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Fukudome doesn't find racist T-shirts in Wrigleyville funny

Brandy, I'm not taking the blame. I didn't do it. I am accepting the fact that it was people of my race who committed the sins of slavery. By the way, slavery wasn't the only sin committed against minorities. They have been denied the right to vote. They have been discriminated against for everything from jobs and promotions to seats in a restaurant, and that didn't end with the civil war. Some of those wrongs have happened in the time its taken me to type this, so don't think that because your family wasn't on the mayflower that your family is exempt from some of the blame. Maybe your family has fought for civil rights all the way to the roots of your family tree, but there aren't many who can say that. And accepting responsibility is not the same as accepting blame. Fighting the realities of our nations history isn't going to change it. It will only spread the gap between the sides.

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Fukudome doesn't find racist T-shirts in Wrigleyville funny

Howard, they now call it Alcohology. I have a Ph.D.

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Fukudome doesn't find racist T-shirts in Wrigleyville funny

Good lord! I leave for a few days and things fall apart. Ok, I'll be the race traitor. I am a white boy from a tiny little crappy town in Southern Indiana. this town is so white, that when the high school basketball team in the town next to ours got a black player, it made the front page of the news paper. the fact is that racism exists in all forms, and against all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and frankly some groups that have nothing to do with any of those things. you can justify anything (in your own mind) by saying "he does it why can't I?" My 6 year old does that all the time. You can be offended that other people are offended. You can react in a hundred different ways to racism, and a thousand ways to the reactions of others. In the end though, the only reaction that does any good is a combination of education and forgiveness. They people who like these shirts don't want to hear your point, but if you approach with forgiveness instead of hostility, you might reach the person standing within ear shot, and hadn't considered the racist point of the shirt. Ultimately, the offenders, and their descendants can't fix the racial divide in this country. I have made this point on other posts: forgiveness is in the hands of the offended. No price I could ever pay, would make up for the dehumanizing treatment that black (and Chinese and Irish) people have received in our country's history. No price I could ever pay would give the land and the dignity back to the Native Americans. Even if retributions were paid, No amount would be enough, because you cant quantify the value of human suffering or dignity. So we are left with the option for me and the enlightened members of my race to say that what our ancestors did was reprehensible. I am not ashamed of my race, but i am ashamed of any ancestors who might have participated in slavery, or the bigotry that has followed. I am ashamed of any advantage or preferential treatment that I might have received as a result of my race. And all that is left is to ask, on behalf of my race, that those who were wronged by my ancestors to forgive the insurmountable debt that falls from our fathers to us. Of course this to, is a failed effort, because no group of people thinks with one mind. But if one by one, white people accept the complicity of their ancestors and acknowledge the debt that falls to them, and if one by one all who were oppressed are willing to put aside their justified grievances, maybe as a generation, we can take the next step toward racial harmony. I really didn't mean to go off on a diatribe about race. so to pull us back on topic: Cubs suck anyway, go Cards!!!

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Say it ainít so, George!

Even if this story is true we're talking about the actions of one man, hardly representative of all 'sawx fans'. Or have you always been that shortsighted and I didn't notice? Of course it isn't all sox fans, but the ones who make the news, and the ones i was in Iraq with, just seemed particularly whiney about really small things. I hadn't noticed it until after they won the '04 series, but that might be because their complaints seemed legit when they were the lovable losers.

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Say it ainít so, George!

Whats with Sawx fans since they broke their own curse? Have they always been this petty and i just didn't notice?

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Formula One president caught in Nazi bondage orgy scandal.

dont sell yourself short THX. thats a 9.5 easy!

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Formula One president caught in Nazi bondage orgy scandal.

Let's see if we can't get Bud Selig too while we're at it. Jesus, you just cant make this up, can you?

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Bush Booed By Beltway Baseballers!

Yeah cjets he's for real about that to. He already got one of my comments. Anyway, I agree. If you want a celebratory atmosphere, without controversy, it might not be a good idea to invite a person who is a lightning rod for controversy.

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Bush Booed By Beltway Baseballers!

like him or not (which I don't), I really wish this was one occasion that people could hold it in. I can understand this, but at the same time, everyone who feels that way about him, would love to get a chance to let him know it, and when else are the people in that group gonna get access to him? I think they are well within the realm of reason. had they started throwing battery's, that would have gone too far. Free speech is fine.

