naked skip practice pull guns on people stage. What a loser.

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East Shakeup - What a Night

Chicobangs and I were at the Rangers/Sens game. Great fun, though I wish it was a closer contest. I can't freaking WAIT for the playoffs to begin, and yeah, the coverage has been lacking, but give them a day.

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Sweden captures Olympic hockey gold

Another Red Wing homer here! What a game. During the second intermission, I had a vision of a Nick Lidstrom laser shot scoring the go ahead goal. You can thank me any time now.

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Is Detroit as deep as they used to be?

Yes, the Wings are just as deep, and they have good scouting to thank for that. They've lost some of their depth, no doubt about it, but they've added a few players who have exceeded expectations (Samuelsson, Lebda), and have a great rookie in Kronwall, who's just getting back from ACL surgery.

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The Malice In The Palace

2 - I feel like some of you might be misinterpreting his *suntanning*. Look, we know Artest has trouble controling his temper. Isn't possible that the *suntanning* was the equivalent of trying to take 10 deep breaths. Isn't that what your supposed to do ... lie down, relax, picture a warm beach?

He could have gone to the bench, no? It was provocative.

3 - He didn't hit the fan he went after. The fan said Artest grabbed him and was asking "did you throw it, did you throw it?" Someone hit Artest in the head with a full beer ... I don't have a problem with him trying to apprehend the guy who did it.

Are you high? Throwing a punch or not, he fucking assaulted the guy, no doubt about it. I do have a problem with him trying to apprehend the guy who did it. That's security's job.

4 - The guy who actually threw the beer was a major jerk.

Well, duh.

5 - Artest goes back down on the floor and another fan starts squaring up with him. Artest has just been hit in the head with an unknown object and sucker punched from behind at this point. I think he's justified in protecting him.

Ok, if a fan goes on the court and postures, Artest can defend himself. Fine. But, he does throw the first punch there, too.

In summary, this was the NBA's fault. The Detroit fans were treating the Pacers like they were animals in the zoo (IMO there's nothing I more repugnant than people who taunt animals at the zoo). For the NBA to put their players in an environment like that was negligent.

What are you talking about? What kind of environment? Were the Detroit fans any different than any other fans before the incident? Have you ever been to an Eagles game? The only stadium in the country with it's own freaking courthouse? Bottom line is that no one saw this coming, and if the security wasn't quick to react, well, fault them for that, but there wasn't an environment set up or anything. It was just another game. Until then.

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The Malice In The Palace

It's amazing how the longer this thread gets, the more ridiculous the punishment scenarios get.

Honestly? I think that the suspensions are dead on. Except Sports Network got it wrong.

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The Malice In The Palace

Yes, it was entertaining. I can't deny it. In that car wreck sort of way.

Did Ben overreact? Possibly. But why was Artest in the game at that point at all, and why was he making fouls like that when his team was so far ahead?

Sorry. I have a soft spot for the 'fro.

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The Malice In The Palace

Getting tired of hearing that Wallace started this shit. I mean, that was a pretty fucking flagrant foul.

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The Malice In The Palace

Hold up. Lying down and not getting involved in more shouting and shoving is considered "provocative"? He was actually in the middle of a radio interview at the time. It's not like he stood on the table and gave the finger to the fans, or starting jawing at someone behind the bench. He was literally doing nothing at all. In fact, Wallace tried to entice him to fight again (throwing a towel at him) and he refused to do anything. It was pretty much over until that f*cknut lobbed the bottle/cup at him...

Oh, come on. If he wanted to diffuse, he should have gone to the fucking bench. He was not exactly getting in anyone's face, but he was acting like the smug shithead that had me stop watching the NBA long ago (until last year). He wasn't an innocent bystander, and he grabbed the headset and laid down to taunt Wallace. No doubt about it.

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Meanwhile, a champion was crowned tonight...

I must say, that was some of the finest basketball I've seen. The passing, the selflessness, the pace, all fantastic. Consider me a new WNBA fan. Congrats!

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I'm Roger Clemens, bitch!

Sunflower seeds hurt when spat. Really.

