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Jaguars Fire Jack Del Rio, Team Sold

Oh, snap. He actually was. Crap. Marvin Lewis is now the leader. How did that happen?

Somebody needs to work on their fact-checking. It was Jeff Fischer until this year. It's now Bill Belichick, who's been HC of NE since 2K.

The part about Fischer is right, but the current HC with the longest tenure is Andy Reid (this is year 13) - but this might be his last?

posted by MrNix67 at 04:12 PM on November 29, 2011

Blown Call on Missed PAT Costs Toledo

I don't think there's a need to blame or punish all of them, but the guy in the box whose sole responsibility is to review the video tape when necessary should not have a job performing that task next Saturday.

So, the guys standing under the crossbar directly under the vertical posts shouldn't be disciplined at all? The kick didn't go over the vertical post, it clearly went in front of it and someone on that crew should have noticed it.

posted by MrNix67 at 06:59 PM on September 26, 2011

Michael Vick Breaks Hand in Eagles Loss

Is it just me, or does Mike Vick also hold on to the ball for longer than most QBs when in the pocket?

I think so, but I don't think that is as much Vick as the Andy Reid/Marty Mornhinweg offensive scheme. They have big play receivers - Jackson & Maclin - and they want to attack downfield as much as possible. Longer routes with an offensive line that's average at best - the guards and center, I would call poor - is going to get your QB hit - often.

Since Eagle QBs have been getting very banged up in the past few years - Kolb, Vick & McNabb - doesn't the offensive philosophy play a big role in the amount of hits the QB takes?

Vick is getting hit in the pocket way too much and while he's not getting the "quick flag" that a Brady or Peyton Manning will get, I don't think it is any worse than most QBs in the league.

posted by MrNix67 at 06:07 PM on September 26, 2011

Blown Call on Missed PAT Costs Toledo

I would like to know if the Big East will correct the final score giving Toledo the win they deserve.

Really, Syracuse had 2 TOs, and was defending a 3 pt lead - yes, I know incorrectly, but it's the assumption both teams are working from. The whole ending plays differently if you know that a FG wins the game. We can't just assume that the last play of regulation would have ended the game. Maybe Syracuse gets the ball back with some time on the clock, or defends the field in a different way to protect their lead.

Clearly the call was blown, but to say Syracuse should forfeit the win is silly. The officials who worked the game should suspended or fired for gross incompetence.

posted by MrNix67 at 05:15 PM on September 26, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks are taking the NBA Championship to Dallas

Quick correction of the ESPN article -

"...highest in the NBA Finals for a player who didn't start a game since Freddie Brown averaged 19.1 for the Bullets in 1978."

That should be -

"...highest in the NBA Finals for a player who didn't start a game since Freddie Brown averaged 19.1 against the Bullets in 1978."

Freddie Brown & Slick Watts were my favorite players on those Supersonics teams.

posted by MrNix67 at 04:22 PM on June 13, 2011

S.C. Recruit Mistaken for Burglar

According to he is the No. 1 rated recruit in the country.

And yes, he is a young black man. 6'7" with dreadlocks, if he fit the description all black basketball and/or football players in Columbia should be nervous.

posted by MrNix67 at 04:24 PM on March 28, 2011

The Greatest Pitcher You've Never Heard Of

Thanks Ying Yang, for posting this story. I not only learned about Donaldson, but also the Tennessee Rats and the All-Nations squads - I never knew of any inter-racial barnstorming teams. It's just a great look back at forgotten moments in baseball history.

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Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl champions

BTW, was her rendition of "...braaaaaaaaave!" below the mark set in Las Vegas for the over/under on how long she'd hold the note?

The over/under I heard was 6 sec. She made it to 8 sec. But I believe she was under 2 min. for the anthem - of course dropping a line helps the cause.

posted by MrNix67 at 03:05 PM on February 07, 2011

Cutler tore MCL vs. Packers

A tear of the MCL is called a sprain. A first degree is no tearing. A third degree is tearing with instability. He was injured.

Thanks for the medical definitions, bperk.