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Indiana set to hire Crean as hoops coach

Aren't the books about $$$? I mean, why go to school if not for the opportunity to make more money than if you did not? I'm gonna be a psychologist, so I'm studying psychology. Some of the athletes will be professional athletes, so why not let them concentrate on their sport, and leave early if the free market tells them that they can? They can always go back to school after they make those quick riches.

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Barry Bonds signs with Yankees!

The part of me that loves baseball hopes so, but the part of me that hates the yankees hopes its for real.

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Barry Bonds signs with Yankees!

WOW!!! Thats really the only word I can say here.

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Bush Booed By Beltway Baseballers!

I'm with Everett, rcade. Of course we don't want this to become a political debate, but sometimes, like this afternoon, politics does bleed onto the field. In cases like this, i think it is appropriate to discuss the event and its cause. If we cant discuss the topic in full, what is the point of posting it in the first place?

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Gibbyís 1.12 ERA: 40 years later.

there are two ways to look at someones carreer and tell if they were the best at what they do. One is if they name an award after you. The other is if they change the rules to make what you did impossible.

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The NFL in the year 2000

maybe there will be a machine out there doing the coach's job. what about belicheck? "hes more machine now, than man." -obi wan kenobi

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The NFL in the year 2000

"In the year 2000, there won't be any contact below the waist." óBum Phillips, Head Coach, Houston Oilers. This one isn't that far off. only the rule is "Don't hit the QB any harder than you flick your syringe of HGH." It's in the rule book. I'm sure of it!

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"Bull Durham"

My favorite story about that movie is as follows: My friend Kim, while going to school in Northern California, was in a literature class. A guest lecturer from Berkley was speaking about various authors who had particular influence on the feminist movement. As the name of Suzan Sontag came up, Kim, not realizing she was speaking out loud, said, in her best Kevin Costner voice "I believe the novels of Suzan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap!" In a room with about 70 people in it, including a very outspoken and loud lecturer, she could hear 3 guys trying to muffle their laughter, as every one in the house was giving her the stink-eye.

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Brett Favre Retires

It amazes me how many of you have missed the point to one extreme or the other. His interceptions did not at all diminish his quality, nor did his greatness lie in his superior play. Favre will not go down as the greatest QB ever. Probably not even top five. And even if he did, that too, is not his legacy. What Brett Favre will be remembered for is the child-like joy with which he played the game, and with the way that joy was contagious to the fans. The game was always more fun with him on the field. The game was always in question if he was on the field and the pack trailed. But mostly, he brought a joy to the game that we dont see enough in our star players. In a day dominated by business-like play of Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady, or the love-me-some-me attitudes of Terrell Owens, or the emperor palpatinesque coldness of Bill Belicheck, Brett Favre reminded us that football is a game no matter at what level you play. He will absolutely be in the hall in five years. He will absolutely be remembered as one of the all time greats, but what he brings to the game is not just tallent, or knowledge, its something far more basic, and far more valuable:joy. Thank you Brett, enjoy your retirement.

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The Buck Stops Here

Jack Buck was the best announcer ever. Joe? not even close! Why is it that we have to compare him to his father? He is a fine announcer. one of the best in the business today. The job has changed. You have to be a little PC today in order to get respect. This isn't 1964. But I digress. The point is that he shouldn't have to live up to his HOFer father. I don't think anyone could possibly live up to Jack Buck. Because of that, I will miss hearing Joe and Tim spar in the booth when the game lags. I wish him well, but I also wish him back.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

Everybody who has been fighting me all day, look at what steelgirl put down here. This is what i was talking about. This is an explanation. A piece of old Chicago, i can appreciate. A name that has history, i can appreciate. Thank you steelgirl. I probably will never get the full effect of the stadium, because it is not my team, but now i can appreciate where you cub fans are coming from.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

NO NO NO! THEY CANT DO THAT!! I love Obama, but i'm a cards fan. i don't want to have to choose between my love of him, and my disdain for the cubs!

