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Washington's NFL Team Orders Newspaper to Remove Negative Photos

The NFL has long tentacles- so this is not surprising.

To me, this is more frightening: you can't even say the words "Super Bowl" if you are advertising something related to the game unless you pay a licensing or sponsorship fee to the NFL.

You actually have to dance around "Super Bowl" and say ridiculously lame things like "the big game in Miami in January".

posted by The_Special_Juan at 01:49 PM on October 14, 2009

Another call for instant replay

it's difficult to believe such reasoning would stand up in a court of law

It's just sports. It's not "a court of law". So why bring that up?

A blown call is a blown call. It's part of the game.

Look how replay and challenges have ruined the NFL (and yet they manage to add more commercial breaks during the game with every new season).

the romanticizing of the human element in umpiring turns instead into another thing so great about humans[:] the ability to recognize when you're wrong.

Makes no sense!

posted by The_Special_Juan at 12:20 PM on October 11, 2009

Seats of Gold

the Yankees organization doesn't understand that the era of stripclub/ballgame/wild private party business deals being closed isn't really the same as it once was

You don't live in NYC, do you...

posted by The_Special_Juan at 12:37 PM on October 10, 2009

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

How many pro sports teams have won a championship in their first year in a new facility?

Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga and the DFB-Pokal (league cup) in their first season at the Allianz Arena.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:56 AM on October 08, 2009

Browns agree to send Edwards to Jets

Jets acquire yet another receiver with a strange first name. Film at 11.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:06 AM on October 07, 2009

Favre takes it to the Packers: Vikings win 30-23

I forgot to watch this, thank god. ESPN is a joke, but the other networks are not much better. Especially Fox-- and especially Joe Buck and Daryl whats his name.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 01:02 PM on October 06, 2009

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Drogba proves (again) he is the world's best striker. Sets up two goals in a huge 2-0 win against Liverpool. Torres is a non-factor for Liverpool.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 04:29 PM on October 05, 2009

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

I love how the Man U fanboys say "Well they scored in the second minute" as if there was this sense of real ultimate urgency to score then. And goals are almost never scored in those last-second, last-gasp panic rushes to the goal.

Having the luxury of 4 extra minutes is what kept their heads cool enough to score that goal when they did.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 10:38 AM on October 04, 2009

The Profound Stupidity of Football

The poster is obviously someone who didn't read the piece. He saw the title and posted it in a lame attempt to get a rise out of soccer fans. The book criticizes the industry of modern football, not the actual game.

Compare soccer to what Americans have done to their once-great professional sports. Despite all of the behind the scenes nonsense, the game of football (soccer) itself has not been fucked-wth at all.

You cannot say the same for NFL, MLB or NBA (the NBA is barely a sport now- it's clearly become more entertainment than sport). All have been dumbed-down to enhance scoring. And the most popular of them, the NFL, has been expanded and socialized into awful, unwatchable mediocrity. It's now come to the point where on any given Sunday, it's the team that screws up the least who usually wins.

But forget the game itself. Having to sit through the 58 commercial breaks, the instant replays and the coaches challenges (which only adds to the absurdity of replay itself) and the awful announcing is reason enough to lose interest in that league.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 12:09 PM on October 02, 2009

Yankees Stadium Will Host Bowl Game

A bowl game used to be an exciting, fun and interesting event- because there used to be only 5 of them and they actually meant something important.

But thanks to typical American overkill driven by greed, there's a hundred of them now-- and they are all unwatchable tripe. And most importantly, they've all become meaningless.

Even Rutgers makes it to bowl games now. Ridiculous.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:47 AM on October 01, 2009

Alonso to Maranello

I've waited 5 years for this. Oh happy day.

Now let's forget this season and last season and move back to normalcy in 2010. F1 has been an embarrassment for too long.

By the way, how do you "cheat" at being perennially one full second a lap faster than all of your rivals on every track?

If you think Michael Schumacher is a cheater, I guarantee you have never been to a Formula One race or been in parc ferme or a garage- or a test rack at Fiorano (as I have on all counts). If he's a "cheater" then who's not a cheater? lol

posted by The_Special_Juan at 09:15 PM on September 30, 2009

High School Game Ends with YouTube Moment

He caught it in the end zone- and a kicked ball is dead as soon as it crosses the goal line.

