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EPL Fantasy 08-09 Open for business

I have returned.

posted by Mossy at 06:09 PM on July 22, 2008


I don't see how anyone can deem that boring. My gosh. I think there's zero chance UEFA won't let them back in next year - after all, they'll be asking them to represent Europe in the World Club cup in Tokyo and the World Club Championship in December!

posted by Mossy at 05:44 PM on May 25, 2005

Yahoo's EPL Fantasy league?

The new interface is kinda crap.. I've selected 75 million worth of unfit footballers.. Try to do better this time round lads ;)

posted by Mossy at 03:57 PM on August 06, 2004

The Fortunate 50

Erm, I mean this one:

posted by Mossy at 06:17 PM on May 16, 2004

The Fortunate 50

Just check out forbes instead - they have cute pics:

posted by Mossy at 06:16 PM on May 16, 2004


Iffley has groundsmen now? What really annoys me is that we have to walk alllll the way around through the main entrance to get to the cricket schools.. Grr.. I think the 1500m is a compromise between the two and also due to the staggered start perhaps?

posted by Mossy at 07:50 AM on May 09, 2004

Glenn Hoddle wins the sack race!

Looking at the defence, I don't think its all that bad.. Just a bit easily breakable. I swear we win the injuries list any day :) Midfield looks midtable imo, some decent players up and coming and coming back from injury too..

posted by Mossy at 07:34 PM on September 23, 2003

Glenn Hoddle wins the sack race!

At bloody last. Now maybe we can get a decent manager who can :gasp: use tactics or inspire players? We'll be fine, Keane is back, Kanoute is firing and Postiga is warming up.

posted by Mossy at 01:01 PM on September 22, 2003

Play table football.

He spins! Cheat!! Still whooped him, but I am a table footbal master ^_^ Kept trying to set it up for a snake but you can never trap it properly. Poot :(

posted by Mossy at 06:42 AM on September 14, 2003

Manchester City "steals" Claudio Reyna from Fulham.

Dalmat joining boro is much bigger news - now they have mendieta, juninho and dalmat in midfield. Nay bad :)

posted by Mossy at 06:17 PM on August 29, 2003

Oxford win the 149th annual Boat Race by a whole foot.

As a side note.. We rock, we rock, we rock.. Spot the Oxford student.. Seriously though, with a finish like that, it seems tough to have winners and losers - all that preparation and they went down by 12 inches.. Gutting. Now to go and make fun of my Cambridge mates.. Hehe..

posted by Mossy at 11:05 AM on April 06, 2003

Did TV schedules lose US the Ryder Cup?

Nah, not tv pressure - look at the way that the draw played out, if the big hitters down the bottom for the US had won their matches, for instance Mickelson against Price, then Woods would almost certainly have been playing for the cup/it would have been sewn up by then. Fair enough tactics, especially in view of what happened in the singles last time.. Thoroughly enjoyable fair - for me matchplay beats by far normal golf - the sheer atmosphere if nothing else.. This will be excellent for European golf, and hopefully the tournament will be every bit as astoundingly good in 2 years time. I reckon this is one of the best sporting occasions aside from the world cup, anyone with me on that one?

posted by Mossy at 02:52 PM on September 29, 2002

It's just not cricket.

The ball is half a basketball? What kinda funky cricket were you playing?? I remember when I used to play softball, now there was a large target to hit..

posted by Mossy at 06:47 PM on August 05, 2002

Defending champs France bounced in the first round,

After doing something I never thought I'd do (surf the man utd website, urgh..), here's Forlan's factsheet: 17 appearances, 0 goals. Every time I've seen him in a match, he always misses by about half a foot with great regularity.. England vs Ireland in the World Cup final - come on everyone, believe :)

posted by Mossy at 07:24 AM on June 11, 2002

Defending champs France bounced in the first round,

Where on earth did the word cleats come from? Uruguay could have won if Morales hadn't missed that free header from 4 yards. Muppet. Forlan's goal was very, very sweet though - shame he'll never, ever score for Manchester United. And to think we were worrying about facing France if we came runners up in the group.. Good on Denmark and Senegal though, good organisation and counterattacking from the Danes, and entertaining stuff from the Senegalese (at least there's one French speaking nation in the next round - I wonder if Vieira could get a transfer? :)

posted by Mossy at 04:50 AM on June 11, 2002

World Cup math: Ireland must win by two goals against Saudi Arabia.