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

I didnt misspell it did I? Look i get that everyone says "ooh its an old park for an old team, with ivy in the outfield, and this mistique of the friendly confines. But it seems to me, and its just my opinion, that its mistique is in that people say it has one. Not one person has tried to quantify it here. You have just tried to tell me THAT i am wrong for not agreeing with you, or THAT I will never understand. But nobody has given me a real explaination as to why. Once again i will compare it to a religion where everyone assumes that the minister knows what he is talking about so they take his word, but nobody bothers to look for themselves. Im ok with everyone disagreeing with me, but if i am honestly missing something, id like to know what it is. I dont hate the cubs. I just dont like them because i like their rival. I am a michigan fan and as such i loath the team from columbus, but i acknowledge that they have a great fan base, they are a great team year in and year out and that the horseshoe has a very obvious mistique. In other words i respect my rivals enough that i can look objectively at them. When i look at the cubs, and at wrigley field i just dont see it. And if nobody can tell me what it is and not just what it is not, i will assume that everyone is just drinking the kool-aid because it is an old stadium.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

Well it hasn't been explained actually. You've told me what it isnt, but not what it is.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

Barney style is the way you would explain it to a fan of barney the purple dinosaur. Its what my drill sergeant used to say if we needed to explain something in its simplest terms.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

I wouldnt say im an avid fan of any basketball team, but im actually a michigan fan who had a soft spot for the home town team as long as they werent playing the maize and blue. That said, when michigan sucks there is hope. The lions sold out last year, because they started off hot. Did you ever go to the silverdome after barry sanders retired? You could have walked right up to the gate and bought a ticket. That is my point. Its all about hope. Hope that this might be our year. Hope that even though this year wont be great, we are at least building toward something. Hope that if we can pick up one more piece before the trade deadline, we will be a contendor. HOPE in the face of adversity. The lions had hope last year. The cubs in a year that they were favored by many to go to the series (2002) they couldnt hold on to that hope. As soon as something relatively insignificant happened, the team fell apart. A foul ball that should have been an out. It wasnt the difference in a home run and an out. It was a foul ball. they should have been able to get out of the inning pretty easily, but they lost focus.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

Ok sportnut, expain it to me Barney style. If the fans love their team, but they get no joy from going to the ball park, what is the point? What is the tradition and history that is so attractive to the teams own fans? Im not speaking in abstracts, im talking about people i know and have watched games with. People who want so bad to be able to celebrate in october just once but not only have never gotten to do so, but have no real hope that they ever will. It isnt winning, its the hope of winning. it isnt on the northside of chigago. I respect cub fans for their loyalty and i would never tell anyone that they should give up on their team, I just dont think they qualify for having a "mistique. There are a lot of bad teams out there, who's fans still get alot of joy out of going to the ball park. The cubs fans that i have met dont seem to get that joy. so, sportnut, rcade and hawkguy, explain it to me like im an alien and just learned about baseball. What is "the mistique about the cubs and wrigley field?

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

Maybe I just picked crappy days to go, but when i was there, sitting about 14 rows behind first base, everyone there wearing royal blue seemed like comming to the game was an inconvenience in a way i have never seen at busch or even cincinnati. i saw them that same year, 1998, i think it was in july. everyone there seemed pissed from the moment i came in the gate. maybe that self-loathing is a mistique of sorts. i dunno. to me mistique is a joy to just be in the cathedral that is (insert stadium name here) where (insert HOFer here) played and (insert historic moment here) happened. Wrigly just seems like the one of those churches where people only go because they always have, and they would rather be sleeping in. The kind where the minister spends the entire sermon on one deep reaching guilt trip. That is not the type of mistique i want to see. i saw them in 2002 in september. they were well on their way to winning the division. That night i heard no less than 8 people say "well i wonder how they'll f*ck it up this year" I dont question the loyalty of a cub fan. I pitty them. the lovable loser tag is cute until you reach a certain age. At that point it seems that all the joy gets sucked out of them. i live in southern indiana. An area that is split almost evenly between cub, and cardinal fans. the cub fans i grew up with hardly watch baseball anymore. they dont even like to talk about it. Some of them are the same ones who lived for it as kids and into early adulthood. But when you lose for so long, and you keep hearing ass-holes like me repeating the number 1-9-0-8, i think it sucks the joy out of what was once a huge pare of life. Is that mistique? If so I dont get it.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

I think it is relative to the mystic that surrounds Notre Dame's football stadium. Oh you mean that stadium for the team that has been on a bad slump of late, but has the most storied history of any team in college football? That notre dame stadium? There is no way that wrigley has that kind of mistique. Have you been to wrigley. Opening day not withstanding that Buzz never lasts more than a few weeks.