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I'm just waiting for the interview in which Shaq-fu says that as long as they bring their game, that the Pistons shouldn't be a problem.

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Detroit does a great job at forcing turnovers, but then always seems to choke on their next shot.

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That's an apology?

"In light of numerous player comments about Mr. Moore following the Vancouver-Colorado game of February 16, we believe the Vancouver organization ultimately bears some responsibility for monitoring and, to the extent necessary, attempting to moderate the focus of its team," said Campbell. "While the League provided appropriate advance warnings to both organizations... we believe that more could have and should have been done." Gotta agree with the Commish there as well. And that's the thing... if Moore was suspended for his hit (he *did* knock Naslund out for a while), this, arguably, wouldn't have happened. Though I agree, I thought that (correct me if I'm wrong) that the hit was deemed legal (if not somewhat cheap).

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Bertuzzi suspended for regular season and playoffs

I think that the NHL was right on here, and it's because his eligibility for next year is to be determined later. For once, I think the NHL made the right decision. Suspend the guy for the rest of the season, not make a knee-jerk reaction, and take some time to consider his future between now and then. I'm sure that his actions between now and then will be taken into account.

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Bertuzzi suspended indefinitely for hit on Moore.

"it's what happens when years of frustration builds, referees look the other way and don't chuck people when they're out of control, and when the NHL doesn't do anything about these long-standing feuds. Even a token one-game suspension on Moore would have soothed a lot of this. Instead, it's the wild wild west out here--no law and order." While I agree with that statement about tension building, the players have a responsibility to live with the decisions of the league. Three weeks of retrubution talk followed by a cheap shot? If Bert really wanted a shred of respect, he'd have turned the man around, dropped the gloves, and settled it. Instead, he took a cheap shot and sat on him, proving that he's really the lowest form of hockey player around. The Canucks fans cheering was classless, just as classless as when Bert sat his fat ass on Chris Chelios a few games back, injuring his shoulder, and the fans booed Cheli off the ice. Come on. I just saw the video. Disgusting.

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I like the Statue of Liberty gaffe in last year's Game 6 conf finals vs the Wings. Arrogance and entertainment. Excellent highlight. I think I've watched that replay more times than I've had a hot meal.

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Lack of star power may leave Flyers short.

Philadelphia and crack? Impossible.

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Sports Movies.

Slap Shot 2 for worst. Stephen Baldwin should be drawn, quartered, and have his head used as a puck for ruining every fond moment I have of the original.

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Major League Baseball to offer live Internet telecasts.

When they finally offer this for hockey, I'll be a happy man. Internet radio just isn't the same.

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(oops, finishing that Grigorenko thought...)

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Just so you don't think I'm making up that Roenick story.

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and Osgood's the one with the Cup ring. It's widely accepted in many hockey circles that the '98 Cup was won not because of Osgood, but despite him. Allowing goals in overtime from center ice in crucial playoff games in the Conference Finals? Why do you think he was put on freaking waivers? His pathetic work ethic alone was resonsible for Roenick signing with the Flyers. Jeremy was out with Ken Holland, and were set to sign a deal in the morning after dinner. He gets a call from Phillly at the hotel, take it or leave it kind of deal, and he takes it, specifically citing Osgood as one of the reasons why he did so. Shortly after hearing this from JR, Holland finally wisened up and acquired Hasek, and the rest is history. I agree with NoMich about the Schneider deal; the Wings gave up way too much. I suppose they just wanted to show their fans they're serious about repeating this year, but if there's any team that needs to hang on to its young players, it's Detroit. Again, I couldn't disagree more. What many don't realize is that Detroit has done a great job with their picks, due to a great scouting staff. I mean, Zetterberg was picked 210th overall in the freaking 4th round, and the kid just got rookie of the month honors, and is a good bet for the Calder. Sundin called him the next Peter Forsberg during the Olympics, when they were teammates. Pavel Datsyuk was drafted 171st overall, Detroits fourth pick, in 1998, and that kid was a solid contributor to the Cup run last year. The Wings have an underrated farm system, and a few kids that are going to turn heads coming up. Already rookie Bykov is a top four d-man (though not after this deal), and he was drafted in the 8th round, 258th overall. Grigorenko is That kid Avery that was dealt will be missed, but agitators are a dime a dozen, and the kid was undrafted, for the love of god, and signed as a free agent. The picks hurt a bit, but not nearly as much as some are making it out to be. As for Kuznetzov, well, he's a bigger, clumsier Larry Murphy. Addition through subtraction. Schneider is easily the best d-man moved, I believe. He effectively neutralized Sergei Fedorov during the first round of the playoffs in 2000, he was the Kings best d man during that series. Adding an All Star to Lidstrom and Chelios can't be wrong.