Yeah, it happened to Ireland in.. Erm, 90 or 94? They should just have a penalty shootout :)

posted by Mossy at 05:37 PM on June 10, 2002

Tyson fit as a butchers dog,

In his pomp, Tyson had a punch that was unbelievable - put me in mind of Liston leaving those dents in his punching bag. If he's done a good amount of training and is fit again, this fight will be very, very interesting indeed. Still won't pay to watch it though, highlights will do me fine :)

posted by Mossy at 01:49 PM on June 07, 2002

England beat Argentina....

I have no fingernails left and a nasty headache from that last 20 minutes.. Damn them - why can't we just roll over teams nice and easy? Always have to do it the hard way, eh? :) We outplayed them completely in the first 70 minutes, and deserved to be ahead by more than that one goal. Its now veery interesting - if England don't lose, Argentina will have to win or they go out. Who woulda thought? As an aside, as Argentina are ranked #2 and England #12 in the world rankings, and Portugal are #4 and USA #13, isn't this a bigger surprise than that 3-2? Nah, cos we're great and rankings mean nothing.. Time to stop buzzing..

posted by Mossy at 08:49 AM on June 07, 2002

Owen wants Heskey moved back to usual position.

I agree, Sven's too chicken to play anything other than a 4-4-2. The Argentinians will be playing a 3-4-3 I reckon, with Ortega and Gonzalez slightly behind Batitistuta in attack. This could spell problems for the English midfield unless they have Butt back sitting in front of the defence and doing a holding job - Zanetti for one is a blindingly good winger. Collina (scary bald Italian dude) is the ref, so the English players should try and run with the ball as much as possible => Argentinian fouls => lotsa freekicks; the Argentine defence aren't the best timers of tackles in the world..

posted by Mossy at 04:50 PM on June 06, 2002

Now every team at the World Cup has played. Thoughts so far?

Oops. My bad.. Whats with the Zzzs? At least it was an.. eventful 0 - 0 :)

posted by Mossy at 12:04 PM on June 06, 2002

Owen wants Heskey moved back to usual position.

Heskey and Owen up front, Scholes and Beckham through the middle, Vassell out on the right, Ashley Cole on the left of midfield, Mills and Bridge as the two wide defenders, and Ferdinand and Campbell in the centre. Everyone on their favoured side, good pace throughout the team, and an attacking mindset to the whole thing. Not gonna happen that way though - looks like Scholes will do a fish out of water impression on the left.. Lets hope it isn't as bad as Heskeys attempt..

posted by Mossy at 05:51 AM on June 06, 2002

Now every team at the World Cup has played. Thoughts so far?

Gazza is great - after 16 years in this country, I can finally understand most of what he says - great stuff. His analysis is quite enjoyable too, he's like a lil kid crossed with a football commentator :) I've seen every match so far, and have only been disappointed by a handful (England vs Sweden, bleurgh..) - not a boring 0-0 in sight, yay. I see some big scores and great matches in the weeks to come, the knockout stages are shaping up to some interesting matches too.. God bless the World Cup. I now simultaneously support Japan, South Korea, England and Ireland - who would have thought that the Koreans/Japs would pull it off so well? And indeed mblandi, a self score would indeed be an own goal..

posted by Mossy at 05:35 PM on June 05, 2002

Oh my gosh. Now this is an upset.

US beating England in 1950 was probably a more suprising result - hey, back then the only pro in the US side was somebody who played for Wrexham :) Football 365's all time top 10 shock results. I don't agree with the ordering though.. Poor old Poland are gonna get annihilated by Portugal and the US, leaving the South Korea vs US match as the crucial one.. Whoopee for Ireland - why can't they do first halves? Still, it means you go out on a high when the match finishes, as opposed to England Sweden when we ended on a loooow (mainly because we're picky supporters :).

posted by Mossy at 08:42 AM on June 05, 2002

The United States will win the World Cup...