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

I deffinitly dont like the cubs, but i loath the yankees, and celtics just as much. I also could have put texas stadium on there. im a niner fan. I dont think (whatever theyer calling candlestick these days) has the same mistique that the cowboys have with texas stadium. Yes the fans have something to do with it, but what makes those places so special is that when you go to your seat, you imediately feel this buzz. This energy and excitement. Its the feeling that "this is our year" Have you been to wrigley? the closest thing to buzz i have ever seen there is cautious optimism. i see the same look on the fans of the cubbies that i see on the face of a divorsee going out on her first date since her marriage of 15 years has crumbled. It isnt excitement. it isnt "this will be great!!" Its more like "I hope this doesnt suck too bad." I personally hate wrigley. It has no appeal for me whatsoever. From the trough in the mens room to the stale beer you wear out if you happen to root for the opposing team, to the fat guy who refuses to either put a shirt on or shut up about the fact that lou brock was theirs first. No, wrigley has no mistique in my opinion. Wrigley field is the "we built this city on rock and roll" of classic stadiums

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"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

I think a big part of this story has been missed: THEY HAVENT WON A WORLD SERIES IN ONE HUNDRED FRIGGIN' YEARS!!!!! How is it that this teams stadium has any "mistique" anyway? Most people couldnt take a crap indoors the last time the cubs were champions. The first car was a month old when they won their last series. Yankee stadium has mistique. Busch stadium has mistique. Lambeau Field, Boston Garden, Joe Louis Arena, all of them have mistique. And what do they have in common? The teams that inhabit those stadiums win championships. it's the difference between classic rock, and old rock. Twisted sister: old rock, The Eagles: classic. I think the owners of the tribune company are free to do as they please with the name of that old stadium. While they'er at it, maybe they should take a weed-eater to that outfield wall...Blasphemy?...ok just a thaught.

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The Epic of Craig Biggio

I hate Graig Biggio. I hate him with the white hot burning intensity of a supernova. However if i were not a cardinal fan who was sick of having him as a thorn in my side a long time ago, i would love Craig Biggio. He would probably be my favorite player. i would have his jerseys. Home and away. I would tell my kids to play the game like he does. But alas! He was an Astro. What a little pain in the ass he was. I have the same appreciation for him now, that i have for Troy Aikman (i'm a 49ers fan) now that he's gone. Im glad he has his 300 hits, and i hope to see him in the Hall of Fame.

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Tony Kornheiser Hates Sportsfilter

Devils advcate here. I have to be honest: I love Tony Kornheiser. I think he is the perfect compliment to Mike Wilbon on PTI, which is one of my favorite shows. More importantly: he isnt wrong. He isnt. We all come on here and spout our opinions, and "insider info", but in the end, its just opinions of sports fans, and stuff we've heard that may or may not be true, or relevant. The thing is that thats ok!! This is the water-cooler of the internet age! We speak as sports fans about sports, and we are good at it, and we are informed, because we see to it that we are. What we are not is experts, with a few possible exceptions. I have never coached, played, or done play-by-play in an NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, or any other sports-related acronym, event. It doesnt mean i dont know sports, but my "experties goes only so far, and as much as i do sometimes think he rode the short bus to school as a kid some times, TK knows a lot more than me about sports. And he knows more than the overwhelming majority of you too. Did he need to rant about dumpsters falling on our houses? No, but who cares, really? He is fun to watch, and if we are really gonna get up in arms, or even have our feelings hurt by a TV personality, we have much bigger problems to deal with.

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The Ten Best Individual Sports Rivalries

...and Men's Vogue never interviewed you for inclusion on the list? This is a shocking injustice! (only kidding elijahin) i know, right? there is no justice in the world!!