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All three of the national sports stations in Canada are dedicating up to 6 hours of coverage this afternoon. Another reason why I want to move to Canada.

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Many big moves today, and the Blues picked up former Wing and Islander Chris Osgood, which will help them, despite the soft goals he gives up. Philly's Amonte acquisition is big, but I can't help but see another first round exit again. Since no one else is mentioning it, the Wings go Schneider, mere hours after Matt scored on the Wings in a 3-2 loss. I like this trade, though the Wings did give up Avery (nice little undrafted agitator who has been living above Brett Hull's garage), Kuznetzov (great size, clumsy as an ox) and a few picks.

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Warrant issued...

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What's in a name?

Wasn't there a South Park song about him?

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The warrant will be submitted today, according to this article. Wow, Allan and I have the same initials.

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Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson told KYW-AM that Iverson allegedly had the gun inside his waistband. But Johnson noted, "A bulge could be anything." That has to be my favorite quote from the article. How many arrested athletes threads have we had lately? Oh, I forgot, you see Allen is a guy who is so good, he doesn't need to go to practice. What leadership on and off the court. Yes, I know, he is a human and makes mistakes, and we shouldn't set people up on pedastals, but athletes, to a varying degree, chose this life for themselves, and Iverson has obviously chosen it. You can be a good player and a scumbag, but it takes a special person to be a good player and a leader. And those are the ones that deserve to be remembered.

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Najeh Davenport is arrested for "burglary",

My favorite was Bob Probert trying to go to Canada from Detroit (or vice versa) with coke up his shorts and empty booze bottles in the backseat. He was supposed to never play in the NHL again, but then he was allowed back.

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The Rangers pick up Kasparitis

New York seems to be the most improved team so far Oh, I totally agree. But most improved from the trash heap that they were does not mean that any team around the league should be quakin' in their skates. Of course, I'm the same guy that said that the Redwings were too old to make a real run at the cup last year, so what do I know? Ha! Doubt us not! Unless Bure starts diving in front of shots I think that you have a better chance of seeing Don Cherry wearing a tutu and figure skating at the NHL 2003 All Star Game. By contrast, Kirk Maltby killed a St. Louis power play practically by himself in the Wester Semi finals. It was truly a sight to behold. He loses his stick, has it kicked to center ice by a Blues player, and proceeds to block 4 consecutive shots, not allowing the Blues to even get one shot through. Sure, a team full of Maltbys wouldn't make the playoffs, but he just exemplifies the kind of things that are necessary to win the Cup, and he understands what his role on the team is. I think it was the first time he has ever had his name chanted at Joe Louis Arena. Whatsmore, even after breaking his leg last year blocking a shot, Steve Yzerman didn't hesitate for a second to block a shot this year, despite the heavy damage to his knee. At least the Rangers are letting go of Fleury. But seriously contend? Holik is overrated, Bure lacks someone to feed him the puck, and Lindros. Beyond Leetch, what do they have on D? Ok, I'll shut up now. Can you tell I am itching for the season to start? Only a few more months!!!

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The strike that will kill baseball.