But I will say this guy is known for being a baby, throwing tantrums, and blaming everybody else when he does not perform.

He certainly didn't act that way yesterday. Cutler seemed almost catatonic on the sideline, completely devoid of emotion. Most recent complaints I've heard of Cutler is that he's standoffish and not a "leader". He may or may not be a top-level QB (I don't think he is), but I think he's shown toughness in the past and was hurt enough to not be effective yesterday.

As to the thought of, Stay in the game, and complete short passes.

If he could (I think in the 1st series in the 3rd Quarter, he threw a short pass to Forte that was straight into the ground) move and throw accurately, then he should play, but there's no evidence he could.

posted by MrNix67 at 05:42 PM on January 24, 2011

Cutler tore MCL vs. Packers

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Cutler didn't tear his MCL, only that he sprained it.

I think that it's silly to rag on Cutler for not playing most of the 2nd half, since the Bears were lucky to be in the game in the 2nd half, because no one on that squad showed up in the 1st half. They were fortunate not to be down 24-0 at halftime.

I guess if Cutler had his knee packed in ice or was hobbling up and down the sidelines "rah-rahing" his teammates, the Bears would have won.

posted by MrNix67 at 03:26 PM on January 24, 2011

Why Colorado Switched to the PAC-10

... for as much as the NCAA harps about college athletics being solely about amateurs and not about profit, the schools themselves never couched this in any other terms.

RANT BEGINS - That's why I can't stand the NCAA, they complain and attempt to put themselves on the moral high ground when it comes to the student athlete and how the evil leagues (NFL & NBA) won't stop kids leaving early and damaging the college game. But want us to look away when blatant money grabs like Colorado leaving the Big XII, or Texas bullying their way with the rest of the conference, is happening. - RANT OVER

I think this is a good move for Colorado, the Pac-10 (or 12), always seemed like a better fit for them, since many of their kids (in football & basketball) come from the west coast. Plus the economics, as laid out in the article, seem to match as well. I'll miss watching Nebraska-Colorado football games, hopefully I can look forward to some early season Big-10 vs Pac-10 Nebraska-Colorado matchups, to keep that rivalry alive.

posted by MrNix67 at 02:07 PM on October 14, 2010

Why Colorado Switched to the PAC-10

It costs more then $20K to go to the University of Colorado if you're from out of state? Why the hell would anyone go there?

First, it costs $20K more to go to Colorado, if you are from out of state. It's probably about $35K a year to go there.

Second, that's not outside the norm for out of state tuition - it's on the high end, yes - but the University of Texas charges more and the University of Georgia is about the same for out of state students.

Have you been to Boulder, CO? It's BEAUTIFUL.

Oh, and it helps when mommy & daddy pay for it.


posted by MrNix67 at 02:23 PM on October 13, 2010

Giants Defeat Braves, Send Cox into Retirement

Small correction - Cox's lifetime record is 2504-2001. 355-292 is his record as Toronto manager.

Nice job by Braves fans & Giants players in acknowledging Cox after the game.

posted by MrNix67 at 03:01 PM on October 12, 2010

Juli Inkster Disqualified After TV Viewer Reports Violation

It seems like a silly rule but, A) It's her job to know the rule and follow it. B) JJ's point is a fair one - If she is allowed to "loosen up" during a 30 min. (!?!) wait, then everyone else following the rules is at a disadvantage.

Does anyone know what caused a 30 min. wait at the 10th tee?

posted by MrNix67 at 02:30 PM on August 23, 2010

Michigan High School Practices at Midnight for Ramadan


Wallace v. Jaffree - Alabama recognized a one minute period of silence in schools for meditation or voluntary prayer. The Supreme Court found it unconstitutional because it was "not consistent with the principle that government must pursue a course of neutrality" toward religion.

Lee v. Weisman - The practice of having members of the clergy deliver an invocation at graduation ceremonies was found unconstitutional because of the pressure placed on students to conform to that particular faith's practices. Coercion can be severe even when not overt.