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The Ten Best Individual Sports Rivalries

Dear Morons at Mens Vogue, Chess is not a sport. Thats right! Lets throw in the spelling bee while we're at it. My son and I go toe to toe every other night at shoots & ladders. Where is our place on the list? I think these lists are ridiculous anyway. "The greatest" is never gonna be agreed upon. Some people will rightly point out that chess isn't a sport, but if it isn't included, some chess geek (a name that i do claim for myself) who has no other sport to claim, will cry because it isn't included. If we include team sports, no Michigan or Ohio state fan will ever accept a #1 that isn't their rivalry, and no Yankee or Red Sox fan will ever accept Michigan/Ohio state. The only reason to do these lists is to give us sports geeks something to argue about. For the record there is no rivalry in sports greater than Michigan/Ohio State. GO BLUE!!!

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Sampson Reportedly Out at Indiana

Its a shame because he is a good coach and could have had a nice run at Indiana. He's a tallented coach curly, i dont know that that makes him a "good" coach. Hitler was a tallented leader, but i wouldn't say he was "good". That isn't to say Sampson is anywhere near hitler, im just using the example of tallent without good. Dont everyone blow this out of proportion.

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Blackhawks to play in the Friendly Confines?

I dont really follow hockey that much. Do the blackhawks have a shot at the stanley cup? If so they should play that in wrigley. Someone should have a chance to hoist a trophy there.

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Sampson Reportedly Out at Indiana

I dont think this had anything to do with Bobby. I think sampson had the NCAA looking over his shoulder already. OU or IU if you are known to have broken rules, they NCAA never forgets.

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Sampson Reportedly Out at Indiana

I hope so. I might start watching IU again.

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

well said

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

Isnt that what we've been doing on this and every thread like it?

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

Rcade, if you have a friend who is a cop, ask him or her if he thinks any criminals have cajones. If your friend is anything like mine, he will tell you that some are just stupid, lazy pricks, but some who commit elaborate crimes, or who really take big risks that would bear big rewards if they didnt get caught, absolutely have cajones. My friend told me that they are the ones he hates the most, because he thinks that if they had only put their tallents, and willingness to take those risks to a positive use, they could do a lot of good. That said, they are criminals, and he busts their asses when he can.

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

I was gone all day, and when i came home, i thaught to myself: "self, i wonder how big a mountain the spofi group is making out of this mild rise in elevation." Then i saw this: Your spirited justification for cheating...could just as easily be used to defend Dave Bliss at Baylor, who encouraged his team to smear a dead player's reputation. Or Gary Barnett, who attacked the reputation of his team's female kicker after she made allegations of sexual assault. In both cases Wow! Ok, so first off, im not saying its ok. Im saying it isnt as big a deal as it is being made into here. Second, and much more importantly, how in the hell can you possibly put taping your opponent on the sideline during a game, in a par with smearing the reputation of a dead kid, or attacking the reputation of a girl who claimed to have been sexually assaulted? Whats next? Do you think this "justification" can be used to defend OJ Simpson for murder or Mike Tyson for rape? Everybody take a step back and think about what we are talking about. This is the football equivilant of looking off of the test of the smart kid who sat next to you in high school algebra, not bringing a gun onto a college campus. What they did was wrong. Im not denying that, (though i do admit i could have been more clear on that point in my last post, but if you read all my posts id say you can probably see that) but lets try to temper our urge to go way over the top. We have varrying degrees of guilt in our culture. BB is guilty. He is not as guilty as this group seems to think he is. Everybody take a breath

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

Jimmy Johnson's job was not to be a nice guy. Niether is Bill Bellicheck's. His job is to win. He is very good at his job. He exploited a loophole in the wording of the rule. others didnt have the cajones to exploit. He got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and everyone wants his head, but the fact is, that those who didnt really are just thinking "Gosh, I sure am glad i didnt have the balls to try." The people who did are thinking, "thank God the pats are more noticeable right now. hide the tapes" My question is this, at what point can we move on from this? the same old arguments on each side are really getting old, and yes i have been a willing participant, but c'mon people, lets turn the page.

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

I'm not a lawyer, but I watched Law & Order last night. That only qualifies you as an expert if you watched it while staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

We still have a notion (buried deeper in some than others) that sports are supposed to a repository of the best of us This is a pipe dream JayLBird. Sports, high school, the military, your job, all are microchasms of our whole society. the good and the bad. How can you even think it is about the best of us when Pacman Jones is on ESPNews every day? How can you read the posts on this site and think that. It is what it is, and the more you fight it, the more you will be disappointed.