If the players strike this time...I am going to root for its total collapse, for Major League Baseball to disappear. This had me laughing. I am of the same sports knowledge as Samsonov14 (outside of my brief flirtations with following the Detroit Bad, Pistons), but I gotta agree with the guy, that the attraction to the sport seems to have waned. At least among those I know (who in no way represent a statistical sample, for sure). I am shitting twinkies at the prospect of the CBA expiring in 2004, and judging from the player's union's attempts to drive up salaries as high as they can go, this one is going to be bad. Chelios recently recounted the pressure he was under to test the market, even though he didn't really want to. I am doing research for my job into other sports right now, and they seem to have a salary cap in basketball where no team can go over a certain amount of money. (what is it, $45 million or so? I forgot, forgive me.) And if you go over that mark, you are slapped with a "luxury tax." Can anyone with more familiarity expand upon this? I wonder if it would work for hockey players.

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The money comes pouring,

That said, nothing would please me more than to see Detroit tumble hard from the top. Dem's fighting words! ;-) For real for real, look for them to either win next year, or die trying. After that, these guys are all free agents: Fedorov, Lidstrom, Yzerman, Hull, Robataille, and possibly a few more I can't think of right now. Many thought that Dom would do one more year. At current inflation, what is Fedorov worth after next year? Lidstrom? Yzerman will play one more and retire. The team was retooled after the LA collapse (thanks again, Martin) to seriously compete for a two-year period. So, you will get your wish, but it won't be next year. I am not going to predict a Cup, but they will at least come close. After that, who knows? They have the cash for the free agents, but this team gelled in a special way that simple money *cough* Rangers *cough* obviously could not have produced alone.

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The money comes pouring,

Cujo will be paid $24 million for four years, with a $1 million bonus for winning the Cup. That was lower than a three-year offer of $26.5 million (or thereabouts) with an option for a fourth year from Toronto. A lot of players take less $ to go to Detroit, and it seems that last year's Cup made it all worth it.

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The money comes pouring,

Holik is good, no doubt, but can you seriously put him on the level with Yzerman, Sakic, Kariya, Jagr, or Forsberg? If he's worth $9 million, how much is Guerin worth? I could not believe Martin the Money Man signing for $5 million per year. Remember, this is a guy who had one season with more than 16 goals: 2000-2001, his last as a Wing (27 goals, with Larionov on his line). He was back down to 17 last year. True, he is emerging as a good leader, and true, he adds a physical dimension to the game, but he also took real dumb penalties in the Detroit/LA Kings playoff series (which Detroit lost) and couldn't come up with any sort of worthy performance with the absence of Yzerman and Shanahan due to their injuries. He was slated to take over as captain of the Wings after Yzerman's pending retirement, but I guess that won't happen... I am not happy about the looming lockout, but who is to blame for the ridiculous salaries? I guess you can say it is teams that pay players way more than market value, but is a salary cap the answer? Could that even pass with the NHLPA? It will be interesting to see Cujo in Detroit. That town is so tough on their goaltenders...a list that I am on has Red Wings fans already pissed that he was crying about leaving Toronto...the poor man hasn't faced a shot yet, and already he is in the pressure cooker. Dom's shoes are pretty big ones to fill. Belfour is going to make far less than $8 to $9 million. About half that. I hear that the deal includes incentives. His value dropped with his performance last year, and GM's worry about his antics. Thank god he isn't a Wing.

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Save the Chiefs!

As long as they hogtie Stephen Baldwin in the center of town and throw rotten vegetables at him for disgracing thier team with his performance in Slap Shot 2, more power to them.

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If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around, does it make a sound?

I would have started a thread about it, but since it is mentioned here, why hog the front page... Who should Detroit sign? I have misgivings about every goalie available. Then again, being a goalie in Detroit is some very big shoes to fill (ask Cheveldae, Osgood, et al.) Eddie "I do'nt have to go to practice" Belfour? Curtis "Softie" Joseph? Byron "has not come up big in the playoffs" Dafoe? Mike "busted knee" Richter? Rumors also have Melrose or Colin Campbell up for head coach. God help me.

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I like Kournikova as the perennial loser. Makes her pout so much more believing.

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Italy cries foul!

I thought only French judges got paid off...

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What old geezers?