Santa Fe v. Doe - Citing the previous case, a student chosen invocation preceding football games was found to violate the establishment clause, as the majoritarian process would have the effect of silencing minority views.

I'm a big fan of tolerance, but there is really no way to convince me that, in light of the decisions that the court has made for the last 50 years, this is acceptable. If we're going to defend our schools against Christianity with such zeal (as I think we should), I don't see why Islam should get a pass.

All 3 precedents are from cases that involved religious practices at the start of or during state-sanctioned events - School, School Graduation & H.S. football game. Fordson is practicing at night to avoid that conflict and protect the health of their players.

posted by MrNix67 at 07:05 PM on August 17, 2010

Michigan High School Practices at Midnight for Ramadan

Just like non-Muslims at Fordson can choose to practice at 3am or not. There's no choice -- the team's practice is from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Yes, there is a choice, the choice is whether to be on the team or not. Just because, the decision is placed on non-Muslims in that community doesn't make it any different than a choice. Those are the conditions to play there.

The Establisment Clause doesn't count heads. There's an obvious constitutional question if even one student or parent is opposed. The argument that this is OK because everybody agrees with doing it is generally fallacious.

Agreed, but your interpretation comes across as - If the Christian majority accommodates their religion, in terms of scheduling around holidays, its OK. But if another communities' religious majority does the same where they live it isn't OK.

posted by MrNix67 at 06:54 PM on August 17, 2010

Michigan High School Practices at Midnight for Ramadan

Which side are you on??? The majority is dictating in this case.

I am on the side of a coach and kids playing football and observing their religion.

The winter break covers holidays of several religions.

Sometimes. Hanukkah often falls well before Christmas and Kwanzaa isn't a religious holiday. Maybe, Wicca has religious observances between Christmas and New Years Day, but I think that the solstice - often before Christmas break - was a more important day.

The First Amendment's Establishment Clause protects the rights of minorities to not have other religions imposed on them. The non-Muslim students at Fordson should not have to practice football at 3 in the morning because of a religious holiday they don't observe.

No religion is being "imposed" on anyone. Playing football is not a right. For example, Orthodox Jews do not have a right to stop Friday night football in Texas, you can choose to observe your religion or not to. Just like non-Muslims at Fordson can choose to practice at 3am or not. Just like Muslims most everywhere else can choose to play and fast or not fast or not play.

posted by MrNix67 at 06:26 PM on August 17, 2010

Michigan High School Practices at Midnight for Ramadan

As far as the fact that the school is predominately Muslim, this should have little or no effect on a public school policy. The rights of the few are constitutionally protected against the will of the majority.

If there are calls to prayer in the school, that's one thing that can't be allowed. But to structure the school schedule to comply with the religious practices of the overwhelming majority - that's why school is closed on Christmas or Good Friday - makes practical sense.

Or on another tack, reverse the situation, look at countries where Muslims are the majority and see what kind of tolerance there is for accommodating non Islamic religious customs or lifestyles.

Agreed, the tolerance of other religions, in many majority Muslim nations is horrible. But is the answer to be just as xenophobic and compromise what we stand for in response to that?

posted by MrNix67 at 05:45 PM on August 17, 2010

Michigan High School Practices at Midnight for Ramadan

I have no problem with people practicing their religion in their own homes and places of worship, but when a public school starts catering to religion on this level, it clearly violates a clear separation between church and state.

How is the separation of church and state violated? It allows the practice to be held at a different time than religious observance. It's not stopping the practice in order to pray - the football practice (the government sponsored activity) is separated from the daytime fasting and calls to prayer (the religious activities) of Ramadan.

Our freedom and western way of life is in danger.

I disagree, but not especially in the way that YYM so clearly made his points. Our freedom to practice our religion (whatever that religion may be) in a peaceful manner, without the majority or the state dictating or suppressing ones belief, is a fundamental tenet of America. Religious freedom is a reason for people to come to the U.S. since the Mass. Bay Colony to this very day. As for the "western way of life", it's an ever evolving entity. Every group adds something, or puts a different twist on being American. As yerfatma bluntly stated, "these kids are playing football. How the hell more American could you want them to be?"