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

I think the man is a genius. The wording of the rule is ambiguous enough to leave a loophole, and he exploited it. Probably would've got away with it too, if it werent for you kids and your dog! I dont think its sickening. I think it was swept under the rug by the league because they are the ones who wrote the rule. As i said on a previous thread, i think this assault on the patriots is nothing more than people who are jealous that it isnt their team who is on top looking for any excuse to bring them down. Packer fans, it was your chosen deity Vince Lombardi who said " if you aint cheetin', you aint tryin.'" Rams fans, your HOFer Deacon Jones once answered a question saying "of course i was trying to hurt people." and all the other teams have legends who have broken rules, and folkways of the game. im not saying that makes it right. Im only saying we all live in glass houses on this, so maybe we should really think about how much outrage we want to show.

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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

This is exactly the problem, everybody wants to go to extremes. Lets ban him from the game and put him in danger. Hey, ive got an idea, lets send him to the Anbar province of Iraq, wearing pats gear, with a loudspeaker over which we can broadcast the campaign speeches of the presidential candidates (particularly McCain, and Guliani) translated into arabic! yeah! That'll teach them! Look, he cheated. He admitted it. He was punished. Did he deserve more punishment than he got? maybe. Is everyone punished as much as they should be? no. I am not a pats fan. I just think people are so eager to tear down anyone who reaches the top of their league and holds it long enough to be called a dynasty. Im sorry if your team isnt there. Im sorry if your team lost out because of cheating, but i dont think we need to ban anyone from the game, and certainly dont need to put anyones life at risk. lets come back to earth, shall we?

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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Whitedog, that is the first legitimate argument i have heard in favor of high level involvment in this situation. I still think that the government should stay out of sports, but your argument is a reasonable one.

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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Oh, kill me now. I'm gonna leave it alone, lbb.

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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Im not trying to defend bellicheck here, but why is nobody outraged that senator spector is wasting taxpayer dollars investigating the nfl, for something congress didnt care about until he learned that his beloved eagles might have been affected?

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Scandal Hits Indiana Hoops

I also think the Indiana fans will come back Yeah as soon as they get a coach who can win without cheating.

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Scandal Hits Indiana Hoops

Well i will not refrain from a bob knight refference. Without regard for his attitude, his ethics are beyond reproach. Not a single NCAA violation. Not one. Mike davis (BK's successor) was a less than impressive coach, but also had a flawless record of 0 violations. But davis didnt win enough so the school sold thier soul's for wins. I believe there are two times when it is ok for a fan of any team to quit on his team. One is if the team leaves town (I.E. the colts from baltimore, or the browns to baltimore) the other is if the team dishonors the game or themselves. thousands of former IU fans have surrendered their emotional investment in Indiana basketball when sampson came to town.

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Gun Massacre Planned at Super Bowl

Hugh Janus, the statistics are available, they just aren't going to be found in the mainstream media. You'll have to rely on yourself to do some research rather than just watching the news and thinking you've got all the facts. Familyman, anyone can manipulate stats to say anything.

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Gun Massacre Planned at Super Bowl

There should be no debate....of the original 10 amendments, the first 8 address indivisual rights, the last two define the powers of the states vs. federal gov.(these have been largely ignored) There is no logical reason to argue that the 2nd amendment was the exception to the rule so to speak. Clearly there SHOULD be a debate. First off, they are called amendments because they do what?...amend, yes thats right. they change or add to the original law. they are not written in stone. Second they were written at a time when the light-bulb had yet to be invented. The world has changed around these amendments, and our founders had the wisdom to write a constitution that was flexible so that it could be adapted to the changing times. Third the second amendment says and i quote (or copy and paste): "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." In other words due to the necessity of a militia to national security you can have a gun. Look at a calender it is 2008. We have the strongest national military in the world. I know, because i'm part of it. a "well regulated militia" is no longer necessary, hence the right to bear arms is no longer necessary. My dad's a member of the NRA because he hunts, and if he were any good at it, it would have saved my family a bundle on grocery bills. most people who own guns are decent law abiding citizens, who i do think should be allowed to have a gun for the purpose of hunting if they so choose. nobody needs a sniper rifle unless they are...y'know... a sniper in the army or marines. Nobody needs an assault rifle unless they are in the military or SWAT. nobody needs a machine gun. and we should be much more strenuous about background checks before selling hand-guns. The only reason to say "there should be no debate" about something is that you're afraid you'll lose. there are multiple valid points of view on anything and everything.