Referee fail.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 03:11 PM on September 30, 2009

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

The "I told you so" of the week: The fears over the selection of Leonardo as manager of AC Milan last summer are becoming reality. The Rossoneri are sitting in the bottom half of the table after a lacklustre scoreless draw at the San Siro against lowly Bari.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 06:52 PM on September 27, 2009

TV Station Runs Into Lenny Dykstra Pawning World Series Rings

We were having dinner in Greenwich last summer and we saw him getting out of a Maybach. WTF happened.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 10:56 AM on September 26, 2009

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Milan fall to Udinese, 0-1. Flamini sent off again. They need Becks back.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 06:33 PM on September 23, 2009

Russian Billionaire Reaches Deal to Buy Nets

Dynamo Brooklyn

posted by The_Special_Juan at 06:32 PM on September 23, 2009

Extra Time


One fine day, Man United will be stripped of a couple of titles and banished to The Coca-Cola Championship for a season.

If they can get Juve, they can certainly get Fergie.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:51 AM on September 22, 2009

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

I watched the Chelsea game. They looked fantastic.

Drogba is money. Easily the greatest striker in the world right now. Ancelotti has them in line. It all looks very good for them.

It's too bad "Fergiopoli" still exists in The Premiership. Cheating is the only thing that can hold Chelsea back now.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 06:01 PM on September 21, 2009

FIA makes mockery of Formula One

The punishment was fair.

Briatore and Symonds were banned. And Piquet is not a dangerous driver. This was a one-off thing.

Montoya was removed from F1 because he was deemed too dangerous for the sport. I know the official story is he "left to pursue another career direction", but don't believe everything you read. That was the bone they threw him: "You leave now and we will say you left on your terms."

Montoya was worthy of being kicked out of F1. And he was.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 05:56 PM on September 21, 2009

New York Times Critic Pans Cowboys Stadium

Stop using that word for the TV screen, please. It's not going to happen.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:49 AM on September 19, 2009

The Real Cost of the Ball Game

If there is a Wikipedia entry for "Get Off My Lawn", someone should just link this article as an example.

Even the author's name is "Elder".

And really- $11 is not a horrible price for a hamburger. That's a lot cheaper than 21's burger and cheaper than most better restaurants' burgers.

What he also fails to understand is that parks like Citi Field and Camden Yards and Citizens Bank, etc.. have all become the new "cookie cutter" ballparks. Yankee Stadioum is a welcome breath of fresh air. It's a real stadium. It's not a food court with a baseball field in the middle.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:17 AM on September 19, 2009

Vandals Tag NFL Player's Lawn

It was cool he didn't press charges. Good for him.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 09:00 PM on September 17, 2009

Soccer theatrics debunked

Why do people get so bent out of shape about cheating? The divers are usually dealt with fairly. Get over it, please.

It doesn't happen as much as you think it does. It's because it's "top tier football" that it's magnified so much that you think it's rampant.

It's really not as big a problem as you think it is.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 08:58 PM on September 17, 2009

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Besiktas 1 - 0 Man Utd.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 02:07 PM on September 15, 2009

Adebayor Taunts Arsenal Fans, Nearly Sparks Riot

He apologized for this. And he will probably sit for the return match at Emirates.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 03:49 PM on September 14, 2009

Serena Williams Loses U.S. Open Match for Threatening Line Judge

People lose their temper sometimes. They snap. Get over it. She certainly did (and so did John).

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:58 AM on September 13, 2009

Serena Williams Loses U.S. Open Match for Threatening Line Judge

I know John. He was probably the first person to laugh at the comment.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:46 AM on September 13, 2009

Serena Williams Loses U.S. Open Match for Threatening Line Judge

That "unfortunate" quote was actually dry sarcasm. I'm no Serena fan, but that was a good one.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:33 AM on September 13, 2009

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

Drogba and Malouda score first and second half stoppage time goals respectively to beat Stoke 2-1.