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Tiger Woods Has Worst Tournament of Pro Career

Kudos JJ ... that was about as good an explanation as I've ever heard on anything related to golf.


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Columnists: Age Has Caught Up to Joe Paterno

He doesn't know when he's going to go, and apparently hasn't given much thought as to how he'll know when it's time to go.

Likewise, the university has given little indication that they have a transition plan in place to rely on when the appointed time arrives.

I've always heard that Galen Hall was in control of most of the operation when Joe Pa is not around and he was/is the de facto coach in waiting. I don't know if that has changed recently or if that situation wasn't ever true.

FSU also had a transition plan in place and a named successor in waiting and many of the finer points of the succession plan were widely known.

I don't think that a transition plan publicly known (or not) will make a bit of difference in how smoothly things go when a Bowden or a Joe Pa steps down. The key will be if the program is not on a down slide when they leave.

For example, when Bowden was being shoved out the door, FSU had their transition plan in place, but everyone questioned it because they weren't winning. So the boosters are pushing their buddies and the school president and AD have their agendas and the situation looked to be somewhat chaotic. The same thing would have happened at PSU, if Joe Pa was forced out when PSU was down a few years back. If Joe Pa decides to go out while still near the top, the transition will be a smooth one and it won't matter a bit if we know about the transition plan before or as it happens.

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Report: Roy Oswalt headed to Philadelphia Phillies

This deal sounds like Amaro has realized he completely screwed up by trading Lee back in the off season.

Please stop with this, Amaro's hands were tied by ownership in the Cliff Lee situation. They knew they weren't going to sign Lee for a long term deal, so Amaro had to deal him to cut payroll. The "screw up" was that he didn't get good prospects for Lee.

Since the Phillies didn't have to guarantee 2012 to Oswalt, this is a sensible deal. Jason Werth is probably gone after this season, so Dominic Brown gets his spot in right and with the Astros paying 11 million to the Phillies, this is pretty much a wash to their payroll.

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White Draft Prospect Asked About Race

If there's anything that's come out of the insanely over-covered NFL draft the past few years, it's this: most teams have no clue what they're doing. And all mock drafts are BS.

Amen. I think Gerhart will be a solid NFL running back, but the player he reminds me of is Brandon Jacobs of the Giants. Which leads to my main concern about him - how many hits will he be able to take with his upright running style?

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McNabb to Oakland?

Question: It may be bit premature but is McNabb a Hall of Famer? Don't think about it, just put the two together (McNabb + HoF) and what's the first answer that comes to mind. Yes or no?

I'm with you on that call, grum. The Hall of Very Good, I'll buy, but not quite Hall of Fame material. I guess it's because, while he's been a consistent playoff level QB, he's never won that Super Bowl or MVP that's made me feel that he's HoF worthy. From those similar players listed, he's more Mark Brunell or Steve McNair, than Roger Staubach or Terry Bradshaw.

The Philly talk & tabs say that the Eagles want a "top 42" pick - no lower than the top 1/3 of the 2nd round. They'll never get that for him - well maybe the Raiders are that dumb. The Eagles fans are pleading to get him out of town - be careful what you wish for - and since he's not under contract next year, no one will consider a deal without negotiating a new deal first and making sure he wants to go where he's dealt.

But as someone who's not an Eagles fan, but lives on the edge of the Philly market, McNabb is a player who is always underrated in Philly, but overrated elsewhere.

It'll never happen, but can you imagine the Cowboys with McNabb under center? They'd be favorites for the Superbowl.

Seeing him play every week, I don't think so. He's an inconsistent passer, who like Romo, doesn't always step up in big games. But the Eagle fan will say you can't win with him, but the Eagles are a playoff team every year and QB isn't why they have not won a SB (no running game, mediocre WRs).

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Woody's Popping Up All Over the Place

Woody's trying to sell PSLs. Good luck, Woody.

I don't mean this in a derisive manner, but the HBO's Hard Knocks show, the PR blitz... please... WIN FOOTBALL GAMES - that's what works in the long run.

