May 24, 2009

Milan legend Paolo Maldini disrespected by the curva on his final day at The San Siro: "If the fans offended Maldini it means they do not love this sport and they should just stay at home," Roma boss Luciano Spalletti told Sky Italia

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I see Franco Baresi's Mum still goes to home matches.

posted by owlhouse at 11:14 PM on May 24, 2009

The two signs against Maldini were:

Grazie capitano: sul campo campione infinito, ma hai mancato di rispetto a chi ti ha arricchito! Thank you captain: on the pitch champion without end, but you disrepected those who made you rich!

Per i tuoi 25 anni di gloriosa carriera sentiti ringraziamenti da coloro che hai definito mercenari e pezzenti For your 25 years of glorious career listen to the thanks from those who you defined as mercenary and tramps.

I totally didn't understand the motive behind this, but from this article (sorry, in Italian), it seems the ultras' ire stems from a comment in 2005 when Maldini said he was proud not to be one of them (I'm guessing there might be more comments he made as well). Dumb. I totally agree with Spalletti's sentiment.

There were about 4 other signs against Berlusconi as well, which will always tickle my funnybone, especially in the current political climate, which frankly sucks.

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When I went to the San Siro, it was the 20th anniversary of his first-ever match. Every time he touched the ball the people sitting around me (not the curva- the lower level on the 18) were gushing over him with "Capitano, bravo" .. etc etc..

That's why this was so disturbing to me. And on US TV, they bail out as soon as the final whistle blows, so no one here knew this was going on.

posted by The_Special_Juan at 11:03 AM on May 25, 2009

A slightly fuller article in English here.

Sad Maldini is sad.

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Sorry, I don't follow Italian soccer very closely. Neither the article nor the one from The Guardian actually gives any reason for the jeers sent in Maldini's direction after the match. Is there some situation not mentioned here, or is this just an instance of idiot fans not unlike this disgrace?

posted by bender at 07:44 AM on May 26, 2009

Bender, the connection you made as also my first thought. The Ultras are a sizeable but small portion of Milan's supporters but, as with most extremists, very vocal. At least these clowns didn't take out their anger with murder.

posted by billsaysthis at 12:30 PM on May 26, 2009

From the Guardian article:

But the one thing that Maldini has never done is kowtow to fan opinion, and it is for this alone that a more selfish element resent him. When Milan supporters caused a game between the Rossoneri and Parma to be suspended for more than five minutes by throwing oranges and other objects on to the field during their miserable 199798 season, Maldini was publicly critical of their behaviour. After Milan won the league the following year, he retired quickly to the dressing room to celebrate with Alessandro Costacurta instead of staying out to thank the fans.

That was not the only occasion on which he refused to condone supporter protests, but the fact that such instances are remembered at all reflects only on the pettiness of such fans...

So yes, a small group* of idiot fans who think holding petty grudges is the ne plus ultra of being a fan.

*as in small percentage of the total amount of Milan fans.

posted by romakimmy at 12:32 PM on May 26, 2009

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