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Gun Massacre Planned at Super Bowl

I'm honestly surprised no terrorist attack has ever happened at a super bowl yet. It seems like exactly the type of target they (they being anyone who kills masses to bring attention to their insane cause) would want to hit. If it ever happens i will be shocked like everyone else, but i wont be surprised. Thats why i don't bitch about standing in line for security.

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Bob Knight Resigns

i actually am a psych major, earning a 3.8 GPA right now. So yes TBH it is technically amature at this point, but not completely without basis. You're kidding, right? I am in fact not joking. Nor am i exaggerating. And sportsnut not withstanding Coach knight really does have adamant support from perfectly normal, chemically balanced people in this state. I believe there are very few true douche bags in this world. Most people have multiple sides to who they are. For example a high school teacher may be a caring and engaged mentor while at work, but get hammered at party's on the weekend, out of sight of his students. A drill sergeant may be a complete bastard while hes training privates to be soldiers, but go home to his wife and kids and be a loving husband, and the "fun parent." In the case of bob knight, he is a disciplinarian. He is a passionate competitor. he often takes his passion for both of those things way to far. He doesn't like the media, because he feels that they corrupt the game and the athletes who play it, so he takes his frustration out on them, and again goes way to far. This side of him is the douche bag side. Then there is the side of him who is fiercely loyal to his players. the side that will go out of his way to help them with any problem they might have. there is also the educator who pays for the building of libraries, the joker who arranged a woopie cushion being placed on rival coach gene keady's seat. The bull whip, by the way, was given to him by his senior class that year, which was 4/5 black, and lead to calbert cheanys whipping him with a towel at courtside. Yes he absolutely has a douche bag side. and yes it is what most people see of him, but the fact is we all have that side, and most of us give in to sometimes. some more than others, but all are guilty. How many celebrity's do we see being a humanitarian in public only to find out later that privately they are bastards? Why is it such a stretch to think that the opposite can be true?

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Nolan Ryan leaves the Astros for the Rangers, again.

Bo, the rangers have been one of the most dismal franchises in baseball throughout my life. When you are on rock bottom, there is only one direction to go. Come to think of it, maybe we should have considered his time with the rangers before we elected president bush. I guess hindsight is 20/20, huh?

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Bob Knight Resigns

Wow. I had no idea your MOS was Amatuer Psychology Ya know whats funny about this? i actually am a psych major, earning a 3.8 GPA right now. So yes TBH it is technicaly amature at this point, but not compleatly without basis. By the way, Psychoanalysis actually is not quite what the name implies. Psychoanalysis was freuds trademark. There are many parts to it but it primarily focuses on psychosexual development inwhich he would determin at what stage of childhood development your problem came from. I didnt do that. In fact i wouldnt do that because im not a freudian. While i appreciate the fact that he pretty much created my field, many other psychologists (a term that didnt exist before him) have advanced the field past anything he theorized. Many people in the field still worship at his shrine, but its mostly for the same reason that we overlook the flaws in the founding fathers of our country. Come back again next week. My secretary will set up the appointment.

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Bob Knight Resigns

I take great solice in the fact that bob knight could truly give a damn about anything negative that anyone in here has to say about him. He is flawed like everyone else. Hopefully everyone in here who is shitting all over him does as much good in their lives as he does. That would justify them bashing him, i suppose. Funny thing is, not one person has said BK is perfect. Most of us see him for what he is: a good man who has done great things that are mostly over-looked because of his own flaws. Some of us however can only see the bad in people. My guess is its because they have done nothing significant so they try to justify their own existance by putting down anyone they can. It isnt everyone who dislikes him. Some are just unaware of the good things. Maybe due to geography, or lack of interest, but some are just out to hate. katt williams says to "let the haters do they fuckin' job!!!" so have at it.

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Bob Knight Resigns

dyams, i would add to that, that the reason he attracts that attention is that he doesnt try to be someone different in front of the camera than he is on the side-line (like rick pitino, or even mike kuzaruxski (who's old enough to remember this commercial?) Im not saying its good to be a dick, but some guys have themselves, and they have their "tv" selves. At least knight is genuine.

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