I'm not a Jets fan, but I bear no animosity towards them, but the reality in NY is - the Giants' fan base is richer than the Jets' fan base. Just like the Yankee fans are richer than Met fans on average. But both teams still haven't sold out their PSLs for the new stadium, and the Jets are in much worse shape than the Giants on this front.

I would, however, bet against the long term New York prospects of Tom Coughlin. He's already losing the public buzz derby to Rex. Handily.

That's just silly. The Jets right now have more "buzz" because they were the better team last year. 2 yrs. ago (Feb. 08), the Giants won the Super Bowl, I think they had more "buzz" then. Coughlin then was a genius, who had changed his "style" to fit the modern player.

But football in NY is all about what have you done for me lately - remember "Mangenius"? Rex Ryan talks - I personally think that's cool - and right now he's winning, but if the Jets have a bad season, I just know what the articles will be - Shut Up Rex & Woody - Put Up or Shut Up.

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Nets on Verge of All-Time Season Loss Record

tron7, I stand corrected. I meant Miami, not Milwaukee, since the last game of the season could be meaningless.

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Nets on Verge of All-Time Season Loss Record

jjzucal, I think there's a good chance you will get your wish. The Nets have home games left against Detroit and Charlotte (whom the Nets have beaten twice). Also, road games against a few other teams with nothing to play for - Washington, Milwaukee & Indiana. They've been equally awful on the road and at home (4-31 Home, 4-32 Road), so 2 wins is possible. I've just had this feeling that the Nets don't deserve to be the worst team ever, that they would get to 10 wins, lose the stupid NBA draft lottery and end up with the 4th pick in the draft. That just the Nets luck. Win 2 more games and fade into oblivion. There's nothing about this group that's memorable - no stories that make you smile about this team - unlike the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers or the '62 Mets. NBA analyst Fred Carter, the "best player on the worst team ever", is rooting for the Nets to get 2 more wins.

Then again, they could just go 0-11 to close out the season. They've had losing streaks of 18 (to start the season), 11, 10, 9 and 8 games, so 11 more would be no biggie. Kiki Vandeweghe's coaching and the Nets' shooting have been the worst I've ever seen on the professional level.

Sigh, I just wish they don't go into the record books as the New Jersey Nets, worst team ever. Couldn't you have waited to go to Brooklyn and be the worst team ever?

posted by MrNix67 at 04:19 PM on March 25, 2010

NFL Approves New Playoff Overtime Rule

If you run the opening kickoff back for a touchdown, the other team still has its chance.

The NFL didn't want that. If you score a TD, 1st possession or not, GAME OVER.

So the o/t rule is really "first team to score a touchdown or two field goals", right?

Like bender said - if the second team doesn't score a field goal (or a touchdown), the first team wins with one field goal.

Also, if there is a safety on the 1st possession - GAME OVER.

The NCAA's setup may not be super, but it's fair.

It's fair, I'll grant you, but it's also horrible. No punting or kickoffs, field position is not a factor - it is like throwing out 25% of football. Also with NFL kickers, starting at the 25 yard line means you're already well within FG range.

I was fine with the old sudden death rules - the highest scoring playoff game I can remember (Packers vs. Cardinals) ended on a defensive TD. I just think you need to nut up and play some D. But I get it, with the NFL encouraging offense, offense, offense via rule changes and making kickers kickoff from the 30 for less touchbacks and kickers just being more & more accurate, meant the OT coin toss was becoming more & more important in determining who will win the game.

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Emmitt Smith, Daniel Snyder exchange pleasantries

Mike Florio is a tool. When he writes, "We thought football players were motivated by things other than the perception that the team's owner lacks 'compassion'," what's that crack supposed to mean? Former football players aren't capable of judging whether somebody like Snyder treats his people and his fans well?