Mmmph - now that was a turn up for the books no doubt - will we ever have a 0-0 draw in this World Cup? Lets hope not :) Beaseley was great, as was McBride - I think the South Korea vs US match will be very interesting indeed, with two quick and lively teams, they'll probably annihilate Poland though, with their shoddy, abysmal route 1 tactics. Mind you, the US did have more World Cup experience than Portugal.. :)

posted by Mossy at 06:06 AM on June 05, 2002

Hansie Cronjie

Oh, and they also beat Senegal and Uruguay in their warmups, and narrowly lost to Brazil, wtf?

posted by Mossy at 06:30 PM on June 01, 2002

Hansie Cronjie

Poor guy - he was just about to start back as a cricket coach (his ban was slightly alleviated). I agree its a shame that he will be remembered for the match fixing more than some great victories, but its a bigger shame he took that money. Still, with the pittance most cricket players get paid, its not surprising they get tempted, he was just unlucky enough to get caught.. There's obviously quite a bit of this going on - take Pakistan vs Bangladesh last World Cup for instance. Now, I'm a Bangladeshi, but no way in hell was that a fairly played game.. Oh, and surely Saudi Arabia aren't this bad?!?!?! Hell, they didn't even put in a tackle in the first half, and these are the guys that are meant to be the best in Asia! They beat teams like Iran who gave Ireland a good run for their money. I'm deeply suspicious..

posted by Mossy at 06:28 PM on June 01, 2002

Spectacles like this make me not want to go to baseball games

Mmm, I think that deserves the third circle of hell at least. Seriously though, why didn't they just give out dolls at the end of the game? Or have people walking down the rows giving em to the kiddies?

posted by Mossy at 06:19 PM on June 01, 2002

I did like the opening ceremony - far better than Frances odd, odd one and the US one.. Well, lets not mention that :)

posted by Mossy at 05:43 PM on May 31, 2002

Biggest World Cup upset since Cameroon vs Argentina, 1980.

France are number 1 in the world, Senegal are 41 in the world, a defeat of France by Senegal is an upset in the normal order of things :) I agree with you i_cola, France's lack of a good left side midfielder hurt them - maybe the English media haven't been exageratting our problems there after all.. Oh, before I forget, France surrenders, teehee..

posted by Mossy at 05:41 PM on May 31, 2002

Biggest World Cup upset since Cameroon vs Argentina, 1980.

Lebouef is pants, why does the French coach not realise this? I gave the goal a 8.5/10 on the humour scale - Petit kicks it at Barthez who skillfully hooks it around to the attacker who's having a lie down. Classic. I was meant to be unemployed as of today, but for some reason am staying on another two weeks to finish the project I'm working on - bad luck 86, but at least you won't need that TiVo to watch those matches :)

posted by Mossy at 10:46 AM on May 31, 2002

Biggest World Cup upset since Cameroon vs Argentina, 1980.

2002 - 12 = 1990, not 1980, true.. Spot the guy doing a maths degree at Oxford. Doh :) Bet Patrick Vieira is gonna get it from his Senegalese relatives, heh..

posted by Mossy at 09:08 AM on May 31, 2002

Its not only NBA that has astounding comebacks this week..

The cricketing comebacks stand out for me - Butchers 173 odd on the last day against the Ozzies last year.. Laxman's 281 when India were following on against the Ozzies last year.. And of course, Lara's 156 in the final innings against the Ozzies to win with 1 wicket to spare. Poor Australians, they do get it bad sometimes - although that Butcher 173 must have gutted Steve Waugh seeing as he declared.. :) Anyone see that African Nations cup match a couple of years back when Congo came back from 3-0 down in the 88th minute to win 4-3 by the 4th minut of extra time? That has to go down as one of the most hilarious comebacks if nothing else :)

posted by Mossy at 07:02 PM on May 30, 2002

Blimey, and I thought that yellow card a player got in the Uefa cup final for smiling at the ref was odd..

posted by Mossy at 06:36 PM on May 30, 2002

The World Cup of 1958 never happened!

Did anyone in the US (ok, America = South America + North America I know..) actually watch association football before World Cup 94? Pth, there goes that theory.. Of course, it could be that nothing we see on telly is real, its just lil pixies drawing and fooling us. Or something la The Truman Show.. Hmm.. I'm gonna go and be paranoid somewhere, excuse me..

posted by Mossy at 05:30 PM on May 28, 2002