March 27, 2011

S.C. Recruit Mistaken for Burglar: Top South Carolina college football recruit Jadeveon Clowney was briefly detained and handcuffed by Columbia, S.C., Friday night because he fit the description of a burglar. "Jadeveon was not arrested. It was a mistaken identity and he was let go very soon after they asked him a few questions," said coach Steve Spurrier, who had himself detained and cuffed Saturday while talking to reporters at a scrimmage.

posted by rcade to football at 04:53 PM - 3 comments

Why would Spurrier get handcuffed at a scrimmage?

posted by insomnyuk at 05:55 PM on March 27, 2011

Never heard of him, but I'm willing bet a months pay he is a young black man!!

posted by bo_fan at 08:21 AM on March 28, 2011

According to he is the No. 1 rated recruit in the country.

And yes, he is a young black man. 6'7" with dreadlocks, if he fit the description all black basketball and/or football players in Columbia should be nervous.

posted by MrNix67 at 04:24 PM on March 28, 2011

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