Well said. Mike Florio doesn't like the Cowboys, I get it. But while I understand that Daniel Snyder isn't a bad person, he's treated his football team and the fans of his football team, like crap. He sues season ticket holders who can't pay due to economic hardship, but wouldn't let them relocate within the building, if possible, or let them relinquish the tickets. As someone, who has lived in DC and has many friends & family in the metro DC area, I'm not buying that the Redskins can't resell those seats. I understand people sign contracts, but isn't crushing their credit and reclaiming the seats enough?

Also, while I realize that the palace in Dallas is only a year old, I haven't heard about Jerry Jones being that heavy-handed towards his customers. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here. I don't like the Cowboys & I love to see them lose, I think that Jerry Jones is more of a plus for the league than a minus.

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Woods' Agent Looks for Love from Sponsors

Ben Crane rips Tiger, calling him "a phony and a fake".

Ben Crane & Charles Warren have denied ever speaking to Life & Style magazine.

According to the article, the magazine spoke to them at Q-school, but Crane wasn't there and Warren left before the final round.

I'm not saying the quotes were made up, but Ben Crane wasn't the guy who said that to Life & Style.

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Goodbye, Johnny Damon: Yankees acquire Granderson for Coke, Jackson and others

Goodbye, Johnny Damon

I'm not so sure. Versus right-handers the Yanks could put Damon in left, Granderson in center and Melky in right. Against left-handers, Damon in left, Melky in center and Swisher in right. Swisher was meant to split time with Nady before Nady got injured, so making him a PT player is not a stretch.

Matsui & Brett Gardner go bye-bye. Granderson is only 2 years older than Gardner so you're not getting much older. If Granderson can perform better than .183 versus left-handers, then DH Damon and put Granderson in left.

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Cavaliers No Longer Undefeated in Playoffs

Couch Brown

While he coached the game, as if he was sleeping on his couch, he really is Coach Brown. Sorry about that....

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Cavaliers No Longer Undefeated in Playoffs

I don't believe the Cavs were rusty either, they started strong and finished poorly. Even though I think that the big 1st half lead was fools gold, because Orlando was missing the shots in the 1st half that they made in the 2nd half. But the main error the Cavs made was the fact that LeBron was not guarding Hedo Turkoglu or Rashard Lewis all game.

I understand the idea of having LeBron play help defense and not get fatigued, so he can score more. But there are 2 major problems with that theory. One, Cleveland is a defense first team, they need to play to that strength and remain true to their identity. That is the way they've played all season and is what has made them successful. Two, Orlando gives Cleveland's frontcourt severe matchup problems. Turkoglu and Lewis can play away from the basket and take Anderson Varejao or Joe Smith out of their comfort zone. This just forces LeBron to double and help against Lewis, Turkoglu and Howard - which is is why he was so gassed and cramping at the finish.

Couch Brown needs to put LeBron on Lewis to start the game. I would try to limit his touches and keep him from getting off early and gaining confidence. Cleveland is pretty much conceding Howard his points anyway, but I would only double him when he faces up Ilgauskas and puts the ball on the floor. Then at the end of close games, I'd put LeBron on Turkoglu. Orlando runs their offense through him at the end of the game, so pressuring him could disrupt their sets and make it tougher to get open looks.

I still think Cleveland will win the series, but tactically they need to make changes - they can't win this series if every game is played between 100 - 110 points.

posted by MrNix67 at 04:50 PM on May 21, 2009

NBA Admits Officials Blew Mavs-Nuggets Call

It kills me they let that one slip away and their window is closing.

The window really was closed last year. Let's face it, they have a 36 year-old PG in a conference with a bunch a very good young players at that position - CP3, Deron Williams, Tony Parker even Billups is only 32. Also, they are really lacking in the frontcourt, they are not going to get any further than where they are right now, with Dampier and not much else to play defense inside.

As awful as that call, or lack of a call, really was, Dallas got everything possible to go their way in that game - 49 FTs, Denver bigs in foul trouble - yet they were still only up 2, at the end of the game. Also, it is still not certain that Dallas is going to win, even if the foul is called. Denver is still going to have time to get off a shot to tie or win the game.

posted by MrNix67 at 03:56 PM on May 11, 2009