June 15, 2009

Peugeot break nine years of Audi dominance.: After nine years of Audi dominance*, this past Sunday Peugeot took a 1-2 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. (*Yes, Bentley won in 2003, but the car was, in large part, an Audi.) As a side note, the Lola Aston Martin team finished 4th on their first attempt, and were the fastest of the petrol finishers, carrying arguably the most recognizable paint scheme in Le Mans history.

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Would have gotten this up earlier but was only just able to catch the final six hours.

posted by Drood at 10:49 PM on June 15, 2009

HAHA! Nice one. Have to say it's been bloody depressing after a wonderous Le Mans (watched about 20 hours this year) and all the build up... To go back to the petty spoiled children of F1. Especially Mosley. I can understand where the teams are coming from, but all Mosley seems to be is a petulant child who is going to throw his toys out of the pram if he doesn't get his way.

It was so nice to get a break from F1 and watch some REAL racing with beautiful cars and the bare minimum of political nonsense... (Fairly certain Peugeot won't be protesting Audi now...)

I hope F1 does fall apart to be quite honest. I've been a fan for 23 years now give or take. I'd love nothing more than to see the idiots tear it apart. And that could happen as early as this Friday. Really, it's an embarrassment these days.

I think if this were the last F1 season ever, having Brawn and Button continue their fairy tale to the championship would be a great ending.

I'd miss F1, but given how much I enjoy sportscar racing I'm sure I wouldn't miss it for long.

posted by Drood at 01:06 AM on June 17, 2009

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