Drogba is without question the most dangerous striker in The Premiership.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 12:06 PM on September 12, 2009

Jordan's Night to Remember Turns Petty

Always was and always will be a complete douchebag.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 12:04 PM on September 12, 2009

More Scandal for F1

Sutil was right behind Piquet and witnessed the crash. He said there was no way it could have been deliberate.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 02:59 PM on September 11, 2009

Pittsburgh Pirates Set Record for Futility

They are one of the most profitable teams in sports. Thats why ownership is ok with sucking.

Bears repeating. Many professional treams are run as a business. The Knicks and the Rangers have been doing this for years. They're owned by Cablevision. Entertainment.

And you'd have to be a fool to think the modern NBA is more sport than entertainment.

Now some MLB teams have adopted that business model.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 01:34 PM on September 08, 2009

Chelsea banned from making new signings

That is an eloquent, well thought out argument.

... posted by tommytrump at 12:01 PM on September 03

...who only has time to read the third sentence of every post, it seems.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 03:03 PM on September 03, 2009

Chelsea banned from making new signings

And um, how did Man U acquire Jaap Stam, David Bellion and Dimitar Berbatov again??

There are more, but that's just off the top of my head.

What fucking bullshit.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:29 AM on September 03, 2009

High School Football Star Saves 22 lives from Armed Student

It's called "draconian gun control laws", Mississippi. Look into it. 14 year old girls with semi-automatic weapons? Um, come on.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 03:37 PM on September 02, 2009

Italian Soccer Player Benched for Fasting During Ramadan

The article does not indicate hysteria in any way, shape or fashion. Actually, the typical American doesn't give a damn about anything in the article.

Time Magazine is not based in the U.S.?

posted by The_Special_Juan at 09:25 PM on August 30, 2009

Italian Soccer Player Benched for Fasting During Ramadan

Um, this is Time Magazine. Typical American hysteria over nothing.

The big story in Europe RE Muntari is that he has been linked with a move to Spurs.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 12:48 PM on August 28, 2009

Chris Brown: How Blogs Killed (and Saved) Sports Writing

You cannot comapre bloggging about sports to actual "beat" sportswriting.

I've yet to see sports blog writing that isn't amateurish. People without access are amateurs.

I see Internet Fanboy-ism has spread from regular Metafilter to Sports Filter.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 04:51 PM on August 24, 2009

Camp Sundown shines in the Bronx

No one really "hates" them. It's envy and jealousy, really.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 12:18 PM on August 19, 2009

Photos from the American Section at Azteca Stadium

This clearly means the US soccer team is better than the Mexico side.

Please. Let it go already.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 01:01 PM on August 16, 2009

NFL Suspends Donte Stallworth for One Year

Not premeditated murder. And according to the way this happened, the pedestrian would been hit anyway- even if a sober person were behind the wheel.

The NFL commissioner is being a hard nose only because his predecessor was not.

But isn't it the point that Stallworth did in fact have alcohol in his system regardless if the victim "ran between two pa{r}ked cars". That's like saying that former Nets star Jayson Williams would've never gotten arrested for shooting his chauffeur, Costas "Gus" Christofi and killing him with a shotgun if the gun never had any bullets in it.

Makes. No. Sense.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 02:34 PM on August 14, 2009

Eagles Sign Michael Vick to Two-Year Deal

Isn't this an upgrade from McNabb?

posted by The_Special_Juan at 02:27 PM on August 14, 2009

Aquilani Leaves Roma to Replace Alonso at Liverpool....

Toure was bored and unhappy at Arsenal, according to a teammate.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 01:31 PM on August 10, 2009

Ferrari Go Back To The Future


You must be a Ferrari-hater or just a complete idiot who has never been to a Formula One race in his life.

Senna was and still is my all-time favorite driver. Michael was better. It's that simple.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 02:07 PM on July 29, 2009

Landon Donovan in New Book: David Beckham's a Bad Teammate

Sour grapes. Beckham was just there to stay fit for England. Playing in a real football league would have worn him down. But then he started to miss playing world class football.

Do you Americans (including Donovan) not see this?

posted by The_Special_Juan at 04:19 PM on July 02, 2009

US Loses 3-2 to Brazil in Confederations Cup Final

Watch that goal again. Even HE was shocked it went in.