Who needs chick flicks when you have scenes like that? I got a little weepy myself, especially when Konstantinov came out to hold the Cup. Good show. I think they can repeat; if Hasek goes, I hope they either get Cujo or Byron Dafoe (not Belfour...please...I'm begging...). Hull will stay, Chelios should resign, and Luc may be headed to Anaheim (may want to be closer to family). Everyone has one more year left on thier contracts (Yzerman, Lidstrom, Fedorov, Shanny has a few years...). They will be back next year and be right up front; two years from now may be a different story. The coaching will be affected (how can it not be), but I think Dave Adams (currently assistant) has a good shot at the job. Can that Hasek dance like a chicken or what?

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Lakers win the Championship.

I would like to hereby proclaim my loathing for every professional sports team to ever hail from the city of LA. Most of all the LA Kings and the Lakers. The rest are guilty by association.

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They can't win them all in overtime.

Wow, that was a nasty hit by Fischer.

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Defending champs France bounced in the first round,

The Danes wax sympathetic...

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They can't win them all in overtime.

A playoff hockey game should not be decided by a skills competition. It's like replacing overtime in the NBA playoffs with a dunk contest. I don't totally agree. Four periods of hockey followed by a shootout seems fair enough to me. If you can't put it away during that time, have a shootout, and your goalscorers will be allowed to be goalscorers and your goaltenders will be allowed to either win it for you or lose it for you. This is one part of the Olympics that I actually like. You have a point with the Stars example. Thing is, everyone these days plays a trap of some sort. The Avs had the best defensive record this season (lowest GAA), but they didn't do the mugging and absolute obstruction that the 'Canes are doing this year. I agree that it takes a level of dedication and discipline to play an effective trap, and that defense wins championships, but it is a shame to watch. I do think it is somewhat of an equalizer: it got the Wild to effectively compete this year, and win a few games they had no business in. I think there is a difference between clutch and grab and a trap. It is a shame that the worst of hockey is being shown in what should be the best of the year. It is bittersweet; I want to watch and cheer, but have a hard time getting up the emotion after such a great preceeding series.

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They can't win them all in overtime.

age and treachory will prevail over youth and skill. I meant to say "youth and guile." Insert standard apology for mistake, wtih emphasis blamed on a lack of sufficient caffeine this morning. Maybe I should take a page from the 'Canes book and ingest my coffee intraveneously.

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They can't win them all in overtime.

the Wings have lots of old guys who will probably be very sore two days from now. The only thing older than the Wings is the conception that they are too old. According to the Detroit Free Press, the 'Canes were taking fluids intraveneously between periods. What did the Red Wings do? Drink Pedialyte, the stuff you give kids when they have the runs to keep nutrients and vitamins in their system. And they had some bananas and oranges. Playing with experience and skill also means that you don't wear yourself out as much because you have the wisdom to have better position and not have to hustle as much. That is why Lidstrom can log those insane minutes and doesn't seem to get worn out at all. Mitch Albom did a great piece today about the series, begging for the Avs to be granted the right to play in the last few games. It seems like the trap that the 'Canes play is the great equalizer in hockey: it allows anyone disciplined enough to follow it to compete, and it bores the watchers to tears. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to win, I just consider it a crying shame compared to the Detroit/Avs series, the best I have ever seen. It's like being in a coma, this series. Hull said it best: I'd rather be old and wise than young and dumb, and we all know that age and treachory will prevail over youth and skill. I predicted a sweep or at least a blowout, and I too was wrong. I am just disappointed that the choppy play is not showcasing the talent in this series on the Wings like it did in the Avs series. This is horrible hockey, if you ask me, and if the Wings swept the series and the play was still the same, I would be saying the same thing. That said, I would like to now reiterate my desire for the abolition of ties in hockey during the regular season, and to do away with this multiple overtime crap. One overtime session, followed by a shootout. I can hear the critics now: "But that would hand the victory to the team with the better goal-scorers and most skill!" Tough. That is exactly my point. This multiple overtime crap is just sadistic.

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It was over before it started.