He whiffed at it and made incidental contact with the ball.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 01:06 PM on June 29, 2009

US Loses 3-2 to Brazil in Confederations Cup Final

They backed into the semifinal, where they played a completely gassed Spain side. Their first goal against Brazil yesterday was a complete fluke and Brazil was robbed of a goal.

They're good- not great. They still have yet to beat Mexico away from home in a qualifier (they're 0-12-1). I don't see anything very impressive coming out of South Africa.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:03 AM on June 29, 2009

Gillett reaches deal to sell Habs to Molson family

Good news for Liverpool fans.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 09:49 PM on June 23, 2009

Formula One's major players announce they will create their own series

I agree with the Times comment.

While it will still be a cut way above anything the U.S. has to offer, Mosley's series will become nothing more than the "second division" of Formula One.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:10 AM on June 19, 2009

Onion: Gymnast Put to Sleep After Breaking Leg

Americans don't understand satire. That why modern TV is the way it is.

If you don't explain the joke, it isn't funny to them.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:02 AM on June 18, 2009

Peugeot break nine years of Audi dominance.

Le Mans invites F1 teams at odds w/ the FIA over rule changes to switch.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 05:33 PM on June 16, 2009

Sportswriter Seeks Active Gay Baseball Player

Ask Oprah to come out and the floodgates will open, Mr. Pearlman.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 02:01 PM on June 12, 2009

Real bites again

in LA.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 12:14 PM on June 11, 2009

Real bites again

And why is Ronaldo is L.A. today?

posted by The_Special_Juan at 12:14 PM on June 11, 2009

Real bites again

United goofed. They should have sold him last year- pre credit crunch. And Ronaldo would have had a full season in the spotlight in Madrid. Now he has to share it with Ricky Kaka.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:31 AM on June 11, 2009

Kobe Bryant, No Mere God of Destruction (from True Hoop)

it's so hard to tell with Kobe what's real and what's put on.

What is Bryant's real image?

He was born in Philly, but he really grew up in Italy. His parents moved there when he was 6. He's fluent in Italian and Spanish. His idol growing up was the current Knicks head coach Mike D'Antoni, who was Olimpio Milano's all time leading scorer (D'Antoni is from WVA but has dual citizenship).

During his early career with the Lakers, Bryant chose to wear number 8, D'Antoni's old jersey number with Milan. He's a big soccer fan. He loves AC Milan and FC Barcelona.

Does the U.S. media ever talk about Kobe's real roots? Or would that take away from this phony "gangsta" or "street" image he's managed to cultivate in order to fit in with the "dumbed-down" image the NBA has now taken on in order to gain mass American appeal?

posted by The_Special_Juan at 10:33 PM on June 07, 2009

Soccer Mob Kills Man in Northern Ireland

The book referenced in that article (How Soccer Explains the World) is excellent, by the way.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 08:26 PM on May 26, 2009

Soccer Mob Kills Man in Northern Ireland

As a (nominal) Jew I just feel left out,


posted by The_Special_Juan at 08:22 PM on May 26, 2009

Milan legend Paolo Maldini disrespected by the curva on his final day at The San Siro

When I went to the San Siro, it was the 20th anniversary of his first-ever match. Every time he touched the ball the people sitting around me (not the curva- the lower level on the 18) were gushing over him with "Capitano, bravo" .. etc etc..

That's why this was so disturbing to me. And on US TV, they bail out as soon as the final whistle blows, so no one here knew this was going on.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:03 AM on May 25, 2009

The final Uefa Cup final: Shakhtar Donetsk 2 - 1 Werder Bremen (ET) As it happened.

And is anyone else worried that Fox is going to use their awful in-house announcers (like the guy who did this match tonight- Max Bretos) when they take over Champions League next season?

I'm glad that I will no longer have to look at that inane ESPN ticker (if you're watching CL, you really have no need to see baseball scores and NHL and NBA schedules scrolling by) but what will the tradeoff be? Yeah, those ESPN announcers were below average, but compared to what Fox is offering, Derrick Rae and Tommy Smyth are tolerable.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 05:56 PM on May 20, 2009