He is supposed to have the same surgery Chelios had a year ago, and now Chris is a Norris Trophy candidate, and should win the sentimental vote (+40 at 40 years old!) If Yzerman comes back, he could be a lot better. He has been ok this series, but this defensive system shit makes me want to go to sleep, the Canes I mean. What a crock, and a bad way to promote the sport on the part of the officials.

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It was over before it started.

I think it's poetic that Hull was born in Canada (Belleville, Ont.) but played on Team USA and lost to Team Canada, in the USA. He has dual citizenship. He wanted to play for Canada a while back (forgot the year) but they snubbed him, so he chose to play for USA ever since. It was like Xmas morning for me seeing Roy get pulled. After the failed statue of liberty pose (I HATE grandstanding and showboating), nothing went right for him, and deservedly so. The only one I don't like is Hasek It was wierd for me to see him a Wing, but I really like the guy. His work ethic is outstanding. Roenick was inches away from signing with Detroit in the offseason...he was actually in a Detroit hotel after eating with the Detroit GM, when he got the offer from Philly, take it or leave it, and he had to decide right there. The reason he chose to go with it was because of Osgood's lack of work ethic (this was before the Hasek trade). Article was in the Free Press a while back, can't find it. Hasek has been great. I could care less if he is a jerk or not, but I have never seen anything from him other than joking around. Hull is outspoken, and sometimes I wish he would shut up, but as long as he scores, he can say whatever the hell he wants. People make the case that the Wings are trying to buy the cup, but holden's statement is right on the money. Hasek makes $8 million in Detroit, and was offered $9 million by St. Louis. He cited the tradition of hockey in Detroit that drew him, as well as the Cup prospects. FWIW, Detroit still has a large base of drafted players (Holmstrom, Yzerman, Fedorov, Lidstrom, Dandenault, Datsyuk, Fischer, to name a few...) that rivals most teams. I fail to remember anyone crying about the Avs doing that, even though they have made significant moves every year (Fleury, Borque, Blake, Kasparitis). There are four reasons Carolina is so strong in OT: 1) Rod Brindamour wins faceoffs 2) Ron Francis makes great passes 3) Arturs Irbe 4) No one on their team is afraid to shoot. True enough. But you need to also consider the opposition each team has had. Colorado has some of the best finishers in the NHL in Drury and Forsberg. And, 1) Yzerman wins faceoffs 2) Fedorov and Larionov and Hull make great passes 3) Dominik Hasek and 4) Detroit's firepower. Thier third and fourth lines match those of most teams' first line and second line. Mike Illitch spends a ridiculous amount of money on bringing stars in. True enough, but the team needed to make the Western Conference finals just to break even this year. Someone mentioned players deferring salary to get Hull here (it was Yzerman, Lidstrom, and Chelios, and possibly Shanahan). I think that speaks volumes as to what is important to the team and players, as well as the fact that most Wings could make loads more by testing free agency. Shanahan had the choice to do so a few years ago, and took considerably less than market value to stay on the roster. Detroit in 4 or 5. Though I wish it was an Original Six matchup, the Canes have been great this playoff year, and I am glad to see them get some respect, as well as to see Toronto lose.

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Oh. My. God.

rcade, I was just about to post that quote as being my favorite part of the article. Hell, it is still on my clipboard.

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The NHL Playoffs are upon us

The worn down argument is the only thing that is worn down, really. They are in very decent shape right now, save for yzerman. And Yzerman has a tie for the most playoff goals and points, so who's complaining? I stand corrected about the rout...Detroit, for whatever reason, did not turn it on. the only consolation to any Wings fan is that they have not played to potential yet, and there were other factors. Such as playing dog sledder Uwe Krupp...what a load of crap! Seriously, Vancouver is doing a great job. This series could go either way, but I gotta say, the old age claim is old as dirt. Chelios is in better shape than most 20 year olds out there. The man is a maniac (I also met him this year). If anything, it will be that Detroit has notoriously had problems with speedy forechecking teams (Avs, Kings). We'll see which way this goes, it could go either way. If Detroit brings their game, Vancouver will not be able to take two more games. If Detroit rolls over and plays dead, the series will go no further than six.

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The NHL Playoffs are upon us

And I hope that the league wakes up and bans Roy for life for throwing his stick at the refs during that game against Phoenix, when he was scored on by a rookie on a breakaway! *ok, I am being selfish. so what!* Go chickenhead, go!

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The NHL Playoffs are upon us

Vancouver, schmancouver. Experience counts, Wings will take them, but it may take 5 or 6. The 'Nucks may be hot, but being hot going down the strech does not guarantee playoff success. It is a whole new ballgame, and Detroit has the experience, which leads to better decisions, which leads to wins. Besides, a run and gun offense with no defense does not win series, and that will be the downfall of Vancouver. No discipline. Watch for Cloutier or Jovocop to blow their tops once or twice, but Hasek may do the same, with Bertuzzi taking runs at him all day. What organ will L.A. take from Peter the Great this year, after losing his spleen last year? Look for two original six matchups, the Montreal Boston series (which should be GREAT), and Detroit and Chicago, two old time bitter rivals, going at it in the second round. That assumes that the 'Yotes and Kings will be discarded, and that may not be the case. LA drops to the Avs in no less than 6, with Deadmarsh looking for revenge against his old team (I hate him, but would love to have him on my team!) I don't pay attention to the East that much, but the Devils/Hurricanes series should be good, because of the bad blood from the regular season. Oh yeah, Philly ousted by the second round. No doubt. Seriously, I am so excited. I can hardly wait for 7:00 tonight.

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Straight to DVD for a reason

Warning: I just returned from Cockthruster (er, sorry...Blockbuster) and have Slap Shot 2 in my hands. Life may never be the same again. T-minus 2 hours until I begin watching. Side note: Stephen Baldwin deserves to be saved from an eternity in Hades only for his performance in The Usual Suspects, which I picked up today on DVD. Also: when Jaromir Jagr returned to training camp a few years back after cutting the mullet in the offseason, Buccigross said (in his best Dr. Evil voice): "There's nothing like a shorn's breathtaking, really." He also gets mad props for his chalupa references: "Shanahan drops the chalupa to Yzerman..." Ok, ok...I'll stop.

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They are doing a pretty good job of rotating the sitting players. Cheli and Hasek Monday, Larionov and Fedorov last week, Lidstrom last week, and they still played competitively. Even with most of those players sitting, they still have a team that can match just about any other. Besides, you hockey fans know Bowman...even if he was forced to dress some vets as opposed to allowing them to sit, they would play a few shifts and chill out on the bench. The Wings earned the right to sit tight by thier awesome play over the course of the year and the ridiculous lead they built. With the nondisclosure allowances about teams revealing injuries, the minor bumps and bruises that some of the players have (Duschene, shoulder...Shanahan, wrist...Lidstrom, groin) may be nothing at all. They are not required to disclose. I agree with the momentum issue, but then again, they really need Yzerman back. The intangibles (aside from the tangibles) that he brings to the rink are unvaluable. And Detroit is not deliberately tanking games...far from it. They could have folded against the Leafs but they scored two quick ones in the third to force overtime, and they got a point out of it. I've seen this argument all the time, and I can't recall a single incident in the past 10 years where a player has gotten injured in the last 10 games and missed the entire playoffs after his team has completely clinched 1st over all. Wrongo. Yzerman broke his leg blocking a shot against Philly in one of the last games of the regular season. He couldn't skate on it and that was (along with Shanny doing the same thing in the first game against L.A.) the major reason they lost to L.A. and choked last year. It is more about nursing injuries that would NOT have the players normally resting. As Yzerman has said, if the playoffs were today, he would play.

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The National Hockey League Fans' Association

I have been a NHL Center Ice-subscribing fan for two years now, and I have never heard of 'em.

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Cry, Theo, cry.

Go ahead, retire. A threat implies that someone is scared of it becoming true. I don't think anyone would give a shit if he retired, except for maybe his teammates, but they are most likely sick of his shit by now as well.

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Swimsuits are worn when swimming. Swimming is a sport. Therefore, swimsuits are appropriate for Sports Illustrated. Brilliant. Absolutely, briliant.

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